Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Nina Simosko

It takes a very special type of leader to shepherd a company – with its culture, people and products – from good to great. Today’s leaders must possess a paradoxical mix of two important and seemingly conflicting qualities: professional ambition and personal compassion. Leaders should be, rightfully so, highly ambitious, yet the focus of their ambition is not only for themselves but for the greater good – a rising tides mentality of sorts. And at the same time, they aren’t afraid to demonstrate acts of personal compassion. Indeed, a natural leader is ‘the heart’ – rather than ‘the head’ of an organization. Meet Nina Simosko.

What is Leadership?

There are many formal definitions of leadership and countless opinions, and we are loath to add another to the collection. It is salutary, however, to be reminded of what leadership is so that we may better find our bearings in these volatile, uncertain times.


Meet the Leaders

Everyone here is devoted to delivering the finest possible results.

Andrea Hippeau

Lerer Hippeau

Carrie Green

Female Entrepreneur Association

Christine Duhamine

Digital Finance Institute

Ellen Voie

Women in Trucking

Jeanne A. Travis

Industrial Security Integrators

Kim Vogel


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Confucius's message for Leaders

One of the most admirable and arguably underrated qualities of leadership is the capacity for reflection. Confucius called itm.

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Humanities and Leadership in the business world

We believe that humanities departments at universities should work more closely with business schools to better prepare humanities majors for the corporate world.

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Having more women CEOs makes economic sense

A lot of research shows that greater board and leadership diversity has big benefits for companies. Much of this stems from widening the communication and networking skills, as well as leadership styles, that can be drawn upon.


Meet the Leaders

Everyone here is devoted to delivering the finest possible results.

Kimberly Dixit

The Red Pen

Lorrain Kauffman

Attain Marketing

Madeline Sander

Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG

Stephanie La Torre

EGM Consulting

Yunha Kim

Simple Habit

How urban planning has failed women

We need to imagine entirely new ways of ordering our cities, neighbourhoods, streets, homes, workplaces – our very souls. Let’s create a world of fraternity and cooperation.

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Using Pay Reporting to reduce the Gender Pay Gap

There is a new policy approach being promoted in the form of pay gap reporting. To what extent can these policies break down the persistent gaps between women and men’s wages?

Are Indian schools preparing our kids with skills for 2040?

Just as our grandparents could not predict the impact of the digital revolution, we cannot perfectly predict the future of technology, industry and business. Today’s jobs are fluid, requiring a wide range of skills, from critical thinking to communication and domain knowledge.

Lifelong learning Imperative for workforce re-entry and relevance

Learning is something we do every day. Just being a bit more cognizant and purposeful about it can go a long way in making your world more interesting and your opportunities more robust.

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