Apex Leadership Co.: One step closer to building the leaders for tomorrow



“Building Leaders” – this is the founding belief behind this USA (Phoenix, Arizona) based franchise, Apex Leadership Company.

It is a leadership company that is also an effective fundraising organization that focuses on teaching youth how to expand their reach to maximize their efforts. It manages to incorporate an element of fitness and leadership education into the program while also helping schools and organizations raise more money than any other fundraiser in the business. The method employed by the company is to collaborate with school PTO/As and faculty to build student leaders through a meaningful, hassle-free and financially successful school fundraising event while teaching much-needed leadership lessons and fitness awareness.

Founded in 2011, Apex now has franchises in more than 30 states across the country. It currently stands 8th in the top 100 emerging franchises list and ranked 180th in the Entrepreneur magazine’s franchise 500.

“Building Leaders” – this is the founding belief behind this USA (Phoenix, Arizona) based franchise, Apex Leadership Company.

Fundraising is a very important and crucial part of many schools and youth groups. This industry is currently in high demand. But, Apex differs from the other groups by including programs that extend beyond the fundraising aspect and hope to create an impact on children in a positive way for the rest of their lives to come.  The firm counts it as a rare opportunity to make a positive impact in the world and make a living at the same time.

The various fundraising programs offered by the company include Apex Fun Run, Apex Serve, Apex Remix, Apex Obstacle Course, Color Battle, and online donation format through Anython to make raising the money much easier. The programs include two weeks of Apex team member-led inspirational coaching for students in areas of responsibility, accountability, empathy, fun, and fitness, culminating in the actual fitness-based event. It is a rare combination of a business that makes a real impact in communities by building leaders, while also raising much-needed funds and making a living for their franchisees.


Apex strives for schools, sports groups, and youth organizations with not only a technology-based and easy way to raise funds but also, to give them a foundation of education based on leadership skills and fitness. The programs are not focused on selling any products. They are basically, on-campus sharing leadership lessons with children and encouraging them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Along with the leadership curriculum, the physical activity element with a culminating fitness-based event, which typically does not take place as a part of product-based fundraising programs places Apex in a unique proposition in crafting the children and revolutionizing the school fundraising. Apex believes it is able to raise more money than other fundraisers in the market as it consists of local Apex business owners in each community who care about their community and hire local team members to serve their clients.

Apex initially began with just one program in form of Apex Fun Run which was primarily geared for elementary school students and the company has grown to include a wide array of programs that are suitable for middle school and high school-aged students and youth groups including Anython. People view the firm as a consistent fundraiser for those in need of it and as a rewarding business as well. Apex aims to reduce bullying among students and build confidence in those students who need it the most. It serves nearly 1 million students per year and has served over 3 million to date.

To extend the program’s effectiveness further, Apex also offers year-round support through calls, in-market visits, quality control team support, mid-year refresh training, and annual convention working closely together with the franchisees.


When asked about the foundations of Apex and the culture followed in the company, Jeremy Barnhart, Executive Vice-President of Apex Leadership says, “We saw the need for schools and organizations to raise more money, but also the need to teach students much-needed leadership lessons that they are not being currently taught in schools or maybe even at home. We wanted to help and knew that franchising was the best answer so that we had local owners in each community, who care about their community. We wanted to also help teachers, so 10% of what is raised goes to the teacher for classroom supplies. We also wanted to make it safe, so we created a technology platform that allows students and parents to raise money from friends and family all over the world.  We have now netted schools and teams over $70,000,000 in just 8 years.”

He further adds, “We truly have a nation-wide family. Our franchisees all care about their communities, but also care about one another. They all share with each other and help each other be better and build leaders. They exhibit high moral character and a proper passion for serving their community. They also have the ability to sell. They essentially understand that it is a program that everybody needs, but one must be comfortable sharing it with their community. Also, based on the fact that we are growing rapidly with new Apex franchises opening around the country to support schools and youth in communities around the country, we feel proud that our program is very well-received by new and prospective franchisees. When they find us, they are usually done with their search. We have won an industry award for having the best franchisee surveys each year since our inception, which says it all.”

In the future, Apex wants to continue providing the class-leading service to its clients all over the country and expand their presence into the states they currently don’t have representation in. It looks forward to continuing building more leaders in the industry and raise more money for schools and teams than any other organization out there benefitting the welfare of the children.

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