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The future of work is STEM. Just ask Amazon

The jobs of tomorrow will require at least some competency in the STEM fields.

Levvel: Thorough Technological Innovation

Finding a way to navigate through the cracks and ultimately create the space to grow is the challenge for most companies. Levvel, levels the playing field by taking advantage of its agility, and the ability to focus on solving customer problems more directly.

Why banning ‘tiny vehicles’ is a bad idea

E-scooter mania is sweeping cities around the world. Fun, accessible and cheap to rent, shared electric scooters are one of the biggest technology stories...

Eating bugs is good for you and the world

Does the idea of eating insects bug you? Well, think about this: the United Nations predicts that by 2050, if current trends continue, the world’s population...

BizBoard: CEOs to Watch

The Chief Executive Officer is one of the most coveted titles, and least understood jobs in a company. Everyone believes that CEOs can do whatever they want...Not true

Cevitr: Redefining Business Processes with RPA

Workplaces of the future will have to be ready to leverage the talent of this highly educated and capable workforce by meeting their expectations of work experience.​

An AI assistant for Astronauts.

A new crew member joined the International Space Station, and it is not human. Sounds like science fiction. At Aspioneer we can assure you such is...

Electricity for all or just a pipedream

If the old adage is true and necessity is the mother of invention, then ingenuity must surely be the father. Globally, 1.2 billion people live...

Advanced artificial intelligence: The time to act is now

Artificial intelligence can play chess, drive a car and diagnose medical issues. Examples include Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo, Tesla’s self-driving vehicles, and IBM’s Watson. This type of artificial intelligence...

The benefits of temporary urbanism

What will become of manufacturing towns in a post-industrial world? From the Ruhr region of Germany to the American “Rust Belt”, once-prosperous factory cities...

October 15th – 17th, 2019, Franchise Leadership & Development Conference

Why Attend The Franchise Leadership & Development Conference is the industry event that brings top franchise executives together for a powerful two-and-a-half-day event that combines...

Hackers have started using Flash exploits in MS-Word documents

Adobe has published a patch for a critical vulnerability, CVE-2018-5002. This attack is triggered by an Office document that embeds a link to a Flash...


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