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Your phone does not need to listen to your conversations

If you’ve ever wondered if your phone is spying on you, you’re not alone. One of the most hotly debated topics in technology today is the...

Developing countries and prosperity in the age of climate change

One of the ironies of fighting climate change is that developed countries – which have benefited from decades or centuries of industrialisation – are...

Say hello to AICAN

Leer en español. When artificial intelligence has been used to create works of art, a human artist has always exerted a significant element of control...

How Triumph rejuvenated their brand!

Brands are difficult to build, manage and protect. In recent years, many great British brands have pulled their shutters down or have been acquired...

Things to consider before introducing speed limiters in cars

The recent announcement that EU rules for fitting speed limiters to new cars from 2022 will be adopted by the UK was welcomed by many, including...

AI can now predict when will you die. Thanks guys!

Oh well... Artificial Intelligence has been one of the hottest technologies available today. When it comes to predictions AI has been immensely helpful. Now you...

India’s anti-satellite missile test shows that global space treaties need re-evaluation

On March 27, India announced it had successfully conducted an anti-satellite (ASAT) missile test, called “Mission Shakti”. After the United States, Russia and China, India...

Want to be innovative? Learn from machines

Technology still cannot simulate human intelligence to solve complex problems, in a variable environment and with partial information. But it is getting closer. An...

French smart cities, the way to the future?

The regeneration of inner-city areas is a global challenge. Inner cities in France certainly have their problems, but the nation also has a good...

Is quantum computing the next big security threat?

Cybersecurity researchers and analysts  are  rightly worried that a new type of computer, based on quantum physics rather than more standard electronics, could break most modern cryptography.

BiowatchID: Disrupting the Authentication Market

Biowatch's LeBracelet is a light, high-tech, elegant Swiss made wrist band; that is ready for multi use cases such as payment, online login, car keys, and physical access control.

Can we trust artificial intelligence?

Artificial neurons for deeply intelligent machines – this is the new artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, led by Geoffrey Hinton and his team since 2012. That year,...


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