Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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At Srijan we have always believed in continuous learning and improvement. And that is at the heart of our solutions and services that leverage new and emerging technologies.
This place, these workouts, this community means so much to the ladies who come here.
The impact of integrating intelligent desktop robots into the workforce accelerates process efficiencies and processing accuracy while boosting the performance of human employees.
To fight the black market, the price of legal cannabis has to be relatively low.
The surface of Mars should be kept pristine.
Reducing salt and increasing potassium intakes across the country would be of enormous benefit for global health.​
Improving how we manage the land could reduce climate change at the same time as it improves agricultural sustainability, supports biodiversity, and increases food security.
So, after nearly 18 months of escalating disputes between the U.S. and China, where are we?
Sustainability is the latest consumer trend".
Empowering RPA to handle any process will not only transform and streamline the organization’s workflow but will also allow for superior flexibility and a tailored response to a specific need.