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Open API’s can revolutionize finance: Here’s how!

APIs will revolutionise the efficiency and speed at which payments are made by giving FinTechs easier and cleaner access to user accounts, with real-time updates and the ability to process transactions.

Capitalism has its advantages.

On a finite planet, endless economic growth is impossible. There is also plenty of evidence that in the developed world, a continued increase of...

Personal DNA test for research, but what about privacy risks?

Your DNA has become a valuable commodity. Companies such as 23andMe may charge you for an analysis of your genetic profile, but they make...

KitKat’s trademark crisis

Picture your favourite chocolate treat. The brand, the packaging – and sometimes the shape of it – will no doubt come to mind. This...

Biohybrid robots built from living tissue start to take shape

Think of a traditional robot and you probably imagine something made from metal and plastic. Such “nuts-and-bolts” robots are made of hard materials. As...

5G offers consumer and business implications but there’s a catch

Never in the history of the mobile phone has there been so much hype about a new technology ahead of its launch than there is...

Is Australia bringing in China’s Orwellian social credit system?

Privacy was not a hot topic in the recent Australian election, but it should have been. This is because the City of Darwin is...

Here’s how to make plastic climate-friendly

We’re all too aware of the consequences of plastics in the oceans and on land. However, beyond the visible pollution of our once pristine habitats, plastics are...

How technology can solve the world’s food problems

As the movement of people across the world creates more multicultural societies, can trade help communities maintain their identity? This is the question at...

3D printed sports shoes are more about your wallet than your feet

ManMohan S Sodhi, City, University of London The race is on to bring 3D printed footwear to market. Adidas, Nike and Under Armour are some...

The basics of cybersecurity, small businesses take note

Large-scale cyberattacks with eye-watering statistics, like the breach of a billion Yahoo accounts in 2016, grab most of the headlines. But what often gets...

How voice search assistants are transforming the food industry

Your own voice will likely become the most significant focus for food retailers and restaurants over the next little while. Voice searches are increasingly...


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