The Grout Doctor: Delivering complete value for money.

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Formed in 1992, The Grout Doctor is an award-winning and the most recognized & experienced national grout franchise in the industry. Known for its unmatched quality, The Grout Doctor has been providing an alternative to replacing existing tile and grout with its signature restoration procedures. Today, The Grout Doctor successfully operates across 85 locations in the US and has proudly stood as the industry leader since its inception.

The first of all and the best of all

It all began when the founder spotted the need for grout and tile maintenance services after working in the tile industry for many years. While working, he noticed a massive gap between the money people were paying and their quality in return. To bridge this gap and offer people the quality they deserve The Grout Doctor was established. Having established itself as the premier grout cleaning and repair company in the nation, The Grout Doctor is an experienced, reliable brand. “Our procedures are designed to renew, restore, and protect your tile, stone, and grout to its original beauty, or we can dramatically change the look entirely,” affirms Christina Phelps, National Marketing Director, The Grout Doctor.

 Being among the first to offer grout cleaning services, The Grout Doctor has the upper hand and flawlessly manages to provide the quality it is known for. As the 85 locations are locally owned and operated, only the proprietary products which are safe, effective, and completely eco-friendly are used. This helps them offer the same unmatchable quality across all the locations with ease. The Grout Doctor provides guaranteed results and a complete value for money with a highly trained, knowledgeable, and professional staff. “Would rather not discuss the competition. We were the first to offer this service, and we are the best,” says Christina.

When in the service industry, targeting the right audience is crucial for every brand. The Grout Doctor being the first-ever brand of its type offering what it does, focused primarily on homeowners who had retired from the workforce. It relied on direct mail ads with before & after photos as its marketing strategy, which generated terrific results. However, as the brand grew, it was evident that the strategy had to be changed. The Grout Doctor modified their strategy and started targeting a versatile crowd that included homeowners of all ages, property managers, Realtors, restaurants, doctors’ offices, and every place with tiles. Marketing today is way more than just reaching the target audience. The Grout Doctor has its presence at trade shows, conventions, drop-off goodies to Realtors and relies on keywords/website optimization, Google Adwords, and social media for effective and extended customer outreach.

The Grout Doctor provides a range of services including grout cleaning, repair & grouting, grout recoloring, and grout sealing. It also provides recaulking, natural stone restoration, natural stone sealing, micro shine, and other commercial services. The Grout Doctor is a complete one-stop solution to all grout-related issues.

"Our procedures are designed to renew, restore, and protect your tile, stone, and grout to its original beauty, or we can dramatically change the look entirely"

The best franchise option

Since its inception, The Grout Doctor has worked hard to achieve its current level of success. Because it was among the first brands to provide grout-related services, it had to develop its strategies. Having gone through its share of successes and failures, The Grout Doctor has a deeper understanding of how the market works and target the right audience. Being in the market for almost three decades, The Grout Doctor has franchise owners who have been with them since the beginning and others who have been Grout Doctors for many years. The Grout Doctor franchise has the benefit of having a recurring business model. Grout and tile can be found almost everywhere. Though tiles can last forever, the grout does not and needs proper replacement. This makes grout restoration a business that brings recurrent income and offers a fair opportunity to get into the business and make a fortune. The Grout Doctor is consistently ranked as one of the top low-cost franchises by FBR which makes it a trustworthy and lucrative franchise opportunity. For its exceptional contribution to the industry, The Grout Doctor has received the FBR 2020 Top Franchise Satisfaction Award, the FBR 2020 Top Franchise Hall of Fame, Entrepreneur’s 2019 Top Franchise for Veterans, and Entrepreneur’s 2019 Top Franchises.

“I think our network speaks highly of us; we consistently receive the Satisfaction Award, which is based on surveys members take which is administered and managed by FBR,” says Christina.

Creating leaders

With years of experience and countless numbers of working hours put in, The Grout Doctor can turn anyone into a Grout Doctor. All the individual needs to do is dedicate themself to relentlessly following the system, and exceptional success & good money will come finding them. But to be a part of The Grout Doctor’s legacy, the franchise must fulfill some criteria. The potential franchise partner needs to have a basic idea of the Grout business and must be willing to get their hands dirty. To be chosen as a Grout Doctor franchise, one must pass an extensive background check to enter the most intimate parts of a home. As it is a matter of trust that people have in the brand and its legacy, the individual must have a clean personal history. After the initial training, The Grout Doctor offers extensive ongoing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. The franchise is entitled to access Newsletters, Toll-Free helpline, Online Support, Field Operational support, Meetings & Conventions, Grand Opening, Security & Safety Procedures, and Proprietary Software. Its marketing support includes assistance with Co-op Advertising, National Media, Marketing Planning & Support, Email Marketing, Ad Templates, Regional Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, and Loyalty Program/App. To recognize veterans’ contributions, they are offered a substantial discount on the franchise package and a special military discount at many locations. The Grout Doctor also provides an annual scholarship to college-bound kids whose parents own a Grout Doctor franchise. Willing to walk the extra mile, The Grout Doctor is committed to every franchise’s success.

A vision that goes beyond the challenging times

It has been almost two years since the Covid-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. However, even in this phase, The Grout Doctor maintained its pace and continued doing business. As its services include cleaning and sanitization, strict safety measures such as masks, gloves, and social distancing were put in place to give its customers peace of mind and assurance of its signature quality. As the business world picked up, The Grout Doctor, with a solid business plan and safety measures, is speeding up and providing its partners with financial certainty even in these difficult times. With a 29-year-old set system, things will only get better for The Grout Doctor in the post-pandemic era.

Prepared to continue its winning streak after the pandemic, The Grout Doctor has some serious goals and is working towards exceeding them. Excited to venture into International Franchise Sales, its first international location is soon set to open in Acapulco, Mexico. “Our plan for the future is to keep selling franchises and making the world a more beautiful place, one tile at a time,” says Christina.