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A number of colorful looking drug pills next to injection needle

Microdosing: A Silicon Valley productivity hack or slow death?

Scientists swear to find out. The practice known as ‘Microdosing’ involves self-medicating minute quantities of hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), psilocybin (magic...
A woman staring at a collage | Aspioneer

China’s first blockchain based social media network: ‘ONO’

With increasing users adopting decentralised social media networks. Can ONO like blockchain- based social media be the next thing?

KitKat’s trademark crisis

Picture your favourite chocolate treat. The brand, the packaging – and sometimes the shape of it – will no doubt come to mind. This...
Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala

#Kylie on #Forbes: The rules and risks of #Marketing have changed

Three years ago who would have thought that Kylie Jenner, a 20-year-old American socialite, would now be heading a cosmetics company that has achieved...
A Tesla charger photographed at night

Elon Musk making Tesla private could be a good decision

Elon Musk has announced that he is thinking of taking Tesla private, eight years after the automaker’s initial public offering. The news immediately created...
A bronze colored brew

How Estrella Damm branded to the cosmopolitan crowd?

The great film director Stanley Kubrick once wrote about the way in which the line between art and commerce was increasingly blurred: “Some of...
A hexagon pattern representing Blockchain | Aspioneer

Blockchain can change healthcare for the better

Until now the best known application of Blockchain technology is Bitcoin cryptocurrency  and digital payment systems. Its immense success is making people see its applications in...
A digital photo of Question Marks waiting to be discovered

The four significant business benefits of AIOps

With the aggressive onset of digital transformation, global organizations are finding themselves with an increasingly complex set of data to manage and process. This...
A woman trying a VR headset | Aspioneer

Virtual Reality could be a game changer for supply chains

Previously, VR technology has been used mostly in video games, amusement activities and 3D cinema. With technological improvements, availability of more affordable VR headsets...
Net neutrality banner in front of a traffic light | Aspioneer

While FCC rolls back India gives strong ‘net neutrality’ laws

The Department of telecommunication (DoT) has finally agreed to the new open and fair net neutrality rules for India. The move forbids Internet Service...

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