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Shilpa Mittal

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Shilpa Mittal

A 20-year-old was once talking to her professor stating how badly she has always wanted to start something of her own. The professor however confronted her that while the path looks tempting to her youthful psyche it is full of struggle, has its own set of challenges and is impossibly hard. To which she retorted back saying, “Sir, if there is one person in the world that can do it, I can do it too”. Walking that path is Shilpa Mittal, CEO of Ulatus.

Founded in 2005, Ulatus is now well positioned as a leading Language Service Provider. The company is located in USA (New York, New Jersey, Chicago), Japan, China, Turkey, Korea, and India. India is the headquarters of the organization. They also have satellite offices in many other countries like Brazil, Germany, and France.

It only takes a Dreamer

Coming from a hardcore Finance background, the field of languages (translation) was alien to Shilpa. But the drive to do what others said was impossible is what lit her fires. Shilpa acknowledges encountering some restrictions, some limitations, some hesitations, but she never let those define ‘who she is’ or ‘want to be’ and could never stop her from thinking ‘what’s next?’.

Being a Chartered Accountant by qualification, she wanted to pursue MBA. Despite being admitted to a prestigious institute like IIM-Calcutta, she was discouraged to pursue her dreams which just needed a flight but was denied an opportunity to so due to simple fact for being a woman. Having previously worked for many firms like HSBC Treasury as Assistant Vice President and even after figuring out all the details required to start her dream venture, she still faced a central argument. The argument was – ‘who will marry such an educated girl?’, ‘what if your future in-laws don’t let you work?’ a vicious circle that traps young women to a place where ‘everything a woman does or aspires to do is a function of her husband/in-laws.’ But could it stop this dreamer?

Never thinking that something is impossible is the key”, says Shilpa.

When not working, Shilpa loves de-stressing by engaging with her three children and re-energizing over a good round of table tennis.

A progressive company

Crimson aims to be one-stop solution for all language related problems experienced by academic researchers. Ulatus – the translation and localization brand of Crimson, in its true sense, justifies its tagline “Localize to Globalize”. Ulatus has build a strong local presence due to their efforts to go beyond mere language translation. Thereby assisting businesses to go global and communicate with their audience in the language they understand. Ulatus integrates their localization services with adopt local terminology, phrasing, and cultural preferences to enable global communication for brands and help companies overcome cross-border cultural differences and successfully tap target markets. The ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization with a stringent Translation Quality Management System (TQMS) and a robust Information Security Management System (ISMS) in place ensures quality output, client information security and client confidentiality for the entire project lifespan. With a team of around 1200, highly-qualified expert translators who are affiliated with renowned associations worldwide, Ulatus has served 200,000+ clients from 125+ countries and maintains formidable global customer satisfaction index of 99.45%.

Pillars of Excellence

The team at Ulatus are trendsetters who represent a dynamic, young, multicultural and innovative organization, that conduct work keeping six values in their work and behaviour paramount —Simplicity in thought, processes, and delivery; Respect for client, work, and fellow Crimsonites; Integrity toward work and supreme work ethics; Commitment to work, clients, fellow Crimsonites, and self; Wow – creating awe and admiration in everything they do by aiming to achieve excellence in all spheres of work; and Kaizen – striving toward continuous improvement in everything they do.

Ulatus proudly boasts to having 50% of their workforce as women. Further, approximately 38% of their leadership positions are held by women. Ever since from their commencement, the culture of the organization has never been one favouring any particular gender, culture, or nationality. “Our philosophy is simple! If you have the talent, you get rewarded, regardless of whether you are a man or woman, married or single, with kids or not. Your talent, and not your gender, define your future”, explains Shilpa. Nevertheless, the company still understands the challenges women face to manage work and personal life. If a woman has an intention of making it work, Ulatus supports them through policies such as such as flexible working hours, work from home opportunities, extended maternity leave and others. “Self-pampering/self-pity is something I do not advocate at all”, says Shilpa.

Dream big and Achieve big

To Shilpa, if there is one only one striking quality that is extremely critical for leaders it is-‘Self-Will’. Shilpa urges women to start with believing in oneself, never consider they are incapable of taking up any responsibility (as long as it is in their interest) and never accepting defeat, regardless of the situation. It’s perception that turns the tables. Limitations exist only in our minds. “If I have to do something, I don’t doubt whether I can do it or not; I just find an answer to the ‘how’. I know that I have to take care of my office, kids, home, gym, social life, everything, but I never feel overwhelmed about how will I do so much—I just try to find a way”, says Shilpa. Do not look for excuses and give yourself an option to fail. “You are stronger than you know, and you will know it only if you push yourself”, elucidates Shilpa. Yes, life gives everyone ample chance to drift away and giving up is easy but there is always another way to success. Shilpa advocates looking at challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. To her they bring life to an otherwise monotone life “In a way, challenges awaken your mind and force you out of your comfort zone, which is fun!” exclaims Shilpa. Just set your mind to what you desire and sincerely work hard for it. “As long as you are intelligent, hardworking, determined, opinionated, and confident, nothing can stop you! Remember that nothing is impossible till the time we tell ourselves it is.” she asserts. The impossible is only in your mind.

Front view of two wings with flying high written in the centre

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