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Lorraine Kauffman-Hall

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Lorraine Kauffman-Hall

Without the right marketing strategies, it is impossible for a business to fuel their growth, churn a profit and get to the next level. If you're feeling wedged, here’s what to do to not get stuck.- . Lorraine Kauffman-Hall is Founder & Managing Partner at Attain Marketing. Voted as a most valuable player at Certicom, she is an expert at doing much with little - which is the innovation and relationship work. Attain Marketing was founded in 2002. They have an office in Charlotte & Orange County and other consultants throughout the US. They provide “marketing and PR services that accelerate growth for our customers. A unified approach to marketing and PR delivers more value, more rapidly”.

Consummate professional

Lorraine Kauffman-Hall has nearly 20 years of management, marketing, and public relations experience working with both start-up and Fortune 1000 companies. At Attain, Lorraine provides strategic consulting to select clients and guides the firm’s business development and long-term vision. She has worked with numerous technology and financial services companies, such as First Data, Certicom (acquired by Research in Motion), and Bharosa (acquired by Oracle), to set industry agenda, establish thought leadership, launch companies, and products and navigate obstacles.

Outside work Lorraine lives a very diverse portfolio. Being a professional singer she has spent most of her 20’s touring Europe and still loves to perform for fun. A wildlife lover, she owned a horse for 13 years and enjoys her childhood craze for horse racing. She stays as active as she can by practicing yoga. Having a B.A degree in English, she pens down her thoughts for her blog. She wishes to be an author sometime later in her life. Being a woman of faith she also spends a lot of time helping and giving back to the community. She lives by her values of life and believes in determining destiny. She describes how “All of one’s life’s experiences pave the way for where we end and what we can bring to the table. I came later to the PR and tech industry, but my dad was one of the first ten at Intel, so it was bound to happen”.

Working ‘on’ the business

Attain Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that integrates the newest PR and Social Media techniques to help today's high-technology companies develop dynamic and resourceful programs to improve results. Attain's Marketing and PR consulting services can significantly and quantifiably increase new product success rates, marketing ROI, customer satisfaction and retention, brand and customer equity, and corporate profitability. The company was recently awarded PR Worlds "Innovative Campaign of the Year" netted 18 feature stories and 8 placed editorial articles. The company also was recognized by PR worlds for “Putting an Information Security Start-up on the Map”, an effort that helped a start-up achieve the industry’s gold standard in awards and industry recognition.

Building genuine associations

Over the last 16 years, the principals and team members at Attain have worked with and continue to work with leaders and innovators in the high-tech information technology industry to help them accelerate growth and obtain corporate goals. With Attain, businesses get the full attention, dedication, and energy they deserve from an All-Star marketing and PR team that they can rely on to move as quickly as they do. They specialize in going above and beyond the call of duty to continually exceed expectations and help clients overcome challenges and achieve goals that previously seemed unattainable. The team members are enthusiastic about new ideas and innovations, and resolute in their commitment to efficiency, excellence and showing up with a positive, can-do attitude.

At Attain, we believe that people should enjoy the work that they do and the people that they work with. If our customers are happy, so are we. We believe no client is the same - so we go above and beyond to deliver value that’s uniquely tailored to each client’s unique corporate goals.

“It’s that ‘no quit’ attitude that keeps you going back to swing again, maybe with a different approach, but if you don’t quit, success will come”.

Work on Self

Lorraine believes our biggest competitor is our own-self. Critics will always have a thing to say. She urges that instead of focusing on setbacks because of gender; acting like a victim or trying to be an overachiever which could be detrimental,,, it is “much better to establish a ‘gold standard’ of values and work ethic, roll up your sleeves and get busy doing a good job.” Because that is how one can truly make an impact.

For her, the most important quality of an inspiring leader is to influence people with quality work. “To lead you must be willing to be in the trenches with your team. You must be willing to sometimes take the heat for others on your team with grace. Mostly, if you develop your own standards to live by and live them with conviction in work, you can lead others”. But that does not mean one should have a chip on their shoulder, as that will never work. Because then, “Instead of allowing your innovation to flow, you’ll be focused on internal politics. You must set your standards high and live them. You run your own race no matter what else anyone is doing. Do the best work possible, be extraordinary and doors for leadership will open”.

Be courageous, “If there ever is a question about salary, do your homework and don’t be afraid to test other waters when your perceived value is obvious”, she said recalling her own history. She was director of corporate communications at a high-flying wireless security company in the late 90s and into the early 2000s. During this time, she would interview at competing companies and she would take their offer back to the wireless security company ensuring that she knew and received what the market demanded.

Never giving up

When asked how she works herself in spite of seemingly insurmountable challenges, she shared how as a competitive swimmer as a young child, headed to the Olympics at one point, her dad ENGRAINED in her the thinking to NEVER quit… ever. She says, “It’s that ‘no quit’ attitude that keeps you going back to swing again, maybe with a different approach, but if you don’t quit, success will come”.

Front view of two wings with flying high written in the centre

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