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Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on political communication

The social impact of COVID is self-evident. It has touched the everyday aspects of each of our lives, from simple tasks such as shopping,...

Has Facebook shot itself in the foot?

Facebook made good on its threat to block Australians from accessing or posting news content. The ban includes blocking links to Australian and overseas news...

The first Australian evidence of a major shift in Earth’s magnetic poles

About 41,000 years ago, something remarkable happened: Earth’s magnetic field flipped and, for a temporary period, magnetic north was south and magnetic south was...

How London can take advantage of Brexit to become more successful

In the weeks since the Brexit free-trade deal was announced on December 24, people in the UK have been coming to terms with the fact that...

How to keep children safe online

Established the same year Facebook was founded (2004), Safer Internet Day has become a fixture in schools, teaching children how to safely navigate an...

Six surprising ways satellites improve our lives

Almost 3,000 operational spacecraft orbit our Earth. This number is growing constantly, thanks to cheaper materials and smaller satellites. Having this many satellites in orbit can create...

Pass your first language, and accent, to your kids. It could be their superpower

Australia is a multicultural society. There are different traditions, cultures, accents and languages all over the country. The latest Census data show almost 30% of...

Five ways to spot and stop the spread of misinformation

The blame for the recent assault on the US Capitol and President Donald Trump’s broader dismantling of democratic institutions and norms can be laid...

How to get the most out of virtual fitness classes during COVID-19

With the risks of inactivity during the COVID-19 pandemic, staying active is more important than ever. Efforts to reduce the spread of the virus have forced...

US-UK trade deal: what can post-Brexit Britain hope to get?

The ability to strike new trade deals was a key promise of the Brexit campaign, even before the UK left the EU. But progress...

How to stay COVID-safe over Christmas

It’s Christmas 2020 and COVID-19 is unfortunately still here. Many people will be visiting loved ones, including vulnerable family members. So, to try to keep...

Are immunity passports a good idea?

Vaccinations against COVID-19 are getting underway in England and will soon follow elsewhere. This is great news, but just the start of a long...

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