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Several market players are looking for ways to enable modern workplace capabilities within a secure environment following the COVID-19 pandemic. While heading in this direction, these businesses are faced with more complexities in their technology ecosystem, which makes it more difficult for them to manage. They require distinctive ways to better secure their environments, proactivity in monitoring them, and then also tools that give them actionable insights into all of the data points in the environment to enable better management and decision-making about the environment. Very few such service providers exist in the industry; one such profound entity is Quatrro. It is represented by its Chairman and CEO, C. M. Sharma.

As a channel-friendly master MSP, Quatrro Business Support Services (“Quatrro”) caters to the information and technology needs of a range of organizations across industries. It offers the right mix of cost-effective IT solutions and human expertise to help its clients navigate the ever-changing business landscape in order to meet their growth goals. The company has been thriving in business for more than 25 years. It has eight offices globally: Atlanta (corporate office), Chicago, Detroit, St. Paul, the San Francisco Bay Area (2), Mumbai, and Gurugram. It aims to become a global center of excellence for its clients, providing them with more resources to help them run and grow their businesses. Its core values across the organization on a daily basis and include embracing change, owning the resolution, thinking big, valuing and respecting differences, and acting with transparency and integrity. From its CEO to down, the company believes that this is the best way to give employees more opportunities in their careers and clients more opportunities to grow their businesses.

We live by our core values,” says C. M. Sharma. The company approaches its employees in a similar way it approaches its clients: with passion, consistency, enthusiasm, transparency, and opportunities to grow. Furthermore, he states that “employees as a priority” is more than just management theory for him and his team. “It is a core part of our DNA that leads to a culture of motivation and productivity that people want to be part of,” he continues. With its customer-first, own-the-resolution, personal touch approach to its clients, the team at Quatrro gives them more to go on so they can see further, scale smarter, and stand stronger in their business. “This is what enables them to meet and exceed their business goals,” C. M. Sharma continues. Its target audience consists of businesses that harness IT infrastructure. It serves B2B organizations; its business model enables it to facilitate any size organization in any industry.

C. M. Sharma

Services tailored to your needs

The company provides technology services such as professional and cloud services, cybersecurity, business enablement services, mobility services, and managed services, including support desk services, desktop and cloud management, office 365 support and security management. Its finance & accounting services include financial reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, audit support, business process improvement and BI & Analytics. The company also provides HR services like talent acquisition, employee engagement & retention, learning & development, managed payroll, org effectiveness & development, workforce management, HR administration and employee & labor relations.

The company has worked with a large, global channel distributor to offer technology services to, and through, them. To bring additional value to the services, it has built a platform and integrated it with the channel distributor’s systems to provide them with single pane of glass visibility and a seamless customer experience across its services and their technology. The platform also enabled the channel partners and end customers to leverage dashboards for different levels of visibility into their infrastructure and licenses to provide an enhanced experience. Here are some testimonials that speak volumes about the work of the company:

We are very excited to work with Quatrro Business Support Services as we feel your team ‘gets it’ when it comes to customer experience and subscription management.

What a year we had in 2022, and we could not have achieved success without the partnership and support from Quatrro. Our accomplishments in 2022 are due in no small part to our strong portfolio, where the developing Quatrro partnership plays an important role—having the right supplier partner, services portfolio, and delivery capability is vital to a successful services business.”

"Quatrro is widely known for utilizing best practices coupled with technology and automation to streamline labor-intensive outsourced back-office processes"

Understanding the Market

C.M. Sharma realizes the marketplace’s need for increased visibility, actionable data, knowledge and expertise, scalability, and so on. More than 25 years ago, Quatrro began as RSM McGladrey’s outsourcing arm. While the company’s current investors are motivated to create a managed services provider option for clients that cuts through the clutter and provides them with everything, they require to survive in today’s business environment, as well as thrive and grow, with strong people and processes paired with world-class technology. He and his team are confident that by combining the company’s expertise, capabilities, and resources, they will be able to provide businesses with what they need to fill the necessary gap—with a personal touch.

Quatrro has continually positioned itself to perfectly meet the needs of its clients. To that end, it has made several acquisitions recently that have strengthened its capabilities to provide its clients with a one-stop solution for all of their technology, finance and accounting and back-office needs. Each acquisition it has made has enabled the company to expand its global presence and deepen its capabilities in its core service areas to better meet the need for flexibility and customization in solutions for customers.

Striving for success

Quatrro is widely known for utilizing best practices coupled with technology and automation to streamline labor-intensive outsourced back-office processes. It helps business leaders simplify business complexities by leveraging actionable data to act quickly. The company has strengthened its cybersecurity offering, managed its service offerings, and invested heavily in its Cloud InterConnect (CIC) platform to provide the needed visibility to businesses seeking a modern technology ecosystem. The CEO emphasizes that a surge towards technology-enabled processes and environments is highly visible, which surely leads to very complex technology infrastructures and environments. As a result, the market is seeing organizations challenged by the visibility and management of it all. C. M. Sharma believes that moving into 2023, businesses will be increasingly looking for tools and services that provide better visibility into their IT environment, which is why Quatrro has been investing in its CIC tool. It is also working to ensure it keeps the right mixture of certified resources on its team to handle the varied technology needs its clients have. The company will continue to strive to strengthen its presence, capabilities, and tools in order to provide its clients with more opportunities to grow.

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