Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Stephen Hawking’s essay says race of ‘superhumans’ will rise

The new species will be result of gene-editing and would end human civilization. Days after the publication of his last paper Stephen Hawking is back...
White blood cells stained blue | Aspioneer

Bacteriophage: An alternate to antibiotic treatment?

With increase in antibiotic resistance in disease causing bacteria it is increasingly becoming difficult to combat infections. Consequently alternate treatment like phage therapy may gain back its lost importance. Like any other organisms cell gets infected by bacteria, bacterial cells can be also attacked by carefully selected specific virus called bacteriophages (phage shortly). These phages act by killing bacteria by incorporating them in their lifecycle.

CRISPR: Can we create new human-made species?

Gene-editing technology used to fit entire genome of yeast on a single large chromosome. The new finding can help in studying fundamental concepts in chromosome biology, including replication, recombination and segregation. CRISPR technology may even pave a way for developing completely human-made species in future.
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Test of combination drugs to boost the immune system successful

Scientists have been working around the clock in order to unveil the secrets of life. These efforts are being made in an attempt to...
Google logo reflected in the iris of a women | Aspioneer

AI can now predict when will you die. Thanks guys!

Oh well... Artificial Intelligence has been one of the hottest technologies available today. When it comes to predictions AI has been immensely helpful. Now you...
A DNA double helix

Is stem cell therapy humanity’s salvation

Stem cell therapy has gained lots of popularity in recent times. It involves use of stem cells (mostly from bone marrow and umbilical cord)...
ew gene editing technique CRISPR that adopts anti-viral bacterial defence mechanism as its basis in editing DNA of desired organism

Technology alert! CRISPR Cas9

CRISPR also called CRISPR/ Cas9 that is Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats/ CRISPR associated protein9. CRISPR technology was adapted from the natural defence...

Antibiotic resistance fight could get a little help from ants

The world is facing an antibiotics crisis. Due to overuse, many once-powerful drugs are now useless against certain strains of serious bacterial infections. So...

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