Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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“Accountability and consistency are keys to success. Put in the time, hone your craft, do not be a jack of all trades.”
“Healthcare is a basic right and patients should share in the ownership of their health histories for engagement and appropriate decision making. Health is the real wealth.”
"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." Business Leaders Entrepreneurs Leaderships Hardwork
An analysis of data from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) has found the gender gap in maths tests increased where papers contained more multiple choice questions.
BizBoard | CLIMATE CHANGE Sea level rise isn’t the only way climate change will devastate the coast. Our research, published today, found it is also making waves more powerful, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere. We plotted the trajectory of these stronger waves and found the...
BizBoard | REAL ESTATE So you think it’s the right time to dive in and buy a home. I can’t tell you you’re wrong. I can tell you it would have been better to do it before prices began soaring, and that if...
BizBoard | CIVIL RIGHTS Germany has agreed to pay Namibia more than €1.1 billion (£940 million) in reparations for committing genocide during the colonial occupation of the country a century ago. It’s a landmark deal that will create a 30-year programme of investment in...
Since the pandemic began, we've surveyed ordinary people to see how they're coping. People from poorer backgrounds, ethnic minorities and young people are suffering most.
Collateral damage of COVID-19: Rising rates of domestic and social violence
“IT modernization is our passion and we feel we do it better than anyone else,” says Neil Mistry Founder and CEO of MIS3