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Elyse Flynn Meyer: Transforming Marketing with Inbound

We help businesses create processes to grow leads and revenue, and make that part of their organization’s culture so marketing and sales are more sustainable and drive continuous results.

How Open banking is going to change UK financial services?

Open banking will enable financial institutions to launch easy, fast and innovative global payment methods. It aims to boost competition in payment methods, which has been in need of a modernisation in the digital era. Revolutionizing Supply Chains by Growing Collaborative Intelligence

At we build smart workflows that include both humans and robots. These workflows are not just using a single RPA algorithm to make decisions; rather they use an architecture that is carefully designed to weigh multiple outputs and select the best course of action based on the information that is known.

China’s Scientific Revolution…

The Chinese economy in recent years has undergone a significant advancement in the field of science and technology. China's government's 13th five-year plan revolves...

Priya Telavane: Transforming Spaces to Tell Stories

Being a leader you need to listen to all and do what is correct. Flexible and with a positive attitude.

Wendy Watson: A Catalyst for Change

My goal is to educate and empower whenever I can.

What robots and AI mean for higher education

The number of robots around the world is increasing rapidly. And it’s said that automation will threatening more than 800m jobs worldwide by 2030. In...

Is Australia bringing in China’s Orwellian social credit system?

Privacy was not a hot topic in the recent Australian election, but it should have been. This is because the City of Darwin is...

Why is the Strait of Hormuz so crucial?

All shipping traffic from energy-rich Gulf countries converges in the strait, including crude oil and liquefied natural gas exports from Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Birth of first gene-edited babies broadens the ethical debate about human gene-editing

The media is buzzing with the surprise news that a Chinese researcher, Jainkui He, has created the world’s first genome-edited twins. He did this, ostensibly, to provide resistance...

Virtual reality is changing tourism in a good way.

The one thing that really frustrates you in a museum is when you see something really fascinating, you don’t want to be separated from it by glass. You want to be able to look at it and see the back of it and turn it around and so on.​

Absolute Transparency: The Standard of Tomorrow

For transparency to be absolutely true and irrefutable, it must be visible and readable by all


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