The Cleaning Authority: Cleaning homes, spreading smiles



Everybody loves their home. However, along with the heavenly comfort it offers, a home brings along with it a responsibility to keep it clean. We all want to keep our houses clean and want them to look the best, but how many of us can actually do it? EVERYONE needs help.

Established as one of the first whole-house cleaning services in the Baltimore-Washington area, The Cleaning Authority (TCA) is a brand that has dedicated itself to providing elite house cleaning services for homeowners across America. For the last 43 years, it relentlessly has delivered what it promises and has been the face of quality home cleaning. Through its amazing work, it has been setting industry benchmarks which are followed by many. Dominating the home cleaning market, TCA is a brand with a difference.

Leanne and TCA: The real Synergy

Led by COO Leanne Stapf, TCA has seen some major changes in its business and brand positioning strategies only to be propelled ahead in the competition. With its core focus on customer service, TCA has been providing exceptional home cleaning services thereby enabling homeowners to give up worrying about cleaning their homes and spend their quality free time with family and friends.

Leanne has an A.A. from Ashworth University in Human Resources and Services. Since joining The Cleaning Authority in 2012, Leanne has worked to build and enhance the infrastructure to support franchisees. She’s also a franchisee of a location of The Cleaning Authority in Harrisburg, PA. Leanne uses her real-life experiences not only to bring more transparency to the system but also contributes to increasing its efficacy. “Being a franchise and a CEO puts me in a position of advantage. It helps me judge what the franchise might need and prepare beforehand. There is no better teacher than self-experience,” says Leanne.

“Innovative new products, like our dry vapor cleaning & sanitizing system, provide add-on services and help differentiate our brand in the market.”

Housecleaning done right

At TCA, cleaning homes to customer’s satisfaction and making them look & feel the best is their priority. However, the way the job is done also matters as it has a direct impact on how the homeowners feel after the cleaning is done. TCA puts a lot of attention into the entire process of cleaning. Backed by years of experience, every part of the cleaning process is carefully planned and executed. The Detail-Clean Rotation System they use is a unique system which along with all basic cleaning, focuses on deep cleaning certain complex areas of your home. The first two cleans are to ensure a full detailed clean followed by an intelligent system that divides your home into four zones and ensures truly deep cleaning of your house. This system ensures your home gets the right levels of cleaning at the right intervals.


At TCA, they understand and relate to the emotions people hold towards their homes. Irrespective of how big or small, TCA tries its best to provide the best-in-class cleaning for your homes. They believe that truly clean is how a home should be and a truly clean home is what we deserve. “Our cleaning services are comprehensive and customizable. We use eco-friendly supplies that properly clean and sanitize even the most difficult and dirty areas,” adds Leanne. “Innovative new products, like our dry vapor cleaning & sanitizing system, provide add-on services and help differentiate our brand in the market.”

Driven by passion

At TCA, work culture is given utmost importance. They understand the impact a good work culture can have on the employees, their overall performance, and interpersonal relationships. “Each of our employees plays an impactful role in the growth and success of The Cleaning Authority – and a rapid growth at that! As the brand continues to evolve, our Operations, Marketing, and IT teams work closely together to ensure all processes and procedures are supporting both our owners and customers most efficiently. Last year, in the wake of a global pandemic, we launched almost 10 new marketing and technological initiatives, something that could not have been possible without joint effort across departments,” shares Leanne. “In addition, I am extremely proud of our Operations structure. The Cleaning Authority’s Operations team is comprised of skilled veteran franchise owners who have extensive firsthand knowledge of what it takes to successfully grow and run a franchise. By providing some of our top-performing owners as an asset to the network, it ensures the resources we build, provide and grow are applicable across the network and based on real experiences.”

Achieve your dream of business ownership

Established in 1977, TCA has come a long way. In 1989, the duo Steve Robinson and Tim Evankovich bought TCA and continued building the legacy of the brandIn 1996, as a part of their business expansion plan, they decided to offer the TCA franchise. Their motive was very clear. They wanted to expand their capacity to serve more clients with enhanced quality and better service standards. The exceptional commitment Steve and Tim showed towards enhancing the quality standards, not only elevated the brand’s image but also attracted many investors who were eager to be a part of the TCA legacy. Today with a long history of excellence and dedication towards its work, TCA is recognized as a brand that has written its own success story and allows entrepreneurs to script their own through their franchise.

TCA has a very simple yet robust business model. It services more than 45000 homes a week with most of its customers availing their cleaning services every two weeks. This provides the franchises an excellent platform and opportunity to make recurring income from the same customer base. Every time they deliver the desired quality of cleanliness, it creates a possibility of the customer going for yet another cleaning thereby providing them a repeated source of income. “At TCA, our franchise owners average $1.1 million in annual revenue*,” highlights Leanne. “Compared to our competitors, our franchise owners are significantly larger on average and are normally the largest house cleaning service in the market in which they operate.

TCA welcomes every aspiring entrepreneur who is willing to do everything it takes to be a success. Willing to share its success secrets, TCA has a well-designed and time-tested action plan which was developed only to provide increased chances of success to the franchise partners. Having powered through the brutal realities of the business world for the last 43 years, TCA has seen every business scenario, has overcome every challenge, and knows how to make the most out of every situation. The action plans the franchisee receives are the purest form of the right set of actions and thought. All the franchisee needs to do is to submit to the TCA system, follow it to the core and success will come finding them. TCA is looking out for some dynamic leaders who believe in the system and self and are go-getters.