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3 ways working from home could affect your health in the long term

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us to work from home, often in less than ideal circumstances. Many employees had little choice in the...

US withdrawal from the World Health Organization is a hit to global health

This week US President Donald Trump made good on his threat to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organisation (WHO) by sending...

How coronavirus is changing our relationship with money

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted retailers to ask customers to wear masks, maintain physical distancing and avoid the use of cash when possible. Despite...

UK e-scooter legalization: what you need to know

Electric scooters will become legal on roads in England, Scotland and Wales from Saturday July 4 2020 if obtained through a share scheme. Following...

Remdesivir: US buys most of the world’s supply of coronavirus drug. Here’s what it means for the rest of us

To beat the coronavirus pandemic, countries need to collaborate. We need the best possible science to develop vaccines and drugs, and to test, track...

Four unusual things we’ve learned about the coronavirus so far

It is now almost six months since the world became aware of COVID-19, and almost four months since the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic. As...

Women’s careers in the age of COVID-19

Over the course of 2020, Covid-19 has been transforming the world in ways that we cannot yet fully fathom. Family work-life balance was already increasingly...

How the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory began

In times of crisis conspiracy theories can spread as fast as a virus. As the coronavirus pandemic tightened its grip on a world which struggled...

How drug dealers are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic

While the COVID-19 lockdown might have brought most parts of the economy to a halt, it seems to have had little affect on drug...

This is how the movie industry is fighting lockdown

It’s a tough time for the global film industry, for which the pandemic represents a disruption of seismic proportions. All movie production spaces have...

Forget balance – it’s all about work-life integration in the age of COVID-19

It wasn’t the usual end to our staff meeting. This time, the head of our university department wrapped up the video conference by inviting her...

An expert shares advice on staying safe as states reopen

Editor’s note: Now that states are relaxing social distancing restrictions, people desperately want to see friends and family, go to a restaurant and let our kids...

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