Sunday, July 3, 2022


Devotion to work can lead to burnout.
As temperatures warm, ski and snowboard resorts are investing more in snowmaking and seeing their seasons shrink. Those costs roll down to customers in an already expensive sport.
Chefs in Schools is an excellent example of how kindness can be beautifully blended into food and then served. It is a charity co-founded by Nicole Pisani, a chef who has brought about a much-needed food revolution that was never implemented.
COVID-19 variants are the products of the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They arise via mutations, but other forces also have roles to play in the generation and transmission of variants.
Can social validation — specifically, the number of crowd-funding supporters — reduce the gender gap as companies helmed by women try to raise funds?
Co-owner and operator of Kitchen Table and Bubbleshop, Sandia Chang understands this phenomenon well. As a leader who strives to align, organize, and make the hospitality industry a more pleasant experience to be part of, Sandia has set the bar very high.
ADMIRED WOMEN | Mexgrocer Limited As a non-Mexican, when I think about Mexico, one of the first things that runs through my mind is the cuisine -Tacos, Tortillas, Salsa, Hot Sauce and other such delicious foods...
ADMIRED WOMEN | HP Hotels (HP) “More than just management” was the founding vision behind “HP Hotels (HP)” an award-winning 3rd party Hotel Management company, which ranks in the Top 50 largest Hotel Management Companies in the U.S. It has earned over...
ADMIRED WOMEN | Peckham Cellars Helen Hall, Director at Peckham Cellars, is a determined and innovative leader who is on a mission to transform the hospitality industry. With exceptional abilities combined with focus, engagement, and curiosity, Helen is a passionate leader who...
Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne, the co-founders of "London Cocktail Week" possess all the attributes of a good leader and have impacted the hospitality industry with their work and exceptionally grounded leadership.