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April Critchfield

Spearheading Marketing Opportunities



April Critchfield

With technologies changing rapidly, enterprises are facing a host of issues in establishing a sustainable business model. Apart from the challenges of setting up infrastructure and implementing systems, one needs to find the right marketing skills in order to showcase products and services. This is where you find the Chief Marketing Officer- at the very top of the marketing heap of an organization. At Zurixx it is April Critchfield in this crucial role. She thoroughly reckons Zurixx’s motto of ‘The Best People. The Best Brands. The Best Results’. Her forward-thinking style, unique solutions, and pointed executable strategies have helped her make a purposeful impact in the business world.

“Lead by influence and action. Keep bettering yourself through education, and also self-care. Don’t get burned out; don’t allow your work to be who you are. It’s what you do.”

A Market Leader

April’s journey with Zurixx has been a journey of constant growth. She started out as one of the first employees of Zurixx, as a Marketing Assistant. She had to build the whole department from scratch. “Processes, structure, team… it was a lot of really long days and late nights. But I loved doing it and seeing what I helped create. I had to make decisions and I had to make them fast.” Within a year, she was promoted to the Director of Marketing and then became the CMO after 2 years. Being in a male-heavy industry she admits encountering stereotypes but that never stopped her. Coming from a line of very strong women, her Mother and Grandmother are both Entrepreneurs. She too is naturally a very daring woman and a marketer of action. “I’m very direct, I don’t mess around, I make decisions, I do what I think is best in some really tough situations… I think it’s important to stand your ground and to stand by your decisions. And unfortunately, because of those types of actions, sometimes the inevitable B-word will come up….you know which one I’m talking about… Bold” And just like that, April redefines the B-word.

Apart from work she loves to travel and enjoys cooking …I love to take recipes and make them as healthy as I can”. A self-proclaimed gym rat, a couch potato on her Stairmaster who loves to weight train. “I like bodybuilding because it’s something I have complete control over. - -I watch a LOT of Hulu and Netflix while getting in my cardio. I think it’s important to exercise. It helps your body AND your mind”.

New Age Edification

Zurixx offers comprehensive, free educational events, three-day workshops, advanced training camps, summits, coaching, and mentorship in the areas of business growth, management, entrepreneurship, asset protection, real estate investing and personal finances. Their vision is to create the best financial education programs in the U.S. and Canada. The firm is thoroughly involved in the process, with 507,947 students enrolled and around 102,908 programs purchased. They are also constantly improving their programs to fit the needs of their students. They have two locations- one in Cottonwood Heights, UT, while another one is in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Zurixx has worked with some of America’s most impactful brands, students, and employees. The company is also honored with several accolades from Inc. Magazine, Fortune, and The Salt Lake Tribune, to name a few.

An Empowering Workplace

Zurixx has been bestowed with several awards for being a ‘workplace wonderland’ and here’s how. Zurixx puts a premium on work/life balance- better yet life/work balance. Zurixx has a unique leadership team. They anonymously survey employees using third-party surveyors frequently to make sure everyone is heard. Leaders at Zurixx are “hands on” and approachable. Zurixx employees are passionate about their work and are very result-oriented. Having fun with a team of friends during volunteer hours-756, spa service-868, ping pong matches-3269, hours of yoga-211 or getting along at company softball games are regular affairs.

Zurixx also helps empower women. The opportunities here are no different for you if you’re a single mom, a single woman without kids, or if you’re married with no kids or lots of kids. The culture here was created by the employees, and they respect each other, and they all work hard together. “We know that not every place has the opportunities we have, so we really try to not abuse the privileges we get, not just as women, but as human beings.” says April and makes it very clear “If people feel they’ve been biased against, they are pretty quick to speak up about it. Me especially. I will also speak up for other people – male and female.”

Reinvent Paradigms and Unlock Potentials

April asserts while working during tough times “don’t forget why you started…” always remember “The outcome. All challenges need a thoughtful approach.” Her way of battling challenges while looking for solutions is a 20-minute sweat it all out HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) session.

April encourages others to “Go for what you want!” To keep working on something one is proud of and to grab every opportunity before it passes by. “Stay on top of trends, stand your ground, but be kind, trustworthy, be loyal, be influential by words and actions. Welcome collaborations. You never know when you’ll strike up a new partnership.” April believes in constantly preparing, reinventing oneself and doing whatever it takes “Lead by influence and action. Keep bettering yourself through education, and also self-care. Don’t get burned out; don’t allow your work to be who you are. It’s what you do.”

And that is what she is going to do...

Front view of two wings with flying high written in the centre

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