Manar Awawdeh: Empowering Thought Leaders, Transforming the World

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Nowadays, it’s not enough for businesses and entrepreneurs just to be great at their job. If you want to stand out, you must find ways to share your expertise, promote your brand and demonstrate your thoughts. If you are not investing in thought leadership strategies, you might fall behind in brand-building and influencing decision-makers. 

Thought leaders can attract other experts and often more established businesses and share more about their vision and offering. A good thought leadership strategy sparks conversation between you and your prospect and focuses on sharing value, rather than selling. This matters as consumers and companies search for organizations that align with their thinking and positioning.

Established more than 5 years ago, The KA Consulting Group is an award-winning global consulting agency that specializes in thought leadership strategies and execution for CEOs, Founders, Executive Suites, and Corporate Teams. Created to help position CEOs, Founders, and C-Suites as industry thought leaders, this organization specializes in enhancing the digital presence of thought leaders and helping them establish their thought leadership.

Manar Awawdeh, Director of Marketing and Client Relations at The KA Consulting Group since 2020, shares, “Our USP lies in our team’s expertise, diverse experience, and agile structure, which allows us to seamlessly integrate with clients’ teams and deliver exceptional results. Our services include strategic digital consulting, online reputation management, content creation and optimization, social media strategy, and thought leadership development.”

Leveraging Social Media to Position Industry Thought Leaders

Driven by a team of specialized consultants who collaborate closely with clients to offer tailored strategies to maximize their online visibility and influence, the purpose behind KA Consulting’s products and services is to empower thought leaders and prestigious clientele by enhancing their digital presence. With their proven strategy for achieving thought leadership, they position their clients as an industry thought leaders which in turn connects their businesses with potential clients with shared interests.

Manar shares, “With our strategic expertise, we help position qualified thought leaders as THE leading industry experts. We are committed to adapting our strategies and techniques to ensure our clients remain at the forefront of digital innovation.” 

Visible in their various awards and accolades, the KA Consulting team goes above and beyond to ensure their clients are up to date with the latest trends and help them deliver exceptional results by maintaining their clients’ competitive edge in the digital space. “The skill and dedication of our team, along with our unique service offerings, have played a significant role in our growth. However, what truly sets us apart and propels our expansion is our focus on positioning industry leaders as experts in their respective fields through tailored strategies,” shares Manar.

Manar Awawdeh: Empowering Thought Leaders, Transforming the World
Manar Awawdeh

Leading the Change

Having graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in business education from Arizona State University Manar naturally gravitated toward leadership roles and involvement in various impact-driven organizations throughout her life. “While my career path may have taken an unconventional route, every experience has contributed to shaping the person I have become,” she shares.

Since her early years, Manar found great joy in shouldering responsibility and guiding teams toward success. “Whether it was in student government, pioneering the establishment of the first chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success organization at ASU, or later securing positions at renowned fashion powerhouses like Kate Spade, Vince, and BCBG Max Azria, I consistently found myself at the forefront.,”

However, Manar’s most transformative moment in her professional journey occurred when she joined Enterprise Holdings and assumed a leadership role at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – one of the top ten largest airports in the United States. Here, at the tender age of 21, she was presented with the opportunity to lead a team of over 30+ individuals. This allowed her to further enhance her leadership skills, interpersonal aptitude, and problem-solving abilities.

As Director of Marketing and Client Relations at KA Consulting, Manar develops compelling strategies for leaders and brands, building strong client relationships. Through strategic communication and media planning, she leverages social media to effectively connect with the group’s target market and helps them connect with theirs.

More recently, Manar mentions that she had the privilege of collaborating with Nancy Florence, an exceptional business coach whose guidance and support have played a pivotal role in keeping her grounded, while continually pushing to unlock her fullest potential. “I wholeheartedly recommend the transformative experience of working with a business coach to anyone seeking positive change in their lives.”

Staying Abreast

While the digital media market is undoubtedly competitive, Manar chooses to maintain KA Consulting’s focus on what sets them apart as a team and an agency – their confidence in the value they bring to clients. “We acknowledge that there is enough business to go around for everyone. Instead of fixating on the competition, we prioritize constant training and staying ahead of industry trends and updates,” she says.

To stay ahead of the curve Manar relies on newsletters such as Bloomberg, LinkedIn, and the Wall Street Journal. “Networking with thought leaders on LinkedIn helps me stay up to speed.” She also finds thought-provoking podcasts such as Jay Shetty’s, informative and empowering. “Consistent learning and exploring diverse sources keep me adaptable in an ever-changing landscape,” Manar says.

Adapting to external factors to stay competitive, over the years KA Consulting has undergone an ongoing transformation, mirroring the dynamic nature of the digital marketing sector. “Our ability to mold ourselves according to the needs of our clients and the industry has been a key driver of our success,” states Manar.

"By focusing on innovation and continuous improvement, we aim to enhance our company's growth, reputation, and impact in the digital marketing industry."

Achieving Work-life Balance

Beyond the realm of work, Manar is a passionate food connoisseur who enjoys exploring diverse culinary traditions and flavors. “Finding balance in life is important to me, which is why I am dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through activities like going to the gym and practicing meditation, and yoga.” A music enthusiast Manar also finds inspiration through the melodies of the music of various cultures.

Another aspect that further sets Manar apart is her international background. “I have been fortunate enough to call five different countries across four continents home. This multicultural upbringing has nurtured my curiosity about different cultures and allowed me to speak 4 languages. It has provided me with a unique perspective and the ability to forge connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds, enriching my personal growth and broadening my horizons.”

Given the opportunity to have dinner with anyone, she would love to dine with Michelle Obama. “She embodies the qualities I greatly admire – boldness, inspiration, intellect, and resilience,” states Manar. 

Currently Manar is immersed in a project centered around spreading positivity and providing inspiration to those who have faced challenges on their journey to success. Additionally, she is working on an impactful book that aims to inspire individuals, with a particular emphasis on empowering women. “Its core message is the transformative power of hope, self-belief, an unwavering drive for success, and a positive mindset in overcoming barriers and achieving one’s dreams,” says Manar.

Into the Future

Looking ahead, the digital industry is poised for rapid evolution. Influenced by AI and newer social media regulations, this sector is set to evolve at breakneck speeds. To sustain its competency, KA Consulting continues to prioritize training its team on AI tools and staying up-to-date. “We also monitor social media updates closely and foster a culture of continuous learning. These strategies allow us to adapt to changes and remain at the forefront of the industry,” Manar shares.

In the next few years, Manar is particularly excited about expanding KA Consulting’s client base and team by collaborating with leaders from diverse industries. “By focusing on innovation and relentless improvement, we aim to enhance our company’s growth, reputation, and impact in the digital marketing industry.”

Manar hopes to leave a legacy shaped by her ability to inspire, build exceptional teams, and foster the growth of emerging talent. “Through relentless perseverance and a commitment to acquiring knowledge, I aim to make a profound impact in my industry,” Manar states.