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What is Fastly and why did so many websites go down

If you were having difficulty accessing your favourite website on Tuesday evening Australian time, you’re not alone. A jaw-dropping number of major websites around...

Four ways to have a positive experience when engaging with social media

Have you ever thought about all the ways social media is woven within your everyday life? This has been especially true over the past...

We should listen to Naomi Osaka: Athletes are not commodities, nor are they super human

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka took a stand this week that called attention to the mental health of professional athletes. She refused to conduct interviews with...

What is Group-think and how to avoid it

Former government adviser Dominic Cummings has made waves by suggesting the UK government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis was “a classic historic example of...

Why mixing and matching COVID vaccines could help solve rollout problems

In the face of changing eligibility for the AstraZeneca vaccine, new variants of the coronavirus and supply constraints, many people are wondering whether they...

Why Formula 1 is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports on the planet

Imagine driving a car at speeds approaching 112 mph for around two hours, while at the same time having to negotiate twisting circuits and...

How lockdown has affected kid’s speech

The pandemic means many children will have spent the best part of a year interacting much less than normal with teachers, friends and family....

Gender pension gap: why women save less

One issue that has attracted growing attention in recent years is the “gender pension gap” – the fact that on average, women have lower private pension wealth and lower income...

Does China’s digital currency threaten global stability?

China is making promising progress with testing its digital yuan currency. It has announced the success of a pilot in Suzhou City, near Shanghai in eastern...

COVID-19 vaccines: Growing evidence suggests they reduce transmission

Since COVID-19 vaccines began rolling out across the world, many scientists have been hesitant to say they can reduce transmission of the virus. Their primary...

Explainer: Pros and cons of US-backed COVID-19 vaccine patent waiver

The Biden administration has now agreed to back a proposal to suspend intellectual property protection for COVID vaccines. This is a break from US government’s long-held...

Donald Trump’s Facebook ban upheld by the oversight board

Referred to by some as Facebook’s “supreme court”, the oversight board tasked with reversing or upholding Facebook’s content moderation decisions has ruled that the social media...

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