Saturday, July 4, 2020


Our focus is on building a quality franchise system that provides a positive impact on children and financial rewards for our franchisees.
Green, eco-friendly businesses are no longer simply a consideration, they have become the expectation.
The very personal mission and a passion for coaching my three kids in team sports lead me to discover the sport of Ninja and all of its positive attributes like determination and perseverance as well as its physical qualities like speed, endurance, balance, strength, and focus.
Our company culture is built on the words “We Own It.” In our company, that stands for Wash quality, Exceptional guest experience, Outstanding teamwork, Winning attitudes, Never-ending pursuit of excellence, Immediate call to action, and Training.
Inspiration is contagious and even more so when evoked in a beautiful setting where people can relate to one another in a playful and entertaining way.
I love CBD because it helps children, the elderly, and others in need without throwing them off balance so they can function, drive and thrive.
We hear over and over that women join Moms on the Run to get fit, and stay because not only are they achieving their fitness goals, but they’ve developed a strong camaraderie with their teammates as well.
Culture is one of the most important forces in business. When leaders get the culture right in their organizations, it becomes a powerful force to ensure that the decisions made throughout the organization by employees are consistent with the values and norms established by the founder and senior leadership team.
Jessie is passionate about creating a workplace that develops individuals, grooms them & places them in roles that will allow them to exercise their strengths & passions.
We saw the need for schools and organizations to raise more money, but also the need to teach students much-needed leadership lessons that they are not being currently taught in schools or maybe even at home.