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Most Sought After Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is the land of smiles. It has been called this for a reason. Unlike so many other countries around the world, Thailand is...

In desire of whiter complexion, 18th-century European socialites were poisoned by lead cosmetics.

Eighteenth-century socialites have been depicted as vain, silly women who were poisoned by their white lead makeup. The Countess of Coventry, Maria Gunning —...

An entire generation of Americans has no idea how easy air travel used to be.

During the mid-1990s I traveled between Dayton, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., twice a month during the school year as half of a commuting couple....

School students who had COVID-19 report stigma and bullying. How can we stop it?

Queensland school students have reportedly been bullied after being diagnosed with COVID-19 and have struggled to return to school as a result. The Queensland...

What is Bell’s palsy? A facial nerve disorder expert explains.

NSW MP Victor Dominello has said he has Bell’s palsy, after appearing at a press conference this week with what he described as a...

We’re all exhausted but are you experiencing burnout? Here’s what to look out for.

With more than half the country in lockdown and many of the social support systems we rely on having been put on hold, it’s...

If you’re going to mandate COVID vaccination at your workplace, here’s how to do it ethically

Compulsory COVID vaccination is in the news again now Qantas has just announced its employees will need a shot. This follows fruit and vegetable processing...

The Taliban wants the world’s trust. To achieve this, it will need to make some difficult choices

Any attempt to restore an Islamic emirate is likely to cost the Tablian international recognition, legitimacy and aid. This will weaken its prospect of consolidating its hold internally.

After its first suspected Delta variant community case, New Zealand goes into short, sharp nationwide lockdown

New Zealanders are back in their bubbles after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a three day alert level 4 lockdown for the entire country,...

As the Taliban returns, 20 years of progress for women looks set to disappear overnight.

As the Taliban takes control of the country, Afghanistan has again become an extremely dangerous place to be a woman. Even before the fall of...

IPCC climate report: Profound changes are underway in Earth’s oceans and ice.

Humans are unequivocally warming the planet, and that’s triggering rapid changes in the atmosphere, oceans and polar regions, and increasing extreme weather around the...

Exposure to air pollution is shifting from the outdoors to the indoors

You may have seen the before-and-after-lockdown photos of major cities that appear to show dramatic changes in air quality. In one, the India Gate war memorial...

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