Monday, November 30, 2020
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What we love about RPA is the fact it's making us fix a lot of the systems we're currently stuck with, using sensible, affordable technology.
A growing number of shareholders are questioning the composition of boards globally and locally.
If you look closely enough, it’s clear women played an important role, as both readers and authors, in the history of science writing.​
WOMEN | Leadership Only a handful of the top companies in the U.S. are led by a woman.Efforts to change that and promote more women into positions of leadership have relied primarily on questions of equality. But is there also a business...
Why do social movements and revolutions happen? Why are they so hard to anticipate? Why does social change seem to come out of nowhere?
Aspasia's ideas about love and transcendence inspired Socrates to formulate key aspects of his thought.
Understanding entrepreneurs’ happiness affords us with a glimpse into how we all may manage the demands of this new world of work.​
Leaders can only lead when they have followers and too few Tories are now prepared to follow May any longer.
Digital disruption and a change in consumer expectations are driving a profound transformation in retail. A new generation of retailers are delivering a winning combination of outstanding service and ground-breaking use of technology to deliver the memorable...
In the “The Lorax,” an entrepreneur regrets wiping out all the make-believe truffala trees by chopping them down to maximize his short-term gains. As the Dr. Seuss tale ends, the Once-ler – the man responsible for this environmental tragedy...