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One of the challenges we see for ourselves and our clients is to continue to have jurisdictional control over their data and to be able to navigate the complex landscape of the globally changing laws for data privacy.
To construct both the product and the IT infrastructure, we think the roles of the development team and DevOps should be intertwined
Best Managed IT Service Providers | Magna5 Magna5 is a well-known IT service provider that is being trusted by various IT infrastructures due to its impeccable services and offerings. Robert Farina, the chief executive officer, claims that because technology is constantly developing, there...
Leadership is about using yourself as a tool to achieve objectives. It is learnable, but only if you are committed to serious self-development and self-care.
It’s important to learn to think, to unlearn what already exists. How else will we create a future that doesn’t yet exist?
The employer who is depending on text to communicate is at a competitive disadvantage and is being left behind
Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. They not only help you learn and grow in new ways, but as a team, you will be able to do more.
Inspiring Women in HR Tech | Pathwayz Group Amber Vanderburg is a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of The Pathwayz Group, a renowned business and leadership coaching firm. Amber has a passion for helping others reach their goals and achieve their...
Funky Mello inspires feel-good moments through better-for-you food
The best thing I have done so far in my career is fulfill the needs of my clients and help others integrate into the clinical research industry.