Monday, October 2, 2023


Matthew Cuplin

“If you are not constantly trying to grow and take steps forward then you not going to achieve the level of results that you are capable of.”

Paul Edalat

“Failure has been a significant part of my journey. I've learned to view mistakes as learning opportunities rather than failures.”

Dean Karakitsos

“There are several misconceptions in the blockchain industry, but one of the most common is the belief that blockchain and cryptocurrency are the same thing.”

Dorian Dickinson

“My advice to someone who wants to be disruptive in their industry is to be passionate about your vision, be resilient, adaptable to change, and keep a customer focus on what is needed in the market.”

Vincent LaRocca

“Sometimes it’s more important to show you are part of the team and not always the one driving it.”

Crystal Cleveland

“Our operating philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest level of quality service in the most efficient manner possible.”

BizBoard CEO's to Watch, 2023