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‘Where community meets creativity’ Pinspiration DIY Craft Studios are the hottest entertainment destinations in 2020.

The DIY craft industry is booming with a capital B, as in Billions. As millennials continue to value “experiences over things” and the popularity of arts and crafts continues to grow on social media sites like Pinterest, many craft retailers haven’t gotten the memo. But one that has is Pinspiration; one of the hottest franchises of the year.

The hip, DIY-inspired arts and craft studio fulfills a unique appeal for crafters and artists of all ages and provides an inspiring venue where customers of all ages can create masterpieces together. The company has grown from 0 franchise locations in November 2019 to 51 locations as of February 2020 – numbers unheard of for a new franchise.

“Inspiration is contagious and even more so when evoked in a beautiful setting where people can relate to one another in a playful and entertaining way."

Pinspiration makes use of popular social media sites like Pinterest to select the trendiest craft projects offerings for their customers. The ever-changing DIY project menu rotates frequently based on trends, holidays, and seasons. Popular projects currently include acrylic pour canvases, string art, and custom vision boards.

At Pinspiration, there is no need to take a workshop or a class; customers create what they want, when they want. Helpful “Muses” provide the supplies, tutorials, and help along the way. The inspiring maker-space features an art studio, a beer and wine bar, a VIP party and event space, and the famous Jackson-Pollock-inspired Splatter Room™.

The creative studio opened its first location in Phoenix, Arizona in March 2015. After hundreds of media segments, serious crafting buzz began and location requests flooded in. The company launched franchising in July 2018, which is led by a world-class team of franchise experts and a leading consulting firm, the iFranchise Group. Since announcing the franchise opportunity, the growth of the concept has exploded with 8 studios now operating in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Florida, and Texas. In addition, the franchise has executed and granted 50+ franchise agreements in less than 2 years of franchising and expects to open around 40 stores in 2020.

The founder of Pinspiration, Brooke Roe, developed the art studio and wine bar as a solution to a real-life problem after spending countless hours on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) craft-focused websites such as Pinterest with very few finished projects to show for her time. She began researching the barriers to creativity and realized that due to lack of space, the expense of tools and/or specialty equipment, fear of failure, the acquisition of supplies and the daunting idea of cleaning up, there was a major gap in the marketplace.

She created a space where these major crafting obstacles and common barriers were removed which now encourages every member of the community to unleash their inner artist and try DIY.


With amazing technology at our disposal and more sources of inspiration than ever before, Pinspiration empowers customers to connect with one another through the process of creating. The vibe in the studio is collaborative and inclusive.

When guests walk into the maker-space, they will find dozens of DIY project samples to choose from. Much like a restaurant, each customer has the opportunity to select their own, unique craft/project based on what they would like to make.

Once the project is chosen, the employees, which Pinspiration has cleverly deemed “Muses”, deliver a tutorial and a pre-assembled project kit which includes all the high-quality art supplies, tools, and materials for customers to complete, personalize and work at their own pace to complete their DIY success. The studio also provides an endless embellishment bar included in the project fee for guests to add glitter, nature, shells, bling and other accessories to their projects as they see fit.

While reservations are suggested, they are not required and walk-ins are accepted when space is available. Pinspiration offers a user-friendly online booking system from their website which allows customers to conveniently book anywhere and anytime.

Pinspiration was also designed for planning truly memorable and entertaining events. In addition to hosting parties and event celebrations for all ages, from boutique birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers all the way to corporate team builders, the studio also features a variety of snacks, beverages, wines, and beers.

In addition to the maker-space, the studio offers a completely additional unique platform which is the Jackson Pollock-inspired Splatter Room™. Guests suit up in paint suits, booties, and googles and get messy by slinging paint at a canvas. The popularity of the Splatter Room has even caught the eyes of Buzzfeed and other national media outlets.


The family-oriented franchising concept has received over 10,000 franchise applications in the last year. It’s no surprise that people connect with the brand. Crafting is a means for self-expression, a way to express creative drives, an activity to bond with family and friends, and productive use of time, money and resources. While it is similar in pricing, project structure, and fees like other studios, Pinspiration offers a larger variety of projects, services, price points, and add-ons. This translates to more options for franchisees and more revenue streams for each location.

Pinspiration is seeking savvy, passionate franchise owners to join the excitement as the expansion phase takes place. Ideal candidates for franchising possess a strong passion for crafting, a love of people and the local community, the ability to lead and focus their full-time effort on growing their business, and the capital to back the concept.

Once a franchisee is welcomed into the Pinspiration family, the franchise team provides robust support, including operations manuals, accounting systems, point of sale technology, booking technology, marketing, training manuals, inventory management, and more. Each franchise is also assigned a dedicated field support representative who assists with site selection, studio build-out, marketing, and operations. All franchisees travel to the corporate store in Phoenix before opening their studio for 4-5 days of in-depth, in-store experience and training with the founder and the team continues to provide on-site training throughout every stage of their business. Lastly, the Pinspiration franchise team provides national PR and marketing support, graphic design, website development, and targeted local marketing campaigns.

Pinspiration’s goal is to continue tremendous growth across the nation and to remain a leader in both the craft and DIY industry and as an entertainment venue. Crafting is a creative, ageless experience that answers the human needs around community, relaxation, and pleasure.

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