The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill: A taste of Greece



Founded in 2011 in Las Vegas by Co-Founder & President Nick Della Penna and Co-Founder Trent Jones, The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill is a fast-casual Greek/Mediterranean restaurant that has been treating Americans with a versatile range of Greek Food. With a pinch of difference, it offers Americans a major newness in their food and overall dining experience. “We are third-generation restaurateurs with more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. The business of delicious food is in our blood,” says Nick Della Penna, Co-Founder, and President of The Great Greek Grill.

Serving memorable meals

The Great Greek Grill embodies the rich and diverse flavors of Greece. It emphasizes on optimum use of olive oil, fish, lean meats, vegetables, herbs, and grain and offers food that has a reputation for being healthy. While other cuisines concentrate on the taste, looks, and winning the taste buds, The Great Greek Grill focuses on the freshness of the ingredients, use of the best oil in the right amounts, and other health aspects of the food. “All of our recipes are authentic and have been passed down for generations. We prepare all of our dips, marinades, dressings, appetizers, and desserts in-house daily. We cook all items to order to provide the freshest possible food to our guests,” shares Nick. This not only puts The Great Greek Grill in the list of restaurants that offer healthy food but also gives its customers a sense of ease while trying any new dish without being worried or scared of how oily or fatty it is going to be. This is the best part of enjoying food at The Great Greek Grill. You can eat whatever you want with freedom and complete peace of mind. “Customers love the food at our Mediterranean restaurant franchise as it gives them the authentic flavors of Greece and the benefits of eating healthy too,” says Nick. “The amazing aroma, Greek music in the background, and visually appealing décor aids in the complete dining experience.”

“The culture of the company is that of genuine hospitality, true teamwork, and inclusion of all team members,” sums up Nick.

Exceptional leadership simplified

 Nick brings along with him a vast experience of 35 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Known for his undying passion for his work, Nick displays exemplary leadership skills which have been a key to the exceptional success he enjoys. A strong believer in “Leading with example”, Nick’s attention to the smallest detail and his extraordinary commitment towards providing an unprecedented dining experience have been the key reasons for the success of The Great Greek Grill as a brand. Nick understands that food not only nourishes the body but the soul as well. The taste, the texture of the food, the garnishing, the feel, the burst of flavors with every bite first reaches the soul and then the body. Nick believes that the body consumes the food, but the soul actually relishes it. A keen observer by nature, over 35 years, Nick has thoroughly studied the various realms of customer service and it shows in the way he serves the customers. Though stupendously successful, he believes in being down to earth as remaining grounded is the best expression of success. 

 When Nick is not at the restaurant, he enjoys his boxing sessions with his trainer. He takes the most out of every training session and does not like the monotony of treadmills and weight machines take over him. After a workout, he just loves to unwind in a hot bathtub followed by a few laps in the pool and a glass of wine to end the day gracefully.

 The laser focus

 Just like its food, the work culture at The Great Greek Grill is enticing too. As they sell a complete dining experience where the food is the center of attraction, it is ensured that every staff member is clear about their role and makes every attempt to take every dining experience from good to excellent to exceptional. At The Great Greek Grill, every employee is groomed not just to understand but practically display true hospitality. Irrespective of their designation, every staff member works in complete sync with others while sharing a common goal. The goal always remains to provide mesmerizing food quality and an exceptional dining experience. To ensure that the set service standards are met, The Great Greek Grill hires only those individuals who have a genuine passion for serving guests. “We hire on attitude and train the aptitude,” states Nick. Passion for customer service is the key criteria for selection and is never compromised. Everyone is trained to work with a laser focus where the focus is purely on satisfying the taste buds and the overall dining experience. “The culture of the company is that of genuine hospitality, true teamwork, and inclusion of all team members,” sums up Nick.

A delicious franchise opportunity

Having given 35 years of his life to the hospitality industry, Nick wanted his restaurant to be different than others if not the biggest one. He wanted to use his passion for serving guests and see smiles of satisfaction on their faces after having the best dining experience of their lives. After successfully opening two additional Las Vegas locations, Della Penna and Jones started franchising the concept with United Franchise Group and have seen ongoing success. United Franchise Group is comprised of ten affiliated companies and brands with more than 1,600 franchisees in more than 80 countries. Since it began franchising in 2018, The Great Greek Grill has grown to 17 operating restaurants in eight states with an additional 120 in various stages of development throughout the country. Nick dreams of seeing The Great Greek Grill franchise in every major market in the US.

Franchising is one of the best opportunities to start an entrepreneurial journey and owning The Great Greek Grill franchise can certainly transform one’s career completely. The fast-casual restaurant industry is the only growing segment in the restaurant space at this time. Being in the Greek/Mediterranean category is even better. This cuisine is gaining in popularity over the past few years due to the healthier options that it provides. “As a franchise opportunity, it is even better. There is not a nationwide leader in this category, primarily some regional concepts. In addition, attaining leases is much easier due to lack of competitive concepts,” adds Nick. One does not need to be a business typhoon or an entrepreneurial genius to be a part of it. All it needs is basic business sense and a desire to succeed. As The Great Greek Grill is becoming a more recognizable brand every day, all entrepreneurs need to do is to encash on the brand image and climb up the stairs of success faster than before.

At The Great Greek Grill, a franchise partner is given all they need to make them a strong contender for success. These tools include franchise training and support at UFG’s state-of-the-art training facility headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. In the initial training the partner is taught different aspects of the franchise business that include ordering inventory, marketing your business, customer relations, food preparation secrets, finding and hiring qualified employees, team building, etc. This also includes one-to-one coaching by experts who have years of experience and know what it takes to start and successfully run The Great Greek Grill franchise. Beyond the initial training comes the crucial part. Once the franchise outlet is all set, the experts will be there at the site and help you with a grand opening. The experts will be with you at every step guiding you and helping you to practically implement what was learned in the training. They want to ensure that your business takes a smooth take-off. Further, every The Great Greek Grill store is assigned Business Advisors who perform store inspections, weekly check-in calls, and monthly P&L reviews which will help the franchise partner study their current business standing and develop the action plan to meet the business goals.

The Great Greek Grill is a cozy little escape to Greece. It has shown others how not only to cater to the tummies but human emotions too. It is not just a restaurant where people meet and enjoy food. It is a place where people just love to be, enjoying the best Greek food in a charming Greek ambiance. The Great Greek Grill is truly a brand with a difference.

We want our customers—who we think of as family—to have equally great memories of eating fresh, homemade food with their families, so we make a point of serving memorable meals in a great atmosphere,” says Nick.