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Since its foundation in 2008, Outdoor Living Brands established in the USA (Richmond, Virginia) has been offering exciting opportunities to carve out their own place in the growing outdoor living forte. It has multiple franchise businesses that complement each other, create synergy and encourage cross-promotional opportunities, and therefore enhance the franchisees’ careers, transform their lives, improve the lifestyles, and enhance their financial futures. Together, the combination of the brands under Outdoor Living Inc. offers over 75 years of experience and track records of success in their respective markets. Collectively, Outdoor Living Brands has approximately 250 franchise locations and a company store platform in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"Culture is one of the most important forces in business. When leaders get the culture right in their organizations, it becomes a powerful force to ensure that the decisions made throughout the organization by employees are consistent with the values and norms established by the founder and senior leadership team."

Outdoor Living Brands is the franchisor or three exterior home services franchise concepts namely (i) Archadeck Outdoor Living, which holds its name as North America’s largest designer and builder of custom outdoor spaces including decks, screened porches, patios, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fire features, pergolas, and gazebos. It is a unique enterprise compared to other single trade contractors, in its ability to handle all aspects of designing and building comprehensive outdoor living spaces that typically involve multiple design features, materials, and contractors; (ii) Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, which again serves up as North America’s largest designer and installer of exterior landscape lighting and holiday lighting systems for residential and commercial properties. It brings expertise in the professional design and installation of exterior lighting systems to highlight the architectural details of homes and properties along with the landscape elements around them. In addition, it is also a full-service firm that pro-actively maintains those systems for the property owners after the initial installation; and (iii) Conserva Irrigation is a repair and maintenance focused Irrigation Company for residential and commercial properties with an underlying focus on water conservation and environmental responsibility. It addresses the maintenance needs of sprinkler systems and makes recommendations to property owners on upgrading the componentry in their irrigation system to reduce their water consumption and water bill. Conserva Irrigation also proactively maintains the systems to keep them in good working order for the customers.

Christopher M. Grandpre, Chairman & CEO, Outdoor Living Brands
Christopher M. Grandpre, Chairman & CEO, Outdoor Living Brands

Over the years, these franchise brands have also managed to stack up numerous prestigious awards including Franchise Update Media’s Franchise innovation award – winner [Conserva Irrigation], Top 5000 fastest growing companies – ranked 2099th [Conserva Irrigation], being featured in multiple World Class Franchise categories [2010 – 2019] and many more.

The company believes in celebrating outdoor living by enriching lives through proven franchise brands and relentlessly focuses on providing world-class service to the customers while assisting the franchisees to learn and scale in franchise business models. It also concentrates on embracing the values that made them the global leaders in their respective business specialties.

The franchise businesses under Outdoor Living Brands focus on several points of differentiation including professionalism, innovation, and responsibility. Further, it has a host of experts in the respective fields resulting in the clients looking up to the brand for recommendations on the most innovative, yet cost-effective solutions to their outdoor living lifestyle needs.

The franchisees help clients to achieve their outdoor living lifestyle wants and needs. The companies understand that the clients have a busy lifestyle, and in need of a nice space to relax and unwind with friends and family after a busy day at work. While the company provides various products and services under each brand, it recognizes itself as really in the business of delivering a desired lifestyle to the clients. It also emphasizes on achieving all the above by being environmentally responsible and in giving back to the local communities and the world. The business models are focused on bringing innovative solutions to the consumers in an eco-friendly and responsible manner from using LED technology for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to water-efficient irrigation technology for Conserva Irrigation.

The company also appreciates that consumer tastes and trends change over time. As a franchisor, it finds it sustainable to constantly evolve the business models and brand propositions to preserve industry-leading positions and market share, in light of the continuous changes in consumer trends. The business line, this company operates in industries that are highly fragmented and filled with local competitors. However, the level of service and professionalism across the home service industries is not always strong. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the company’s brands to penetrate themselves into the market with a level of outstanding professionalism and service to create and retain loyal customers. The franchise brands, in addition to being positioned in attractive sectors with very strong consumer demand for enhanced outdoor living lifestyle solutions, also offer fundamental protection from the online and off-shore risk as the work performed by the franchisees are always required to be done locally at the customers’ property.

Christopher M. Grandpre, Chairman and CEO of Outdoor Living Brands says, “I find franchising an incredibly gratifying and rewarding business form that helps our franchisees to achieve the American Dream. It is the impact on peoples’ lives that provides the on-going motivation to keep growing and improving our businesses.

Culture is one of the most important forces in business. When leaders get the culture right in their organizations, it becomes a powerful force to ensure that the decisions made throughout the organization by employees are consistent with the values and norms established by the founder and senior leadership team.

At Outdoor Living Brands, we’ve worked hard to establish a culture of service to franchisees, empathy, transparency, collaboration, enthusiasm, and fun. Our team understands that our efforts in assisting franchisees to be successful with our business models will directly lead to our success. Our team genuinely cares about the success of our franchisees, both personally and professionally. We believe that the very strong franchise validation that we enjoy, verified each year by an independent confidential survey, across our three brands is a direct result of our culture. The trust and relationships that we build with franchisees through this culture allow us to effectively lead the franchise systems, especially during periods of change designed to grow and improve the operating systems in the franchise business models.”

He further expresses, “In terms of attributes that we seek in our franchisees, we look for leadership skills, a positive outlook and inherent optimism, a sales and marketing orientation, determination to be proactive versus reactive, strong support, business and financial acumen, ability to recruit, hire, motivate and lead a top-performing team, and brand passion.

We set expectations for new franchisees that, while starting a business may be the hardest thing that they’ve ever undertaken, it will also be the most rewarding activity of their careers. Franchisees directly enjoy the fruits of their labor and have the opportunity to take full control over their schedule, lifestyle and their family’s future financial success. We ask our franchisees to stay focused on the long-term goals that led them to invest in our franchise as they tackle the hard work of launching a new business in what is a new industry for most of them.”

The franchise support offered by the company starts even before initial training. Once the franchise license agreement is executed, the company’s franchise support teams enroll a new franchisee in the quickstart program. It utilizes collaboration software to assist a new franchisee in completing dozens of activities. After the completion of initial training, the company’s team is in daily contact to support the franchisees as they launch their initial marketing and operations in their local market. After the franchisees have successfully navigated the initial learning curve, the franchise support transitions to structured monthly, quarterly and annual interactions to assist each franchisee to plan, monitor and identify specific actions to take in order to improve and grow the overall businesses. There are also extensive confidential surveys of all the franchisees held through a third-party research firm that has surveyed hundreds of franchise systems to maintain overall efficiency and transparency.

Outlook Living Brands plan on continuing to showcase the strong growth and innovation of each brand to maintain its industry-leading positions. There is also a future plan to add additional exterior home services to the existing portfolio to broaden the service offerings to retail and commercial customers and increasing the cross-selling opportunities throughout the franchise systems.

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