Monday, January 30, 2023


A lack of data prevents governments and agri-food organizations from knowing what kinds of supports should be provided to reinvigorate Indigenous agricultural economies
Workplaces can help promote exercise, but job conditions remain a major hurdle
Many trials are taking place, but they need a reality check.
From initial coin offerings that are totally fake to fraudsters demanding payments in crypto, scams involving cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Two experts explain why – and how to protect yourself.
While people have wondered about déjà vu for a long time, only recently have scientists started experimentally investigating what might trigger it.
An astrophysicist explains what wormholes are and how these theoretical space-time tunnels have popped up in the solutions to a set of decadesold equations.
So far, we are not getting carried away about inflation.
The research provides no support for the existence of a wage-price spiral. That means is no case for cutting real wages to fight inflation
Between reuse and recycling, what happens to the batteries of electric vehicles?
One option is for schools to develop mobile phone policies together with children and parents.