The Alternate Board: Empowering entrepreneurs build great businesses



Rapidly changing market conditions force companies to quickly update traditional day-to-day operations. In today’s environment, business leaders must be fast and nimble in order to seize opportunities, rise above challenges and respond to changing times.

Established in 1990 by Founder and Chairman, Allen Fishman, Denver, Colorado based The Alternative Board™ (TAB) helps business owners and leaders confidently see new opportunities and achieve their strategic goals. TAB provides seasoned, practical advice to forward-thinking business owners who are ready to take their businesses to an entirely new level. With 30 plus years of experience, TAB is helping business owners come out of the vicious cycle of being run by their business and mentors them in growing their business, increase profitability and improve their lives by leveraging local business advisory boards, private business coaching, and proprietary strategic services. 

We offer business owners an assured way to achieve increased revenue, develop better time management skills, better organizational structure, and a clearer vision for businesses,” says CEO Jason Zickerman.

“Running a business on your own is indeed challenging but not a wise thing to do. At TAB a dedicated team of experts will guide you, thereby offering definite vision, increased clarity, and assured success,” says Jason.

Take control of your business

Intending to be partners in their success, TAB offers busy entrepreneurs a powerful, streamlined program which not only gives them a clear view of where their business stands, the mistakes they have been doing but also gives them a definite action plan to correct the mistakes and take their business to heights they never imagined. This program includes peer advisory boards, one-on-one coaching, workshops, expert speakers, robust business tools, and invaluable TAB connections. 

Running a business on your own is indeed challenging but not a wise thing to do. At TAB a dedicated team of experts will guide you, thereby offering definite vision, increased clarity, and assured success,” says Jason.

TAB not only develops a deeper conviction in business owners but also gives them a definite path to follow and ensures that a team of experts is with them at every step. “They represent a brain trust of intellectual capital that many could not afford,” says Jason. TAB provides its members access to real-time business world advice from this diverse group of peer business owners. These business owners have faced the harsh realities of the business world and made it big despite all adversities. TAB thus offers its members years of experience and intends to save them from years of trial and error and all the financial and emotional trauma. “TBA members will have less stress and more balance in their lives so they can spend time enjoying life,” shares Jason. Simply put, TAB offers services that every business owner needs. 

“We prepare business owners and CEOs to take control of their business by spending more time on their business instead of in their business,” highlights Jason.

The thought that led to a business revolution

 When TAB was launched 30 years ago, Allen had the finest people on his board of directors. Every individual was highly intellectual and offered him the best and the most precise suggestions and advice. However, Allen was concerned about those small business owners who did not have or was not able to afford such highly intellectual individuals. What would they do? Will they be able to survive in the business world without expert advice? Whom will they go to for help and guidance? Occupied by these questions, Allen was eager to find a way and decided to launch TAB’s first business advisory board in 1990. Today, TAB is operating successfully in 22 countries and having helped over 25,000 business owners improve their businesses and lives. TAB has over 500 boards globally and has further expansions on the horizon.

Creating leaders: One franchise at a time

Since it began franchising in 1990, TAB has had its share of successes and failures. Having taken each success and every failure as a learning lesson, TAB has consistently upgraded itself and has laid the ground for others to hone their entrepreneurial skills and make success inevitable. Humble in its approach, TAB has a very clear and transparent policy on selecting the franchise partner. 

TAB franchisees are former business owners, consultants, and transitioning senior executives. If they are an executive, they typically have more than 7 years of senior management experience, leading teams, and budget and revenue responsibility. If they are an existing or former management or business consultant, they have consulted with C-suite executives and business owners. “It is not just because of the earning potential but also because they get to leverage who they’ve become in their career and capitalize on that to help their local business communities,” shares Jason. While TAB franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and are accomplished in their respective business careers, they must possess some key traits. The TAB’s potential franchise partner needs to be honest and should be coachable. They should be open-minded and committed to continuous learning as learning is one of the keys to success in the mainstream business world. The franchise partner should be able to lead by example and must be a team member. They must know how to coach their team and get them aligned with the company’s vision. The franchise partner must have the genuine desire to help and must be willing to do everything it takes to help TAB members reach their fullest potential. The TAB system also has many learning opportunities for those who are genuinely interested in gaining more knowledge. All it needs are genuine franchise partners who are very clear about what they want. “The TAB system has many opportunities for your candidate to “sharpen their saw” and gain more knowledge than ever before,” affirms Jason.

For the last three decades, TAB has been dominating its competition with elegance and has been creating successful individuals. In form of its franchise, it not only offers distinguished executives a chance to achieve greatness but also allows them to create a meaningful change in the lives of many. With the sole purpose of empowering business owners, TAB is building great leaders for tomorrow.