Globe POS Systems: Scaling up your retail business.



Crucial to every business, the point of sale (POS) system has made doing business simpler, easier & convenient for small, medium, and large enterprises. While it offers some critical features like billing, saving sales figures, customer returns, reporting, sales trends, cost analysis and price & profit, the POS system has revolutionized and transformed the way business is done. It is indeed a much-needed technology of this digital era.

Business made easy

To provide clients with the best possible technological solutions, Globe POS Systems was launched in 1970. The company currently has two main locations in Toronto ON and Moncton NB. They also have two local offices in Ottawa and Windsor.

Globe POS Systems is known for its easy to use & easy to manage POS systems & other administrative tools that enable business owners to manage products, customers, and the cash flow effectively. Being a PCI Qualified Organization, Globe POS Systems offers innovative and state of the art technology all under one roof.

With POS as its key focus for years, Globe POS Systems sensed the need for some effective technology that would take care of daily tasks like billing, customer info, and other business-critical information, while allowing merchants to focus on business development. Today, Globe POS Systems provide scales, security systems, phone systems, electronic shelf labels, Smart Wi-Fi, network security, and other tools that enable enterprises of different sizes to concentrate on the actual task at hand. “We adapt to the customer’s needs and will be their entire IT organization while supporting the client’s organization,” shares Paul Leduc, President at Globe POS Systems.  Having taken over the conventional billing system, Globe POS Systems has indeed made life and business easier for merchants. 

“We service retail merchants and restaurants. We serve small independents of 1 location up to 190 locations, it does not matter the size, the customers matter and really that is what we love to do.”

High-quality standards: The key difference

Since its establishment, delivering efficient technology with high-quality standards has been the chief aim of Globe POS Systems. Being in the market for 50 long years, it has gone through numerous hurdles in the business world. Having taken every challenge by its horns, Globe POS Systems has been setting new benchmarks when it comes to quality for others to follow. With a zero compromise policy, Globe POS Systems is extremely stringent with selecting it’s  hardware and software partners. Having won the trust of its partners and customers, Globe POS Systems offers only the best quality hardware, software, and integration. It has collaborated with top hardware companies like Toshiba, HP, Geovision, and GoZone, etc. and uses only the best quality parts in its products. With the best quality components, Globe POS Systems ensures happy and satisfied customers on a longer run. 

“We work in a fast-paced environment and when one of the technologies fails, the entire store can fail so we use the best brands on the market to mitigate those scenarios. The POS and network must work all the time without fail. If they do fail, they cannot serve their customers or process credit cards, which would be bad for everyone,” explains Paul. “For every technology needed, we provide support and integrate using the best of all breads.”

With the latest technology and quality upgrades, Globe POS Systems is redefining the POS vertical for the better. “Here at Globe POS, our mission has always been to offer solid solutions that can fully meet our client’s needs,” affirms Paul. “We service retail merchants and restaurants. We serve small independents of 1 location up to 190 locations, it does not matter the size, the customers matter and really that is what we love to do.”

Paul Leduc, President, Globe POS Systems.
Paul Leduc, President, Globe POS Systems.

“Building trust is one of the most important things that can be done to create a more positive workplace culture.”

On its mission to exceed its customer’s expectations and keep delivering high-quality standards, Globe POS Systems has garnered many awards and industry recognition that validates their passion and establishes their excellence:

  • Global Awards 2020: Best POS Technology Provider 2020 – Ontario.

  • Proud recipients of the ACQ5Global awards 2020: Company of the year retail solutions for 4 years.

  • M&A Today Global awards 2020: Best Technology Provider award.

  • Best technology provider award by CV Magazine 2018 and 2019.

  • Global 100, 2019 Point of sales solutions.

  • ACQ5 Global Awards 2019

  • Canada – Company of the year (Point of Sale Solutions, Americas – Company of the year (Retail Solutions)

  • Corporate excellence awards 2018: Most Outstanding POS Technology System 2018 – Canada.

  • ACQ5 Global Awards 2017: Winner of 12th Annual ACQ5 2017 Global Awards.

  • Company of the Year (Point of Sale Solutions) Canada award.

  • 2017 Canadian Business Awards: Best POS Technology Provider 2017- Ontario.

Creating happy customers

To fuel growth, the work culture at Globe POS Systems is deliberately kept friendly, open, and transparent. With every employee considered as a valuable resource, they are allowed to express their ideas and concerns freely with appreciation & assurance of being implemented. With no room for the typical office politics, Globe POS Systems takes extreme pride in its work culture. “Building trust is one of the most important things that can be done to create a more positive workplace culture,” affirms Paul.

As an ace provider of the most advanced POS systems to the business world, Globe POS Systems has a widespread network of dealers and partners relying on their technology. It understands that their systems and products have a positive impact on many lives. By listening to the customer’s needs and bringing in the latest technology & upgrades, it is trying to simplify businesses and add a little peace of mind to everyone’s lives. From healthy innovations to simplified solutions, from competitive prices to consumption-based models, Globe POS Systems is doing everything it takes to empower its business partners and customers.

“We do everything in our power to arm customers with what they need to be successful,” says Paul. “Customers buy results, not products.”

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