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We live in an era where technology touches every aspect of our life. Businesses, too, are not an exception. With an alarming increase in cyber-attacks on businesses, it is becoming a mandate that our organizational security remains in the right hands. Cloud Carib is a brand that has taken organizational security to the next level. Having achieved some key breakthroughs in detecting & preventing data breaches, Cloud Carib, with its multi-factor authentication, is a boon for every business that intends to keep data breaches at bay.

In an interview with Aspioneer, Olivia Dorsett, Director of Marketing & Communications at Cloud Carib, shares how the Caribbean MSP is leading the Cyber Security domain in a new direction, its journey as a brand, and its vision for the future.

Below are some of the highlights.

Aspioneer (A): Thank you for doing this with us, Olivia. Could you tell us a bit about your brand, its mission, and your journey in brief?

Olivia Dorsett (O): “Cloud Carib is on a mission to become the thought leader for cloud services in the Caribbean and Latin America. We are passionate about technology and want to educate and empower organizations in the region, particularly the private and public sectors to drive truly digital transformation by working closely with governments and quasi-government agencies through the promotion of Sovereign Cloud. Cloud Carib’s comprehensive services portfolio enables organizations to achieve digital transformation through the advanced cloud and managed services that are local/regional. Providing confidence for governments and improving their self-reliance without exposure to foreign meddling. We have one main headquarters in Nassau, The Bahamas, where both our Command & Control Center and one of our seven data centers is located. The other data centers are located all over the region, including two in The Bahamas and the rest in Jamaica, Barbados, Toronto, Panama, and Ecuador.”

Stelios Xeroudakis

A: How was the idea of Cloud Carib conceived?

O: “Our founder and CTO, Stelios Xeroudakis, originally came to The Bahamas for a wedding over a decade ago. At 29 years old, he met a group of friends in the financial sector looking to start a business. He offered to help find suppliers for software and hardware solutions to build their environment for IT and, in that process, observed that there was no one focusing on advanced technologies. After realizing a huge opportunity for the region, the potential he saw, Xeroudakis launched the now decade-old tech firm focused on digital transformation for governments and advanced IT solutions for enterprise organizations.”

A: How did the journey unfold? 

O: “We started off like many companies offering technology and transactions that required us to be resellers. Over time, our expertise grew into covering Managed Services for the technology we were selling and eventually protecting that by achieving more and more certifications and compliance standards to meet global requirements. Currently, we offer Sovereign Cloud to major organizations and governments that trust us with protecting citizen data and the infrastructure that manages those exchanges.

We want organizations to have confidence in regional providers noting that we are more than capable of providing world-class service. To be successful, we knew we had to combine global expertise with local talent and bring them together to advance the region. With employees from Estonia, Egypt, Guyana, Canada, Ukraine, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Greece, the U.S. and others, it’s become part of our success recipe – a decade of incredible diversity. Starting with only 3 or 4 people to almost 100 employees worldwide, Cloud Carib is destined to continue transforming the region.”

"One of the challenges we see for ourselves and our clients is to continue to have jurisdictional control over their data and to be able to navigate the complex landscape of the globally changing laws for data privacy."

A: Can you enlighten our readers about your services and your clientele?

O: “We offer true data sovereignty to companies within the region that larger US firms cannot provide due to the US Cloud Act. Our command center is 24x7x365, which customers can reach at any time. Larger firms cannot provide this level of attention or white glove service to smaller nations and businesses in the Caribbean, which make them feel like just a number and not a high-value client. We also have some of the highest certified architects and engineers in the region at Cloud Carib.

We serve B2B+B2G clients with complex IT solution needs who are concerned with data residency and data sovereignty. Our biggest clients include Governments, Med-Large enterprises, private healthcare facilities, and financial organizations in the Caribbean and Latin America.”

A: How would you describe Cloud Carib’s culture?

O: “Cloud Carib’s culture is based on Service Excellence. This is demonstrated by every member of our team, seeing through the eyes of our clients and delivering beyond their expectations. Our vision is “to make service excellence the expectation, not the exception”, and our mission is to “be the premier provider of sovereign cloud within the Caribbean and Latin America”. Service Excellence is the means for Cloud Carib to realize our aspirations.”

A: What challenges do you think Cloud Carib and your clients might face? What are your future plans?

O: “One of the challenges we see for ourselves and our clients is to continue to have jurisdictional control over their data and to be able to navigate the complex landscape of the globally changing laws for data privacy. On top of that, having the cloud platform is one thing, but it also enables the application developers to be able to deploy applications securely.

We are committed to continuing digital transformation for our clients and securing the infrastructure that provides mission-critical technology services for them. Our partnerships and awards are a testament to that effort.”

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