Fuzz Wax Bar: The waxing pioneers



It all started when Jessie Frampton, Co-founder of Fuzz Wax Bar and her visionary partner Florence met at a thrift store. The conversation starter was a vintage sweater. Within no time they realized that they both were seeking a wax salon in their town. But to their disappointment there was none. So they built one. This is how the idea of Fuzz Wax Bar, North America’s first membership-based wax only bar was born.

"We do one thing, and one thing only: waxing!" – Jessie Frampton

Founded in 2012, Toronto, Ontario based Fuzz Wax Bar goes beyond standard waxing experience and is focused on wellness, self-care, and inclusivity. It offers fast, high-quality affordable waxing for ladies and men along with all-natural products that complement the standards of their services. The environment at Fuzz Wax Bar is gender-neutral which is consistent across each location. They are body positive, hair positive and are committed to educating and providing the best experience to everyone who walks through their doors.

“When it came to building a brand, I always knew it would have the same core values that I personally embody, and wellness and self-care has always been at the forefront,” shares Frampton.

A very fast-growing industry

The waxing industry at $11-billion dollars is recession-resilient, high-revenue with low-overhead and is growing at a tremendous rate. Forecasts expect the hair removal industry to double or treble in size in the next ten years with growing demands and companies like Fuzz Wax Bar continue their fierce expansion plans. Fuzz Wax Bar began franchising in 2015 and has since grown to 13 locations in Canada with plans to raise the bar for the waxing experience in markets across the US.

Jessie Frampton Co-founder, Fuzz Wax Bar
Jessie Frampton Co-founder, Fuzz Wax Bar

Fuzz Wax Bar’s business model is the primary reason for its growth. Their membership-based business model benefits both clients and franchise partners. Fuzz members are part of a community that receives better prices and perks while maintaining an easy self-care routine. The memberships tie in perfectly with the 4-week hair growth cycle. This keeps their clients coming back on a regular basis. As a result franchise partners see high client retention-ruling out any chances of the off-season and ensuring predictable revenue streams. This helps new and growing Fuzz locations succeed quickly with minimal risk. While staying consistent is the reason for their stupendous success. When Fuzz opens at a new location, their clients are rest assured that they are going to get the exact same service and the exact same experience each and every time.

“We haven’t changed our services or memberships since we opened. For us, consistency is key; we have always stuck to what we know, and have mastered our craft,” says  Frampton. “Because of this, we have been able to focus on our support, training, and growth from a business and franchisee perspective.”

Frampton also credits a large part of her success to the team and the culture she has fostered at Fuzz Wax Bar. As a business leader, Frampton is passionate about creating a workplace that develops individuals, grooms them & places them in roles that will allow them to exercise their strengths & passions. The culture at Fuzz Wax Bar is open-minded, innovative & supportive. It has an open-door policy, that’s open, honest, and positive. Problems are seen as challenges, and they believe in learning from every experience.

“I created a culture at Fuzz that I needed for my own personal success and growth that would also benefit others,” says Frampton. “Being a young entrepreneur, I didn’t have a conventional 9-5 work experience. Instead, I was given an opportunity to challenge the norms, and develop an atmosphere that I saw would not only benefit me but the team that I brought on board.”

Fuzz Wax Bar is more about values than just business. Therefore when vetting a potential franchisee wishing to join Fuzz Wax Bar, Frampton says having a prior business or waxing experience is not a mandate. Rather they are looking out for someone who is positive, motivated and is ready to grow with them. As far as support and training is concerned, it starts the minute someone shows interest in being their franchise and it does not stop. Apart from the initial training, the franchise partners receive one on one support and access to their digital & in-person service training.

The same echoes in what the franchise holders say about Fuzz Wax Bar. Dawn, Fuzz Wax Bar Franchise Partner at Whitby, Ontario shares, “We LOVE being a part of the Fuzz Family! Being a 1st-time business owner, risk and stress are high- Fuzz truly makes the entire experience enjoyable! Jessie and Florence have been an absolute pleasure working with! They always go above and beyond in the training and never leave your side. We are already looking into a 2nd location- we couldn’t be happier with our decision. The Fuzz team is incredible!”

The path forward

What comes next? More growth, says Frampton. “Our plans are focused on growth, both within our teams, our locations, and our franchise network. We have a really exciting 2020 year ahead of us and can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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