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The benefits of temporary urbanism

What will become of manufacturing towns in a post-industrial world? From the Ruhr region of Germany to the American “Rust Belt”, once-prosperous factory cities...

Does IMF care about equality?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has become increasingly infatuated by the negative consequences of excessive inequality.

How Open banking is going to change UK financial services?

Open banking will enable financial institutions to launch easy, fast and innovative global payment methods. It aims to boost competition in payment methods, which has been in need of a modernisation in the digital era.

Reinvent your business with MobiPOS

Deploying a technologically advanced POS system, can help businesses be more organized, attract more customers, make more money and therefore thrive.

Marc Rippen: Changing lives through Technology

The Alertgy GM band is a comfortable wrist band that has a non-invasive sensor system embedded in it. The system then determines blood glucose through dielectric spectroscopy and displays real-time glucose levels on the user's smartphone.

Should you invest in cannabis stocks?

Illinois recently became the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. As more states follow suit, legal cannabis spending is expected to grow over 200% from about US$9...

Maria Ramos’s exit underscores how few women hold top jobs

A growing number of shareholders are questioning the composition of boards globally and locally.

Why banning ‘tiny vehicles’ is a bad idea

E-scooter mania is sweeping cities around the world. Fun, accessible and cheap to rent, shared electric scooters are one of the biggest technology stories...

The hidden costs of the World Cup: An Aspioneer Analysis

As we all know the festival of many delights, also knows as the FIFA World Cup is well underway. The frenzy which surrounds this...

The era of data driven elections and voter surveillance

The upcoming Canadian federal election once again raises the spectre of interference and disruption through the misuse and abuse of personal data. This is a...

The security issue in internet-of-things

As Americans increasingly buy and install smart devices in their homes, all those cheap interconnected devices create new security problems for individuals and society as a...

Using FaceApp? You should be aware of their fine print

Viral photo app FaceApp has taken the world by storm. Launched in 2017, the app has recently enjoyed mass popularity due largely to Hollywood celebrities posting their humorous...


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