Friday, December 1, 2023


Emerging platforms are challenging traditional tech giants by giving consumers and workers more power
From espresso to plunger, our choice of coffee brewing method depends on many factors. But how much does it impact what’s actually in your cup?
A side-effect of pandemic response measures has been the impact on our mental health. But memory problems are a natural response to the environments created by the lockdowns.
A scholar of law and humanities compares bans on dogs with any pit bull genes to “one drop” laws that once classified people with even a single Black ancestor as Black.
Astronomers have found that mysterious dark energy may originate in black holes.
Keeping weapons locked away and unloaded reduces the risk of death by suicide for gun owners and their children.
A successful pet-friendly workplace depends on confronting and addressing all the risks.
Economic growth of countries needs many ingredients. Getting the recipe just right is important.
Cute and fluffy species get most of the attention that attracts resources to conserve them. But a new study finds people respond well to creepy crawlies if they’re given time in the media limelight.
The mortality rate of people with eating disorders is six times higher than the general population, and they are five times more likely to attempt suicide. However, few people seek treatment.