Ana Gabriela Juarez: Creating an Equitable and Inclusive Mining Industry for Women

Women in mining


Dream big, embrace challenges, and never stop believing in yourself,’ is the mantra of Ana Gabriela Juarez, an impeccable leader who has elevated her family’s legacy to the pinnacle of success and a visionary who has paved the way for other women to achieve great things in life. She founded Women in Mining Central America after having a huge goal. As the company’s director, she believes in leading with a purpose and staying committed to it until the intended result is achieved. She aspires to make a positive difference in the world through her initiatives and to advance society. She is also serving as President of Canadian Operations at CTA Environmental Consultants.

Ana attributes her success to God, who has been her guiding light throughout the journey. His unwavering presence, love, and blessings have provided her with the strength, wisdom, and courage to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals. She is also extremely appreciative of her parents, whose morals and guidance have molded her character, as well as her son, whose unbridled delight and confidence in her serve as fuel for her resolve to have a great impact on the world. “Together, their influence has been instrumental in shaping my path to success,” she mentions.

CTA Environmental was established 23 years ago by Ana’s parents as a family business, and she has been actively involved ever since. Over the years, she has witnessed the growth and success of CTA as a leading environmental consulting firm. Drawing inspiration from her experiences working closely with the mining industry, she became passionate about creating positive change and promoting inclusivity within the sector. This led her to establish Women in Mining Central America, an initiative aimed at empowering women and promoting gender diversity in the mining industry, as well as educating and changing the narrative of the industry. She states founding Women in Mining Central America as her proudest career achievement to date. It holds deep significance for her, as it allows her to contribute to breaking gender barriers and creating a more inclusive industry. Additionally, she is incredibly proud to have had the privilege of serving on the board of directors of a mining company at such a young age, being one of the few Latinas around the world to hold such a position. This milestone represents a testament to the importance of diverse perspectives and the potential for young women to make a significant impact in traditionally male-dominated sectors. Throughout her career in the mining industry, which began in the year 2000, she has witnessed some progress towards inclusivity and gender equality, yet the sector remains predominantly male-dominated. While there have been notable strides in increasing awareness and recognizing the importance of diversity, there is still much work to be done. Personally, she has become more acutely aware of the unique challenges that women face in this field, and she is committed to advocating for greater representation and opportunities for women in mining. By highlighting the contributions and achievements of women in the industry, fostering mentorship programs, and promoting inclusive policies, she and her team continue to drive meaningful change and create a more balanced and equitable mining sector for future generations.

Ana Gabriela Juarez: Creating an Equitable and Inclusive Mining Industry for Women
Ana Gabriela Juarez

What is CTA?

CTA, in a nutshell, is an environmental consulting firm that provides comprehensive services and solutions to address the environmental challenges faced by the mining industry in real time. With a team of highly qualified professionals and extensive international experience, it ensures the highest quality in its services. Its value proposition lies in its ability to help businesses navigate the complex landscape of production and development while maintaining a strong focus on conservation and environmental protection. It offers technical expertise, independent assessments, and tailored recommendations based on national and international standards. Its goal is to assist responsible companies in achieving a harmonious balance between their operations and the preservation of the environment, ultimately fostering sustainability and long-term success.

As a company, CTA combines its extensive experience, multidisciplinary expertise, and client-centric approach to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers. Its USP lies in its ability to provide comprehensive environmental consulting services that not only ensure regulatory compliance but also go beyond that by promoting sustainable practices and fostering long-term environmental stewardship. It prioritizes collaboration, innovation, and the highest standards of quality, ensuring that its clients receive exceptional results and a competitive edge in their industries. By providing a platform for networking, education, and professional development, Women in Mining Central America aims to break down barriers, create opportunities for women in the mining field, and change the narrative of the mining sector in that region. Through this initiative, she and her team are fostering a more diverse and inclusive industry that leverages the unique perspectives and talents of women.

"Embrace growth opportunities, be resilient, and network extensively. One must continuously seek out professional development programs, certifications, and educational opportunities to enhance one’s skills and knowledge. "

Breaking barriers 

Ana says one of the biggest challenges that women in the mining sector face is the geographical nature of mining sites, which often require them to work in remote and isolated locations. This can result in significant separation from their families and communities, making work-life balance more difficult. Additionally, the traditionally male-dominated culture and biases within the industry can create barriers for women in terms of career advancement, equal opportunities, and recognition for their contributions. Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts to improve work-life integration, provide support networks for women in mining, implement inclusive policies, and foster a culture that values and respects diversity.

In an attempt to create a positive impact on the sector as a whole, supporting women in the mining industry benefits more than just individual women. By promoting gender diversity and inclusivity, she and her team at Ana Gabriela Juarez tap into a wider pool of talent, skills, and perspectives, fostering innovation, creativity, and improved decision-making. She firmly believes that empowering women in mining leads to enhanced productivity, increased employee satisfaction, and a more positive work culture. As part of its initiatives at Women in Mining Central America, she is actively involved in empowering girls through educational programs—our kid’s mineralogist club, for example, encourages their interest in STEM and mining fields. Additionally, she is working on a storybook that aims to inspire and educate young readers about women in mining, promote gender equality, and break stereotypes. These initiatives contribute to building a stronger and more inclusive mining industry that thrives on diversity and unlocks the full potential of all its members.

Embracing opportunities for growth

For women looking to advance their careers in the mining industry, Ana’s advice is to embrace growth opportunities, be resilient, and network extensively. One must continuously seek out professional development programs, certifications, and educational opportunities to enhance one’s skills and knowledge. Further, she states that they should build a strong support network of mentors and allies who can guide and advocate for them. One must not be afraid to voice their ideas and opinions, as their unique perspective and contributions are invaluable. Women leaders must also remember to establish a work-life balance that supports their personal well-being and fosters professional growth. Lastly, one must stay persistent and believe in their abilities because they have the power to make a meaningful impact in the mining industry and pave the way for future generations of women in the field.

Ana loves to keep up an active lifestyle in her personal life and frequently works out or plays soccer with her kids or her team. Her first language is German, adding a unique cultural perspective to her experiences. Currently, her focus is not on reading, but rather on writing her first book for girls, titled The Adventures of Ana in the Mine,’ which explores exciting mining adventures and aims to inspire young readers. She is eagerly working on completing and publishing this book.

Ana states that over the years, there have been positive changes for women in the mining industry, although there is still progress to be made. One significant shift is the increased recognition of the value that women bring to the sector. More companies and organizations are actively working towards gender diversity and inclusion, acknowledging the importance of diverse perspectives and skills. Initiatives such as mentoring programs, networking platforms, and women-led organizations have emerged to support and empower women in mining. Moreover, there is a growing emphasis on creating safe and inclusive work environments, addressing gender biases, and promoting equal opportunities for career advancement. “While there is still work to be done, these advancements signify a positive shift towards a more equitable and inclusive mining industry for women,” affirms Ana.

Women in mining