Ninja Nation: World-Class Family Fitness Franchise, the Ninja way



Ninja Nation is a leading provider of world-class obstacle course arenas across the USA, serving America’s youth and adults with the most exciting facilities for developing skill, strength, and confidence. The company believes in providing people with a fitness alternative that is fun, challenging and engaging. It seeks to create over “one million heroes”, in the form of both kids and adults pushing their minds and bodies to limits they never thought was possible and finding that better version of themselves, through the philosophy that Ninja Nationpreaches – “Play, Train and Compete.”

The brand opened its first arena in July 2018 and currently operates 3 arena locations, two in Colorado and one in Texas. It has two additional locations in development one in Murphy, Texas and one in Charlotte, North Carolina with more locations on the way. Ninja Nation also has 5 mobile Ninja obstacle courses in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Colorado, Texas and Tampa.

"The very personal mission and a passion for coaching my three kids in team sports lead me to discover the sport of Ninja and all of its positive attributes like determination and perseverance as well as its physical qualities like speed, endurance, balance, strength, and focus."

Ninja Nation is development focused, especially with getting their participants stronger, fitter and more confident in their ability to tackle obstacles inside and outside the arenas. It wants to be a place where, kids and adults can experience the sport of Ninja in different ways; they can play in the arena during open gym or at a party, they can train by taking up one of the group classes and they also have the option to compete by signing up for a competition or taking a Ninja night class.

The company aims to be one of the top employers and top-rated employee companies in the USA. Along with being one of the fastest INC 500 companies, it wants to be recognized as a great employer for early-career employees, supporting them with world-class training and preparing them to be great contributors wherever they endeavor.

Ninja Nation arenas and the mobile obstacle courses provide amazing opportunities for kids and adults to experience the sport of Ninja and obstacles through open gym sessions, classes, competitions, mobile events, field trips, workshops, corporate outings and much more. It also adds up as a great place for engaging in fitness and family entertainment.

The motive behind the development of arenas, designed by world-class Ninja athlete and Ninja Nation’s Creative Director, Geoff Britten, is to help kids learn to move their bodies, learn to accept failure and success, adapting accordingly and just relax and have fun by challenging themselves in a safe and engaging environment.  The arenas are the perfect place to get dripping in sweat, expend energy and hang out with friends, at the same time, learning something new from the amazing coaches and staff available.

Ninja Nation was started with a clear mission to create a million heroes while living out their 3 E’s; Engagement, Encouragement, and Energy. Ninja Nation believes this is the heart and soul of its culture. Every team member brought onboard lives these characteristics and it is ensured that they are aligned to the firm’s mission and the value they bring to the community. Ninja Nation works extensively on creating a positive culture through the employee selection process and training through Ninja Nation University, the company’s own online course for getting staff trained and ready to create a great client/guest experience. This people-first effort has resulted in, the parents and kids loving the experience at Ninja Nation as well as creating a great working environment for their staff. This attitude and high level of employee satisfaction can be sensed in the arenas and mobile events.

Ninja Nation is currently the global leader in Ninja Warrior and OCR (obstacle course racing) Arenas providing a safe and unparalleled experience with challenging obstacles that are updated and modified every week with new obstacles, progressions, and challenges. There are also periodic surveys conducted and feedbacks are taken from the guests and participants to improve the overall design, and the brand has successfully used these insights to make improvements and updates to the Arena as well as the Mobile events. It offers a class curriculum which helps introduce people to the sport of Ninja in a safe and welcoming environment. It further offers free introductory classes to help first-time kids and adults learn and understand what the sport is all about. There are open gym sessions also available, open all hours of the day, so they make access to the arena and the obstacle course as easy as possible. Ninja Nation also has an incredibly supportive team of coaches, hosts and staff who are engaging, encouraging and full of energy.

Wayne Cavanaugh, Founder & CEO of Ninja Nation says, “I wanted to launch a business that would have a positive impact on the greatest number of people! I even wrote it as my personal mission statement as a part of my business school applications back in my 20’s. That very personal mission and a passion for coaching my three kids in team sports lead me to discover the sport of Ninja and all of its positive attributes like determination and perseverance as well as its physical qualities like speed, endurance, balance, strength, and focus. I surveyed the landscape and noticed there was an opportunity in the market for a concept with a high entertainment quality as well as a high standard of safety and a clean look that I would want as a parent so I decided to create my own. We want to be known as the best family fitness experience in the world and I saw an opportunity to get kids moving and motivated by having fun while exercising. I think the sport of Ninja is the perfect platform to help kids learn a fitness modality. I feel a potential franchisee would want to join the Ninja Nation family to be a part of having a positive impact on the community as well as watching people push their minds and bodies to places they didn’t think was possible. It is a fun and engaging business to own as a franchisee and the positive impact potential is a huge bonus to take pride in.”

Ninja Nation believes that the coaches spending time in the arenas, talking to parents and hearing stories of their kids getting better and overcoming not just the physical obstacles in the gym but obstacles at school or in life are crucial to their success.

At present, the company is looking forward to take-in new franchisees onboard with people, who have business experience and who have been successful in their respective careers, someone passionate about youth sports and fitness, as well as believing in making a positive impact in their community.

It offers its franchisees with consistent marketing support and guidance along with obstacle design support, curriculum ideas, continued training and constant updates through the Ninja Nation University.

Ninja Nation is very focused on growing the franchisees and making them successful entities while continuing to grow the Ninja Nation brand into the best gym and arena experience in the world. It plans to develop domestically through 2020 and is looking to expand across international borders by late 2021.

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