Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Hottest Franchises 2021
At Melting Pot, every employee, irrespective of his or her position, is taught to think like a leader and take the responsibility of customer satisfaction.
One advantage of working with IoT.Domus is that they have the years of expertise that is necessary to help steer new entrants in the market. From initial training to day one support, they provide extensive resources to their franchisees that help them make the most of this lucrative market.​
FRANCHISES | Color World Housepainting What comes to our mind when we think about a place called home? Colorless walls and ceilings with no life in them or a beautiful home, painted with vibrant colors, adding to its own and its owner’s...
As a company, PanIQ is proud of the ability to evolve and expand along with our clientele,” says Akos. “PanIQ aspires to be the gold standard for escape rooms worldwide
At La Maison, you can enjoy original French macarons or eclairs with a bowl of Café au lait or a Tarte flambée, a tartine with a glass of French wine or Champagne Pommery, or can all day long have a choice of wonderful breakfasts if you are a breakfast person
“The cocktails are made with all-natural fresh ingredients and our premium spirits; we can scale up production here quickly so as a growth engine they are great. Whiskey on the other hand takes time to develop, it is a minimum 3-year investment from the time you put that barrel away until you can bottle and sell it, so a bit longer road to scale up.”
We have created our own niche in the home services sector business from a product that we invented. Our unique business model allows franchisees to install natural light and fresh air into homes with one call, one visit, and receive immediate revenue
Uber has been forced by the UK courts to treat its British drivers as workers. It will probably require legislative change for Uber's Australian drivers to be treated as employees.
Rare-earth metals are currently mined or recovered via e-waste recycling — methods with drawbacks including high cost, environmental damage, and risks to human safety. This is where we come in.