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Quema was founded in the year 2020. Currently, it is thriving in two locations, with offices in Ukraine and Estonia. Serhii and his team intend to open several more offices in Europe by 2023. The Quema’s origin story is far from conventional. Serhii, the co-founder and CEO, says that his success story has not been as that of other market achievers. He was not born with an entrepreneurial spirit or business skills as a child. Instead, he was involved in sports from a young age, which shaped his ‘thirst for the challenge’ and desire for continuous growth and self-improvement. This gave him the determination to work his way up for 12 years in many IT companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, and advance in his career from “IT Support” to Lead of DevOps.At one point, he realized that he needed to move on and take on a new challenge. He was grateful to have met his business partner, who shared many of his values. His business partner had some fantastic ideas, which they put into action together. They both decided on a course of action and set out for Quema.

Serhii Antoniuk

The IT industry is constantly evolving, and, therefore, approaches to DevOps also keep changing. New methodologies and patterns are replacing the old ones. Keeping up with the changing environment creates challenges that keep Serhii’s work interesting and motivating. The value Quema brings to the market is astonishing, which is also the motivation for the company to proceed promptly. Its primary goal is to help make the infrastructure, application, or platform more secure and more productive. The company specializes in providing DevOps services and helping businesses build a scalable and secure IT infrastructure with a dedicated DevOps team. Furthermore, he claims that DevOps and related topics are its core business, whereas DevOps is part of most other companies’ service portfolio. Currently, the company serves start-ups as well as the SMB sector. He states that Israel is one of the target markets for start-ups, while other regions are more focused on small- to medium-sized businesses. Over the last year, Serhii and his team have also expanded their service package. It added a support service for customers who, for any reason, may not have a budget for a dedicated team but want their infrastructure to be reliable. “We also focus on the quality of work because the quality of services is judged by the results of the work done,” he says. One of the core values in Quema’s corporate culture is openness and minimal bureaucratic procedures for all team members at various levels. As a CEO, he values the ability to discuss and resolve a wide range of issues in an open and honest manner without the imposition of bureaucratic procedures.

"To construct both the product and the IT infrastructure, we think the roles of the development team and DevOps should be intertwined"

Innovation is growth 

Serhii is optimistic about the future of IT and the DevOps movement. He believes it will evolve and transform in the same way that it has over the last decade, with old paradigms being replaced by new ones like DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, MlOPS, GitOps, IaC, and so on. During the pandemic, the company worked remotely in accordance with all quarantine measures, but remote work has become very popular. So, at the company, they will work 50/50 in the office and remotely because live communication in business is essential, too.

 Our business focuses on offering DevOps services. DevOps and development are essential components of the software development puzzle. To construct both the product and the IT infrastructure, we think the roles of the development team and DevOps should be intertwined. At Quema, we work hard to support our clients in creating a scalable and secure IT infrastructure that will enable them to launch and operate their product at the highest level. We offer DevOps services to businesses of every size,” he says.

Serhii envisions that in the next three to seven years, trends will change dramatically and yesterday’s innovations will become common. “For us as a service company, there is always a risk of falling behind trends if they are not followed and studied,” he says. The company also has internal training programs where employees share their experiences. One of the main criteria is the emphasis on in-depth knowledge because it determines the quality of the services provided. Further, Serhii states that he and his team will continue to invest their energy in their endeavors by increasing the demand and complexity of their projects to greater heights. “Also, in the next 10 years, one of the goals I see for Quema is to be associated with DevOps; when one talks about Quema, he or she talks about DevOps,” he concludes.

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