Monday, December 11, 2023

Hottest Companies

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

On the Cover

Ramin Mesgarlou

“Life does not sustain. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse, so keep evolving.”

Dick Hyatt

“When you’re starting something that’s never been done before it takes time for your anchor tenants to buy in and recognize the value, but eventually they do.”

Dick Hyatt, President & CEO, Decisiv.

Jeremias Grenzebach

“The traits that I value most in our company’s culture are the complete openness both within the team and towards the community, as well as the constant drive to innovate, create, and improve.”

David Galownia

“Having fun with the process causes the creative juices to flow. From our experience at Slingshot we have found that this kind of approach usually leads to unique and creative solutions for our client problems.”

David Galownia, Founder & CEO .

Allan Sutherland

"Lives are better because of what we do; our technology has saved lives."

Christopher E. Donald

“At DCHFA, we make owning a home both affordable and attainable. With various programs and products available, we try to help as many District residents who want to become homeowners achieve that goal.”

local commerce.

“Together, we are pushing the boundaries of robotics to improve human life. We are creating vehicles that will change, simplify, and enhance the way we live.”

Paul Leduc

“We do everything in our power to arm customers with what they need to be successful...Customers buy results, not products.”

Paul Leduc, President, Globe POS Systems.

David Meeks

“There is a tremendous sense of pride driving down a busy corridor and being able to say “that’s our client” to so many stores, restaurants, and more as you pass by.”

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