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The 20
Hottest Franchises
in 2021

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

On the Cover

Josh Rillie

“We have many company-owned stores, but now we feel it’s time to expand and give other motivate entrepreneurs an opportunity to be part of this revolutionary home service business opportunity”

One advantage of working with IoT.Domus is that they have the years of expertise that is necessary to help steer new entrants in the market. From initial training to day one support, they provide extensive resources to their franchisees that help them make the most of this lucrative market

Akos Gabossy

"At PanIQ Room, we are always trying to push the envelope of what is possible to bring you the ultimate live escape rooms"

Akos Gabossy
Tom Hodgson

Tom Hodgson

“Color World is the one-stop solution for all your residential and commercial painting and other needs. We promise the best and deliver the exceptional,”

Allen Fishman

"TAB is helping business owners come out of the vicious cycle of being run by their business and mentors them in growing their business, increase profitability and improve their lives by leveraging local business advisory boards, private business coaching, and proprietary strategic services."

Allen Fishman

Cycling is more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities


Leanne Stapf

“Being a franchise and a CEO puts me in a position of advantage. It helps me judge what the franchise might need and prepare beforehand. There is no better teacher than self-experience,”

Terry Nichols

"Our beverages are enjoyed by a wide range of consumers and can be used in delicious cocktails or on their own, our canned cocktails are ready-to-drink and take the cocktail preparation out of the equation"

Best Franchises 2021

Dean Watkins

Our relentless desire to serve our Dog Guard Dealers well and support them allows our Dealers to better serve their dog parents. That is the number one factor helping drive us to keep more dogs safe.

New “variants of concern” have emerged and spread worldwide

Bob Johnston

Bob Johnston

“At Melting Pot, every employee, irrespective of his or her position, is taught to think like a leader and take the responsibility of customer satisfaction.”

Bernd Steiner

“From that point, we understood, that we have to play the first-mover advantage. We are eager to be always a nose-length in advance than our competitor”

Bernd Steiner

Nick Della Penna

“All of our recipes are authentic and have been passed down for generations. We prepare all of our dips, marinades, dressings, appetizers, and desserts in-house daily. We cook all items to order to provide the freshest possible food to our guests,”

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