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As work from home becomes the new reality, employees need a ‘right to disconnect’

If you have been in a children’s playground recently, you may have seen a distracted parent absorbed in an intense phone conversation, swatting a...

There’s a wage gap against gay men– and it’s linked to discrimination

The wage gaps that exist between men and women and between white and black people have received a lot of attention in recent years....

Women’s philanthropy: an invisible phenomenon

MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, has been praised recently for her great generosity – the New York Times cited more than US$6 billion...

NFTs could change the world

Sotheby’s has become the latest establishment name in art to dive into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) through its collaboration with anonymous digital artist Pak and NFT marketplace Nifty...

What makes a job meaningful?

One of the most iconic memories of the first lockdown of the pandemic is the sound of applause echoing across our cities and towns...

How Airbnb and Uber use activist tactics that disguise their corporate lobbying as grassroots campaigns

What David Cameron once called “the far-too-cosy relationship between politics, government, business and money”, has been in the public eye thanks to his own lobbying on...

How Taiwan beat COVID-19

Taiwan has been widely applauded for its management of the pandemic, with one of the lowest per capita COVID-19 rates in the world and life on...

How the gig economy finally went into retreat

A loophole that many self-employed people have used to avoid paying income tax and national insurance in the UK has closed. After a yearlong...

Music recommendation algorithms are unfair to female artists, but we can fix that

These days, more and more people listen to music on streaming apps – in early 2020, 400 million people were subscribed to one. These platforms use...

Trump is building his own social media platform. Here’s why keeping it online will be a challenge

Having spent the early months of 2021 exiled from social media, Donald Trump may be set to make a return, circumventing his Twitter ban by creating...

Three ways employers could help fight vaccine skepticism

Ending the pandemic depends on achieving herd immunity, estimated at 70% or even 80% to 90% of a population. With some 30% of Americans telling pollsters they have no interest...

How men can be allies to women right now

Men are primarily responsible for violence against women and girls. All men, including those who are not perpetrating violence or abuse, have a responsibility...

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