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Stephanie LaTorre

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Stephanie LaTorre

Unless someone owns a really unusual business, everyone needs a website. A website that is fresh, brings the binge, is attractive, and holds people attention but also helps bring business. But how does one do it? Ask the real thing Stephanie LaTorre, the website expert who helps businesses to - Create. Plan. Be. She does this through courses, programs, videos, interviews, podcasts, and summits.

EGM Consulting has been in business for the past ten years. They have one office headquartered in Ricadi, Italy.

A techie working for herself

Stephanie is the Founder and CEO at EGM Consulting. She has worked for many big corporations previously. But she soon realized that working for someone else was not her thing. She wanted to start branching out on her own but also not miss any precious moments of life. She recalls how the idea of running a business at home while raising your family back then was something that people laughed at. Making everyone understand it is her “real job” and she has not only replaced her previous corporate income but had exceeded it working out of her home office was a hard nut to crack.

She now lives in southern Italy about a mile from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. She loves spending her free time swimming and relaxing by the beach. Snorkeling and boating with her husband are some of her favorite things to do. Other being gardening and growing her own food in the vegetable garden. Being a traveling enthusiast roving for work for her is a privilege as she loves seeing new places and experiencing new things.

No fuss, no muss

Stephanie now wants to bring experiences she had while building her business and much more to everyone else. She thus works with family-focused coaches, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who run a business from home who struggle with keeping up with new digital marketing strategies and would like to have easy access to templates and plans that work so they understand the why of digital marketing strategies. She along with her team is on the mission -‘To create beautiful websites that work for you’ after all ‘Your Website Should Be Fun!'. In order to achieve the company has laid the following moral code:

Belief #1: Creating a website shouldn’t require getting a loan. It should be affordable & reasonable.
Belief #2: Every website has a purpose. The website should work for one.
Belief #3: Website should be beautiful. It should be a reflection of one’s most beautiful self.

The other thing is the WordPress Express Course. This is a highly articulate and affordable course that teaches future entrepreneurs not only how to build their website, but also how to grow it along with their business and also take care of themselves in the process. This course and their new upcoming mentoring programs would allow women and working mothers to move forward with their dreams and desires. The firm has a special place in their hearts for women entrepreneurs and has also worked with men, including writers for Hay House and Recruiting firms around the world. “Whether is it a man raising his children at home or a female entrepreneur making a name for herself, we support their lives, dreams, and desires first and always,” says Stephanie.

More than conviction

The company is currently 100% compromised of women. They hold the highest ranks in the organization and have the most responsibility. Each of the staff members has embodied the company culture of –‘loving ones work so much it becomes a natural part of their life’. Anyone coming into the organization now or in the future will always know that life and family come first. Stephanie makes her point by saying,

“Our business is a part of our life and it’s a part we love just as much as spending time with loved ones because we work with our lives instead of living life around our work”

However, work is to be taken seriously and deadlines are absolute.

Talking about her inspirations she talked about everyone who assisted her in her journey like she is all set to help others. She enthusiastically shared, “If I am hosting a dinner party I would invite Oprah, Beyonce, Sofia Varges, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Gabby Bernstein. These are all the women who I look up to. They have each inspired me at different parts of my life. I would love to have dinner with Carrie Green of the Female Entrepreneur Association. Carrie Green has been a huge inspiration for me. Being part of her Members Club has had a huge impact on my life and business. She is an inspiration and I absolutely love seeing what she will do next”.

Moving out of the shell

Stephanie advice to women aiming for leadership positions to look deep into themselves. Why do you desire this? What will it bring to you? What will it bring to the world? What kind of difference will you make? How will you be remembered? “These are the answers that will set you apart. When are leading from a space of making a change, you will find that people naturally gravitate to you”, she said. After all, we all want to see a better future for the next generation. Boost your confidence by giving yourself a pat on the back once in a while. Feel confident about your business. Feel confident in reaching out to potential clients. By working on self-confidence and courage, one can grow both personally and professionally leaps and bounds. She asserts, “These women know what they need to do. They just need to have the confidence to go out there and do it. And when they do, it is absolutely amazing”. If you stumble, fall off the grid for a while remember her much-loved quote ‘What if I fail? Oh, my darling but what if you fly!’

Front view of two wings with flying high written in the centre

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