Smart Connectivity with IoT.Domus



Internet of Things (IoT) has become a fundamental addition to any startup’s business strategy looking to launch new products. With a multitude of startups being established every year, the IoT industry is projected to grow from $385 billion in 2019 to $687 billion in 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 10.1% according to Technology Business Research’s latest forecast.  

No wonder investors around the world are contributing billions to IoT startups. In 2020, IoT startup funding increased by 15% as compared to Q1 2019 closing at a $4.7 billion mark in the first quarter of the financial year according to Venture Scanner’s IoT Q1 Funding Update. And the industry is rising up to the challenge. IoT startups strive to find quick and efficient solutions to the tedious and inept approach that we take to get work done.

For instance, one of the Most Pioneering Technology Franchises according to CV magazine in 2020- ‘IoT.Domus’ wants to build a professional environment that is conducive to producing smart home specialists who would be both technically and commercially efficient. 

Incorporated by Egidio Bagnato with Lorenzo Magnelli and Federico Fiorentini in June 2019, IoT.Domus has since emerged as one of the leading technology franchise companies in the UK. Run by a team of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of expertise in the field – coming from the biggest IT and franchising chain – IoT.Domus is the first franchising concept worldwide that allows entrepreneurs to easily join the growing market of smart homes & IoT and also helps people to easily build Smart Home Systems with the assistance of specialized stores located worldwide.

A unique proposition  

  IoT.Domus has a canonical franchise network with several brick-and-mortar locations where consumers and businesses can experience devices firsthand. Alongside, they offer installation and on-site support services while making sure that they are providing robust, modern, and effective products with a competitive price model.

In addition, IoT.Domus provides a unique and powerful learning curriculum with relative certifications that helps produce well-trained engineers. With this unprecedented level of training, their franchisees can perform the tasks of an expert technician with much ease such as create, install and troubleshoot their IoT systems and solve smart home issues. Having these skills, they help not only their own cause but also assist their clients who depend on their services.

As for methodology, their training is administered in two different forums making it contributive for trainees who can choose to learn as they see fit- either remotely through their complete and structured online courses or physically both on-site and in-store. 

Egidio says, “This method and the training contents are our exclusive property and a direct representation of our years of industry-related expertise and know-how as leaders and pioneers in the Information Technology and Consumer Electronics sectors.

 Federico adds, “At the same time, we also want to help our franchisees to be successful managers of their own stores, fundamentally shaping their career paths as entrepreneurs and enjoying an untapped potential for earnings.”

One advantage of working with IoT.Domus is that they have the years of expertise that is necessary to help steer new entrants in the market. From initial training to day one support, they provide extensive resources to their franchisees that help them make the most of this lucrative market.

Exploring Smart Homes with IoT.Domus

Iot.Domus’s target is to build smart solutions for those working in private homes, shops, or offices, eventually changing the way they interact with their properties. Integrated systems and devices streamline the process of home automation or domotics by enabling remote control for climate comfort, smart living, indoor lightning and positioning, air quality control, and security & surveillance.

One advantage of working with IoT.Domus is that they have the years of expertise that is necessary to help steer new entrants in the market. From initial training to day one support, they provide extensive resources to their franchisees that help them make the most of this lucrative market. 

With their carefully structured business models, IoT.Domus has presented a huge opportunity for newcomers to enter the Smart Home industry and fulfill their aspirations. Speaking to us about this, Federico stated, “We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter the area of sales, services, and installation of Smart Home products with the added security of relying on the strength and solidity of a structured business model already awarded *Most Innovative Franchising by CV Magazine in 2019. Our affiliation model is based on some essential key points:

  • Transmission of a unique technical and commercial “know-how” to allow the aspiring entrepreneur quick entry into a complex world, as is the case with the field of Smart Homes and technology.

  • Access to sales conditions and exclusive agreements in the IoT market.

  • The initial formation, mixed online and physical, is dedicated to IoT with daily updates to remain constantly up-to-date on new products and platforms.

  • Set up a Point of Sale (POS) with a format devoted to enhancing the buying experience of the end-user.

  • An exclusive CRM to manage stock, analyze the performance of sales and margins, trace In-store, and technician activities with support included.”

  • Our online shops meaning our company is physical and brick and mortar, able to serve big clients with a specific bulk offer.

Furthermore Fulvio – the IoT.Domus CTO that joined the company in 2020 – is underlining “the new projects IOT DOMUS we are working now are on the creation and design to produce a new devices line and app, certainly smart and innovative.”

What digital life looks like in the future with IoT.Domus?

Even though the IoT industry will expand exponentially in the coming years, a possible shortage of technicians can slow down this projected development. Hence, IoT.Domus is focusing on building a network of qualified professionals to install these devices as a pre-integrated service. Egidio says, “IoT.Domus selects, recommends, and installs the most appropriate solution for the client’s needs, from A of Alexa to Z of Z-Wave. We have many IoT shops around the world, and we want to keep growing! Our experts are here to help you, following you in this process!”

Since they are committed to specialization and innovation, it is no surprise seeing them succeed as a technology franchise company in the coming years. Federico exclaims, “IoT.Domus is a company devoted to Smart Home and the Internet of Things. We want to spread IoT to everyone and make it as easy as possible. Today we are negotiating with other important world markets from GC to SOUTH AMERICA. Just the beginning for us and our community.”

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