Monday, October 2, 2023
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BizBoard CEO's to Watch | Xebec International Logistics Businesses and governments around the world will acknowledge that logistics is a crucial link in the supply chain. It facilitates the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturers and then to sellers or...
Thermostats don’t tell the whole truth about heat, particularly in older homes.
The key to understanding why life is not explainable in current physics may be to reconsider our notions of time and information.
The user interfaces of AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, are designed to mimic natural human conversation. But in doing so, AI chatbots present as more trustworthy than they really are.
A researcher who studies ways to help students become better readers and writers describes how to create a homework habit using a loop: cue, routine, reward.
READ THE MAGAZINE ON THE COVER Realty Executives Lauren Parrella “You cannot possibly thrive in anything until you failed first. And then failed again. Then again. I learned when I was just starting out that failure is a massive component...
Tiredness of life is a distinct form of suffering in which life seems stripped of meaning.
I’m frequently asked ‘does exercise help you lose weight, or is it just diet?’ Like with most things to do with losing weight, the answer is: it’s complicated.
Sleep is one of the most important things we do
The US economy shrank for a second straight quarter. While some call that a recession or a strong sign of one, a financial economist explains why the term probably doesn’t yet apply.