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As the world today is headed towards mindfulness and overall wellness, the rejuvenation and rehabilitation regimens including massages and facials are becoming innate to our usual health-regime. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for massage therapists is expected to go up by 22 percent by 2028. And as per AMTA’s survey, the average revenue growth rate per year for this industry through 2024 is projected to be 1.9%. Amidst these developments, MassageLuXe, a membership-based spa, is on pace to become the industry leader. Starting from their first studio in St. Louis, MO in 2008, they are now serving in 68 locations across 15 different states and Washington, D.C. MassageLuXe strives to deliver the highest quality massage, facial, and waxing services in the industry within an environment that is both luxurious and relaxing for all the clients. With their upscale facilities, competitive yet flexible membership format and exceptional customer service they have by far successfully distinguished themselves from their competitors in the industry. Mark Otter, the CEO of MassageLuXe, asserts, “With the potential that exists within the industry, the question isn’t why MassageLuXe, but why would you invest in any other brand or industry?”

“We strive to improve our guest’s overall health and to make the maintenance of their self-care more sustainable through our convenient and reliable offering,” says Mark Otter, CEO of MassageLuXe.

People are now skipping on pharmaceuticals for both preventative health and pain treatment. Hence, they’re looking for alternative methods to meet their health and self-care needs. According to Mark Otter, this gives MassageLuXe a unique opportunity to help people find a healthier way to meet their needs. MassageLuXe actively promotes guest’s self-care and health by offering convenient access to therapeutic massage, facial and waxing services at a highly competitive price-point. They do not require a long-term commitment or contract, and their membership is based on a unit accrual system. Otter exclaims, “Most competitors only allow members access to massage and provide a discount on additional services, while we also provide a discount for any chosen service once a member’s units have been exhausted. Apart from this, we encourage our members to come in daily through our HydroLuXe therapy offer and encourage more sales through our focus on the gift card and certificate sales”. MassageLuXe was founded as an alternative for typical massage brands that approached the industry from a more clinical perspective while requiring a long-term commitment. Instead, MassageLuXe combined a high-end, luxury experience while at the same time making massage more accessible for everyone by using a flexible membership approach. Otter says, “We target hi-end real estate with high visibility and focus on comfort and luxury through the look and appearance of our spas to ensure we are meeting our client’s expectation of luxury.” Eventually, MassageLuXe’s exceptional client-service and their commitment to local communities further facilitated their entry into competitive markets. Now they directly compete with the other brands and have even put some to rout.

What makes MassageLuXe so special? As an organization, MassageLuXe practices a culture of compassion and sheer dedication, not just towards their customers, but also at their home office and with their franchise base. Their employees enjoy a fulfilling, relaxing and professional work environment along with other perks such as rapid advancement opportunities, performance rewards, and special massage and facial rates. Otter shares, “We truly believe that it’s not always about what you know, but others knowing how much you care about them as individuals that defines who we are as a team. I am truly lucky to be a part of such a dedicated and caring team that not only strives for success but genuinely wants to do good.” Over the years, MassageLuXe has successfully maintained its authenticity. A significant move was when they added facial and waxing services to their portfolio by introducing FaceLuXe. It is further categorized into charming standard, VIP, and Luxe deals including add-on packages which consist of various beautifying and destressing solutions. “We are very careful to ensure that all services provided within our spas align with who we are as a brand and meet the demands of our franchisees and clients,” says Otter. “By focusing on these core competencies, MassageLuXe has been able to meet and exceed our client’s needs with the services that truly matter.” Another noteworthy facet of the MassageLuXe is its franchise model. MassageLuXe is highly responsive to its partners and offers both operational and marketing support such as data tracking, scheduled weekly calls, local advertising and in-depth real estate and development support, to help them manage their revenue streams more efficiently. “This may sound normal to the casual observer, but the level of engagement and responsiveness our franchisees receive from our staff is truly rare. Without a doubt, this is the biggest reason new franchisees cite as the determining factor in choosing MassageLuXe,” highlights Otter. “We directly guide our franchisees and assist with the execution of their local advertising which has been key to our success as a system.” Their convenient membership programs also allow frequent interaction with their spas to generate profits. With continuing support, not only do they help their franchisees get on track but also stay there and progress. Here’s what some of their existing franchisees say about them:

“Extremely delighted to be with MassageLuXe since 2010. MassageLuXe Spa has a unique presence in the market and separates itself as a top-shelf brand.”– Surinder & Neena Judge – Michigan Franchisee.

“MassageLuXe offers an amazing franchise opportunity. So many great territories across the US are still available! I only wish I had the financial resources to take advantage of even more areas now.”– Dr. Eric Jenkins – Florida Franchisee.

“We have been very successful since day one. MassageLuXe does a great job of putting forth a business model that is easy to follow and takes all of the guesswork out of starting your own business.”- Rebecca and Mike Collins – Missouri Franchisee.


When they look for potential partners, Otter says the main criteria for selection is the passion. They must be dedicated to the cause and should rejoice the higher quality and convenience they are offering to their locality. Otter says, “We can teach people our business model, but you cannot teach someone how to be passionate about what they do. For us, it is all about finding those people that are going to be passionate about MassageLuXe and want to help their communities through the benefits of massage.”

As for their future ventures, Otter tells Aspioneer, “Now is a very exciting time within MassageLuXe. We have taken the time over the past decade to ensure the processes and foundation needed to support a successful franchise system are in place, and we have an aggressive plan to grow our franchise base to 250 locations over the next five years. From actively investing in brand awareness to talent acquisition to investing significant amounts of time and resources in improving our technology; everything we are doing right now is about the future. All our hard work has MassageLuXe uniquely positioned to grow rapidly over the next few years, but in a way that promotes long-term sustainability for our franchisees.”


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