Sunday, June 4, 2023

The 20
Hottest Franchises
in 2020

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

On the Cover

Ryan Essenburg

“Tommy’s Express Car Wash is my way of sharing my family’s success with others, to help them enrich lives, add value, and serve their local communities.”

Ninja Nation

Ninja Nation is development focused, especially with getting their participants stronger, fitter and more confident in their ability to tackle obstacles inside and outside the arenas. It wants to be a place where, kids and adults can experience the sport of Ninja in different ways

Sparking Joy


Apex Leadership

One step closer to building the leaders for tomorrow

“Building Leaders” – this is the founding belief behind this USA (Phoenix, Arizona) based franchise, Apex Leadership Company.


Moms on the Run

‘Fitness, Fun & Friendship!’

“We hear over and over that women join Moms on the Run to get fit, and stay because not only are they achieving their fitness goals, but they’ve developed a strong camaraderie with their teammates as well.”
I love the fact that our franchisees have the freedom to use their strengths, and either learn the rest or find someone else who has complementary ones.

Find a home that moves you!

The company challenges the status quo, flips the script, asks questions and designs services around the customer, not real estate agents.

Jessie Frampton

“When it came to building a brand, I always knew it would have the same core values that I personally embody, and wellness and self-care has always been at the forefront.”

Jessie Frampton Co-founder, Fuzz Wax Bar
Christopher M. Grandpre, Chairman & CEO, Outdoor Living Brands

Christopher M. Grandpre

“I find franchising an incredibly gratifying and rewarding business form that helps our franchisees to achieve the American Dream. It is the impact on peoples’ lives that provides the on-going motivation to keep growing and improving our businesses.”


“We truly believe that it’s not always about what you know, but others knowing how much you care about them as individuals that defines who we are as a team. I am truly lucky to be a part of such a dedicated and caring team that not only strives for success but genuinely wants to do good.”

Harleen Laroia

"This is the only industry where you get to change the future of this world and you get to make a difference since children are our future. Who gets to do that on a daily basis?"


Dan J. Barton

“Behind each and every great business is a team of people who help maintain the machine. Splash and Dash is no different. Our machine is just a bit more unique and colorful.”


“There’s always more to learn, refine and develop. Fortunately, as a franchise, this is collaborative- leaning on expertise from multiple areas and allowing for intentional growth on the local level.”

Franny Tacy

“A big motivation behind Franny’s Farmacy was to fulfill my dream of educating children, parents, and families about the benefits of CBD. I love CBD because it helps children, the elderly, and others in need without throwing them off balance so they can function, drive and thrive.”


Amyn Bandali

"Our focus is on building a quality franchise system that provides a positive impact on children and financial rewards for our franchisees,"


“At Pinspiration, we love being able to help people use the beautiful social media platforms available to enrich their real-life experiences and connect with one another through the process of creating. The vibe here is collaborative and inclusive. We believe everyone is an artist and love helping customers discover their talents.”

Josh Martino

"The goal is to create opportunities for others to succeed. We seek to continue building something great in many more communities."

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