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The world today is certainly more developed than any proven time in human history but that has, in turn, left us struggling with water pollution, air pollution, ozone depletion, and global climate change. A major part of the cause is industrial emissions. We are so hooked up on the chemical products that even when we are ‘cleaning’, it’s taking a toll on the environment. Harmful chemicals and toxins are being released into the ecosystem which is further deteriorating the earth’s biosphere. However, now that mankind is becoming more aware of the danger posed by toxins changes are being made everywhere to minimize the threat. One such organization contributing to this cause is ecomaids.

ecomaids provide high quality, eco-friendly cleaning services for homes and small businesses following a system + care approach. Their mission is to provide ‘Peace of mind’ through their commitment to using only eco-friendly cleaning products and methods. Not only these methods are more natural, but they also ensure environmental safety.

"Green, eco-friendly businesses are no longer simply a consideration, they have become the expectation."

ecomaids began franchising, under the Happinest umbrella, in 2019. However, their flagship location was established in 2010 by CEO Lindsay Dellasega in Portland, Oregon. Presently, they are also operating from one more location in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their main focus lies on quality, consistency, and integrity, and the one thing that they’d never compromise is the value of time and healthy lifestyle of their clients. ecomaids promises a highly personal service which not only makes their clients happy but also adds real value to their lives. Moreover, by having a systematic approach they ensure consistency, growth-management, and profitability in their operations as well.  

Lindsay explains, “We make the process simple from the beginning- do an online review of our services and then contact us with the basic information either by phone or email. We will then prepare a proposal based on your home’s size and the various options. While every home has varying needs, we offer a consistent service based on a 64-point checklist and we tailor to the individual needs at our first service.” The main thing that sets ecomaids apart from its competitors beyond their commitment to eco-friendliness, is the care and integrity that comes from their positive team culture and highly professional yet individualized service. Lindsay exclaims, “Cleaning thoroughly is a baseline expectation, and for us- ‘cleaning without unnecessary toxins and perfumes’ is also baseline. We focus on the experience- our clients need to feel good by coming home to not only a thoroughly cleaned home without irritating inconsistencies, but also feel good about their choice to value time and health, and to feel good about the company and the people they entrust to help them with this value.”

The ‘better’ choice

As a CEO, Lindsay believes that it’s important to know that what you offer provides actual value. For her, the way to do it is by helping their clients, employees and business partners improve their way of life while reducing hazardous impacts to the planet. Hence, she keeps her focus steady on pushing ahead for continuous development. Lindsay notes that as ‘outsourcing home chores’ is becoming a thing in today’s world, the demand for home services is on the rise. Also, because people are now more considerate of their choices in terms of how they are affecting the surroundings, being an eco-friendly brand gives ecomaids fair leverage in the industry. Again for people and businesses who want to be a part of progressive culture, ecomaids has emerged as an obvious and better choice. Another factor that is leading the company’s growth is smart marketing and technical advancement. Lindsay adds, “There’s always more to learn, refine and develop. Fortunately, as a franchise, this is collaborative- leaning on expertise from multiple areas and allowing for intentional growth on the local level.”

Home service is a stable industry where there is ample room for growth and development for ecomaids. But the same is for its competitors. Then why would a prospect choose them over any other home-cleaning brand? Lindsay asserts, “The cleaning space overall is a 60-billion-dollar industry and dust never sleeps! We are catering to a ‘Do It for Me’ society, busy families and busy professionals who don’t have the time to do a thorough, eco-conscience cleaning themselves. A franchise owner wants to determine a need for their service and also feel good about what they are offering. From there, the key is how does one get their phone to ring, find qualified staff and scale a business. The main reason prospects look to join a franchise like ours is to take advantage of proven systems and programs that give our owners distinct advantages over smaller, independent operators.”

The Ecoteam.
The Ecoteam.

When it comes to picking their potential franchise partners, ecomaids look for owners or operators who desire to offer meaningful service to their community and play an integral role in their business. They must understand the importance of customer service and value loyalty within their team and client-base. Lastly, Lindsay says, “Our model owner wants to grow a team and have comfort networking in their local market.” As initial support, ecomaids offer all the necessary training materials to their franchise owner and training staff that is Franchise Business Advisors acting as coaches to guide new owners through the critical initial stage of business during the first year. Apart from this, they also provide ongoing support to manage functions such as sales, marketing and recruiting support.

Envisioning the future

As for their upcoming ventures, Lindsay shares, “We expect to build our brand into a household name across the country over the next decade. Green, eco-friendly businesses are no longer simply a consideration, they have become the expectation. We are well-positioned to become an industry leader and will, in turn, attract the highest caliber franchisees to help expand the brand throughout the US.”

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