Color World Housepainting: Adding colors to your life

What comes to our mind when we think about a place called home? Colorless walls and ceilings with no life in them or a beautiful home, painted with vibrant colors, adding to its own and its owner’s pride. With no limits to imagination, every human irrespective of his financial strength dreams of owning a beautiful home that is unique. A home one can call their own, a home one can come back to after a hectic day at work. Gone are the days when a home used to be just about having a roof on your head. Today a home is about emotions and hence getting it painted by the industry’s best is a must.


Established in the year 1997 by CEO and Founder Tom Hodgson, Color World Housepainting is a brand renowned for its exceptional residential and commercial painting services. With a massive experience of 24 years, Color World knows how to unearth the real need of the customer and knows how to exceed the customer’s expectations every time consistently. Color World through its painting services has been adding colors and happiness to people’s lives. The company currently has 26 locations across the country from New York to California. Most of those locations are multi-unit, putting them at 85 territories.

“Color World is the one-stop solution for all your residential and commercial painting and other needs. We promise the best and deliver the exceptional,” says Tom Hodgson, Founder, and CEO, Color World Housepainting.

A one-of-a-kind painting company 

When Tom conceived the idea of Color World, at the core the thought was to cater to the emotional needs of their customers first. Coming from vast work experience, Tom very well knew that people are emotionally attached to their homes, and offering the right colors would elevate their experience. Tom also noticed a huge gap between the demand for high-quality work and its supply. People were willing to pay any amount to get the quality they wanted. However, sadly even after spending massive amounts, they were left dissatisfied. Tom wanted to break this pattern and bring about a revolution.

Color World hence began with the belief to offer people only the best. However, they quickly realized that though offering the best was good but was not sufficient. They had to offer exceptional customer experience. And to offer the exceptional, they had to be exceptional as well. Color World thus decided to offer multiple services under one roof. “We are a painting company that provides a variety of services that help home and business owners streamline their improvement projects,” explains Tom. With house painting services being its strength, Color World offers commercial painting, power washing, gutter installation, holiday lighting, and minor drywall and carpentry work, and much more under one roof. Their residential services include interior painting, exterior painting, deck painting, fence painting, power washing, gutter installation, holiday lighting installation, etc. “We are a truly unique operation, offering the services of five businesses in one,” says Tom. “Including these services in our business allows Color World to be a one-stop-shop for the customer making their life a lot easier.” 

The Color World difference

Color World is a fast-growing franchise that prides itself in its technology, innovation, culture, and experience in the industry. After 24 years of success and consistency, it does not take no as an answer when it comes to quality and innovation. For them, every product has to be practical, top-notch, and long-lasting. To provide top-notch quality every time, Color World has collaborated with Sherwin-Williams, a global leader in the manufacture, development, distribution, and sale of paint, coatings, and related products to professional, industrial, commercial and retail customers. It strictly uses only their products, which includes primer, paint, and stain. Established in 1866, Sherwin-Williams needs no recognition. Being a known brand, every customer relates to it and is rest assured that they are going to get the desired quality and durability.

Having caught the nerve of business and the customer expectations, Color World far exceeds its competitors in terms of professionalism and attention to the finest details. To ensure customer satisfaction, rather than enforcing its choices of colors on them, it provides precise advice to its customers, guiding them towards the best that would make their home look the best leaving its customers happy and satisfied and of course, coming back for more. “The purpose behind our services is not only to provide the customer with the renovations they need but to also provide them with the beauty of that new home feel,” adds Tom.

“We feel like we are a unique painting franchise because of our multiple services,” continues Tom. “We have a system that will benefit the franchisee and homeowner. Our customers don’t just have an experience every ten years. Because we offer holiday lighting and pressure washing services we can come out and provide annual services and build relationships with customers which makes us different from our competitors.”

Growing together

Having won the most prestigious Culture award from Franchise Business Review last year, Color World has once again proven its commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction. On a mission to providing exceptional quality, Color World decided to offer its franchise as it was a smarter thing to do as it gave aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to own a business. 

Being the best in the industry, Color World is looking out for only the best entrepreneurs who are willing to do everything it takes to deliver the same quality standards as Color World has been delivering. Though a painting experience is not a must, the franchisee has to have a decent personality, must be a good orator, approachable, and easy to talk to. “People buy people first!” asserts Tom.

The initial training at Color World intends to instill in the franchisee confidence and faith in the brand. As the franchisee will represent the brand, they need to be well versed with the product line. On completion of the initial training, the franchisee receives daily or weekly communication which keeps them updated on a further action plan and brand expectations. With the help of webinars, the company educates the franchisee on their system technology and introduces them to new vendors. This not only helps them build relations but also helps them to be prepared for different seasons and their demands. The franchisee also receives technological support, support with financial management and marketing assistance, public relations, personalized website, and search engine optimization, social media marketing strategies, Facebook page, customer relationship management, trade show support, vehicle wraps, mail campaigns, and customer referral program. They are empowered with the best tools which will help them run their business smoothly and achieve operational excellence. “Our goal is to continue to help our franchisees get everything out of their franchise that they want to get out of it,” says Tom.

Having served people for 24 years, Color World shares a special bond with its customers. The relation they share with their customers is beyond just business. It understands that for them a home is not just four walls, a roof, a door, and some windows. It is their pride and everyone deserves to have a home that looks and feels the best.