It Looks Good to Drive N Style.



The automobile industry is witnessing a shift; consumers are dwelling towards buying or renting used cars than brand new ones. Currently, the used car market is immensely large and is spreading across the globe. To prevail in this industry is a difficult task, but not for Drive N Style.  

Drive N Style is an interior and exterior reconditioning business that is primarily a business-to-business model. With mobile operations spanning both coasts of the US and points in between, it has been offering unparalleled service and quality to dealers and consumers. It helps automobile dealers sell used cars faster and at higher profits. It has also been reigning in the automotive industry by providing repair services, electronic key replacement, and appearance warranty for the automotive aftermarket. Dick Ren, Director Franchise Developments comprehends the potential of the Drive N Style franchise as it is part of the largest automotive franchise system in North America, Driven Brands. Thus, he supports its vision to be the leader in dealer services partnering with auto dealerships and related industries. The motive of the company is to offer impeccable service keeping eccentric their satisfaction. Its proprietary technology restores vehicle interiors to their brand-new condition. “Drive N Style is the industry leader for vehicle appearance and reconditioning in the automotive dealership, rental car agency, and warranty markets,” says Dick. “As the mobile arm of Driven Brands, the nation’s leader in automotive franchising, we bring unparalleled service and satisfaction to our customers and franchise partners.”

Drive N Style services can be characterized in two—interior and exterior. The interior services include carpet Restoration, Stain Removal, Fabric Repairs, Leather Repairs, Vinyl Repairs, Trim Restoration, Deodorization, Interior Buttons, and Headliner Cleaning. Meanwhile, the exterior services consist of Paint Chip Repair, Spray less Scratch Removal, Road Rash Repair, Paint Touch Up, Windshield Repair, Headlight Restoration, and Bumper Scuff Repair. “We bring the servies to you. Our trained technicians are masters of light cosmetic work to bring your vehicle’s appearance back to life for a fraction of the cost of the competition,” adds Dick. One of the happy customers Vincent Bellizia, Owner Cambridge Honda agrees and says, “Drive N Style’s interior service is a tremendous asset in our pre-owned marketing efforts. Our customers comment about how clean the vehicles look and smell compared to other dealerships they’ve visited and my used car manager receives fewer complaints as well. The quality of the work is very high and they do everything they promise. The best part is that we’re seeing improvement in our grosses of about $200 per car. I would recommend their service to any dealer.

Drive N Style franchise is the result of merging two former franchises together. It has been for more than 30 years in the business, making it one of the most experienced establishments in the ever-green automotive industry. Thus, it maintains certain criteria for aspiring franchisee which includes financial and personal factors; designed to be benefitting to both entities franchise and the franchisor. “To be engaged daily and follow the systems that have been proven over many years,” mentions Dick. Owning a franchise can be a rewarding lifestyle; owning your own business provides flexibility and allows an individual to control their destiny. Kurt Karlson has been associated with the Drive N Style franchise since 2006 and states, “Now is a great time to be a Drive N Style franchisee. With all the strong brands in the Driven Brands family, its connections to the automotive industry, and purchasing ability, Drive N Style is a great place to start a franchise.

“While you will have a ‘leg up’ if you've managed your own business, our training and support will help you reach our shared goals, even if you don't have previous experience in the automotive industry”

At Drive N Style, the franchise owners benefit from its proven business model with multiple revenue streams and customer types. It leverages its national footprint to solicit national and regional accounts on behalf of its franchisees. The franchise is a very scalable business filled with various opportunities for exceptional profitability to the franchise owner. The most enticing feature of owning and operating a Drive N Style franchise is its low fixed costs of operation in the business. Being a mobile, business-to-business platform, Drive N Style franchise owners don’t have to worry about real estate or advertising costs, and the return on investment is high. Carrying operations over a mobile business eliminates the presence of rent and other costs usually associated with a brick-and-mortar retail location 

The initial investment for a Drive N Style franchise starts between $75,810 and $88,070. After purchasing the franchise, franchisees are provided with insights over various offerings and are assisted throughout the process. “Our training is best in the industry as we visit the market twice during the training process. On-going operational support as well as the backing of Driven Brands,” shares Dick. “They have the opportunity to grow and scale a mobile business at a smaller investment level.” The franchisees are provided with intensive three-week training in Charlotte, NC. It also provides franchise owners with one week of launch support to ensure optimal operation in their market. On-going training and retraining programs are carried out frequently to help owners to maintain business. It also offers basic requirements such as National accounts program, Customizable marketing, and sales presentations, and Online inventory ordering. It helps franchise owners to function a step ahead of the competition by offering top-notch technology upgrades. “While you will have a ‘leg up’ if you’ve managed your own business, our training and support will help you reach our shared goals, even if you don’t have previous experience in the automotive industry,” adds Dick. 

As part of Driven Brands, Drive N Style has witnessed many competitions throughout its journey yet it has paved its way to receive its current stature. Currently, this North America’s largest automotive franchisor has unrivalled purchasing power compared to its competition. “There are few competitors who offer all of the services we do (Key reprogramming/cutting, appearance warranties, wheel, and rims),” says Dick. The company continuously seeks various methods to be forefront in its sphere through its people, products, and a one-stop shop for its mobile service offering to the automotive industry. 

Envisioning to offer more 

The team at Drive N Style tries to maintain a healthy workspace with a culture that fosters teamwork and diversity of thought. “We work hard, celebrate the successes, and always remember to thank the people and communities that support us,” Dick proudly mentions. The company is motivated to be focus-driven on new initiatives that will add value to both the franchisees as well as to the customers they serve. 

In light of the current global circumstances, the pandemic is having a significant impact on the majority of enterprises. Drive N Style, on the other hand, claims to have had little to no impact on its business. It takes pride in its business strategy and works hard to develop its model so that it can withstand any possible challenges. In the future, you will see Drive N Style continue to focus on aligning with the right people, vendors, technology, and services to be a spearhead in the industry. Drive N Style will also continue to build its brand by offering quality services at a fair and competitive price done with the utmost integrity.