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Ramin Mesgarlou, a hall of fame author, and a ‘master networker’ as featured by Networking Times on the release of his book The Forensic Networker, discovered the true art of direct selling long before he founded Opulence Global in 2005. Having over 30 years of initial experience in the MLM industry, Ramin was aware of the plight of the associates and average entrepreneurs in terms of their inability to achieve an affluent lifestyle despite working hard and trying various marketing strategies to boost sales. To allow them to hit a financial home run, he devised a high-performance system while directly benefiting a greater number of people through optimum health, beauty, and fashion. In 15 years of running a successful business, for its exceptional contribution, Opulence Global has been honored by several awards and recognitions such as being featured on the cover of The American Business Journal by Warren Buffet, winning the Luxury Designer of the year award by Viva international, being celebrated as the first-class inductee into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame, scoring Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year nomination and much more. 

Opulence Global is a premier direct sale and MLM company specializing in fashion, beauty and health products. Beginning with its global headquarters situated in Richmond Hill, Canada, Opulence Global has expanded its reach worldwide and currently has another main office in Manila, Philippines, Asia along with distribution centers in Singapore and Mexico. According to the company by using its proven methods, highly desired product verticals in correspondence to the current needs and web-based services, any average individual can become a 24/7 cash machine without any prior experience in the field. Even in the harsh times such as the ongoing pandemic, when millions of people have lost their jobs and are struggling to stay afloat, Opulence Global’s Partners set across 204 countries and territories have experienced record sales and revenues. It is due to their consistent efforts, remarkable service and pro-active approach to preparing for the unknown that has led them to achieve worldwide success and as a bonus- a loyal client base of 350+ celebrities which comes from Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood specifically during red carpet events. 

“Life does not sustain. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse, so keep evolving.”

An Opportunity for The People

“If you have the WILL, we have the WAY to live an Opulent life.” 

When COVID-19 struck the world and many businesses had to shut down because of the lack of precautionary measures and back-up strategy in the lockdown situation, Opulence Global was long prepared to take on this challenge. In early 2018, Ramin had already realized two emerging global problems: health and job security. To counter these threats in advance, Opulence Global launched a SAFEHOME revolution introducing one of its kind online shop supported by an avant-garde software that attracts clients all across the globe and presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for any individual who stays at home but dreams of earning a five-figure income. By practicing the culture of leaving no partner behind, Opulence Global primarily strives to fulfill every aspiration of an average person by providing home-based business opportunity backed by a strong web-strategy and a unique compensation plan devised by Ramin the MLM legend himself. The company refuses any requests or queries from the retail companies, stores, or large organizations and maintains its focus on home entrepreneurs and elite-buyers aka VIP shoppers. In addition to this, it also provides the best training program in the MLM industry known as ‘The Forensic Networker’ to prepare the new members for the big win in terms of both prosperity and security. 

As a corporation, Opulence Global prefers to stay independent and refrains from any kind of partnership. Instead, they have built tremendous relationships with courier companies such as FedEx, DHL, and others to deliver the 2-4 days fulfillment promise anywhere in the world. This efficiency can also be credited partly to their strong-in-house IT team which makes it easier for them to take quick actions whenever any alterations or adjustments are needed. Even in the lockdowns, their thousands of VIP shoppers never missed a single delivery whereas many other e-commerce platforms are still struggling to fulfill the pending orders. The Senior Vice President and Chief Designer at Opulence Global, Sanaz Hooman shares, “Being prepared for the unknown is something we take very seriously. To quote our founder “only the paranoid survives”. Being prepared also helped us to avoid shortage of any products including our highly desired, immune-boosting high-performance antioxidant product, the Fountain of Life, and our soon-to-be released microbe cleansing hand moisturizer. Our preparedness has led to record sales in 2020 during the worldwide lockdown, while generating record incomes for our brand partners globally.” 

Sanaz Hooman, SVP and Chief Designer, Opulence Global.
Sanaz Hooman, SVP and Chief Designer, Opulence Global.

“My motivations derive from our tens of thousands highly committed brand partners and our one hundred thousand VIP shoppers. We also believe that we offer the BEST home opportunity and products in e-commerce that can make a swift and lasting positive impact on people's lives.”

World Class Products 

“If it exists, make it better, if it doesn’t exist, CREATE IT.” 

Apart from adding iron to the fire of many aspiring entrepreneurs, Opulence Global is the only innovative company that displays a wonderful series of unique fashion, beauty and health products that coincides with the upcoming trends and addresses today’s pressing demand. In regards to fashion, they have Canada’s largest award-winning direct sales fashion house ‘FERI’ which showcases the world’s finest fashion articles including jewelry, bags, wallets, shoes, and many other accessories. FERI is well renowned for its wide range of unique designs, and many of its exclusive pieces have been worn by various celebrities at popular red-carpet events.   

However, it is foremost celebrated for its FERI MOSH prestige jewelry collection built with a mission to beat the luxury benchmarks of Tiffany & Cartier and has been featured as the ‘unimaginable ultra-luxury jewelry collection’ by prestigious Canada Jewelers magazine. It has even been documented in a film, Modern Legend, which is decorated by two NY film Platinum and Gold awards. Sanaz exclaims, “High-end jewelry is something that is not new to our CEO’s family. In fact, they are one of the world’s largest, dating back to the 1100s. After years of what our Founder calls “blowing up gold”, we finally discovered a way to cast 21K gold diamond jewelry. This had NEVER been accomplished before and to this date by any other brand in the world. Our slogan for our FERI MOSH Prestige collection is, “when the world’s luxury brands stop at 18K, we start at 19K and finish with 21K!”  

In beauty, Opulence Global’s unprecedented anti-aging skincare regimen FERI Flawless is backed by over 100 patents for premium quality raw materials. “Give us 5 minutes and we will turn back the clock 5 years!” reads the website. For optimum health, Opulence Global offers the most powerful known antioxidant in the shape of its groundbreaking natural health product ‘Fountain of Life’ that preserves the user’s well-being with just 10 drops a day. The company claims that the Fountain of Life is nature’s most powerful source of lignans. Extracted from the Norwegian Spruce, Fountain of Life provides users with a daily source of lignans to help boost their immune system. Each bottle contains 600 drops of Fountain of Life; ten drops contain the same concentration of lignans as in 1800 cups of apples, or in 510 cups of lettuce, or in 100 cups of tomatoes. According to the company, fashion and beauty make most of their business, but the ongoing pandemic has created a tremendous demand for their health and wellness products. Adding further, Sanaz says, “Since we believe the pandemic fears will become the norm moving forward, we are now introducing, a new pandemic protection kit that we believe will be one of our top sellers.” 

To the Billion 

“One Team, One Dream”  

As an individual, Ramin has always been a philanthropist and his heart goes out to the many underprivileged children around the world who do not have access to even the most basic amenities. To give back to this section of the community, Opulence Global works internationally to extend their support during calamities such as drought, and other natural disasters along with personal sponsorships. For the past few years, they have also been looking after an orphanage home in Kenya where they ensure all children have access to good food, clothes, and health facilities regularly.  Most recently, with the support of Opulence Global, the orphanage was able to build a greenhouse and grow vegetables for themselves. During this difficult time of the pandemic, the company continues to outpour their support to the charities that are connected with them. 

Reflecting on the beautiful mind of its founder, Opulence Global’s values as an organization are pretty clear and straightforward. They simply speak of strength, persistence, security, fairness, and wealth for all. Their culture as a company is derived from these strong philosophies laid by Ramin. He observes, “Life does not sustain. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse, so keep evolving.” When asked what keeps Opulence Global team motivated, Sanaz asserts, “My motivations derive from our tens of thousands highly committed brand partners and our one hundred thousand VIP shoppers. We also believe that we offer the BEST home opportunity and products in e-commerce that can make a swift and lasting positive impact on people’s lives.”   

As for their future ventures, Opulence Global maintains that their mission is “to create world-class products, led by a unique opportunity to unleash our Opulence Global Partners’ full potential, en route to living their opulent lifestyle.” While mentioning it, Sanaz says, “Our founder’s vision is to take the company to a billion dollar in sales and to create 1000 millionaires. And with our compensation plan pays out 70% in commissions, a billion in sales will payout 700 million in commissions every year. We know that with Opulence Global’s aggressive compensation plan, we can achieve that.

To the Billion.

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