Monday, November 28, 2022
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Scientists aren’t always right, and new evidence can always emerge to disprove a theory. Still, philosophy helps explain why there is good reason for us to trust science regardless.
Research shows new tech announcements have a real, immediate impact on the economy. How can we apply this to economic news.
A major review found specific supplements or food components were unlikely to lead to significant improvements in stiffness, pain and function.
Read The Magazine cOVER STORY Dalsin Industries Tom Schmeling "We are always looking to improve, whether it is a process, technology, capability, performance, growth, or personal development. We always want to improve." Linkedin READ THE COVER STORY Illumisoft Marie Culpepper "Remote patient monitoring represents a massive change for...
A newcomer to the Artificial Intelligence art market, Stable Diffusion, can create images almost indistinguishable from human artwork.
A lack of data prevents governments and agri-food organizations from knowing what kinds of supports should be provided to reinvigorate Indigenous agricultural economies
Workplaces can help promote exercise, but job conditions remain a major hurdle
Many trials are taking place, but they need a reality check.
From initial coin offerings that are totally fake to fraudsters demanding payments in crypto, scams involving cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Two experts explain why – and how to protect yourself.