Monday, October 2, 2023


Robert Farina

“Trained, certified, and experienced engineers are the future of the industry so that we can continue to provide cutting-edge support to our customers”

Stelios Xeroudakis

“One of the challenges we see for ourselves and our clients is to continue to have jurisdictional control over their data and to be able to navigate the complex landscape of the globally changing laws for data privacy.”

Kenny Rounds

“Our core focus remains fine-tuning internal operations and technology and evolving our growth strategy to expand our client base and add to our talent.”

Serhii Antoniuk

“To construct both the product and the IT infrastructure, we think the roles of the development team and DevOps should be intertwined.”

C. M. Sharma

“Quatrro is widely known for utilizing best practices coupled with technology and automation to streamline labor-intensive outsourced back-office processes.”

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