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Since the dawn of time, humans have developed various methods of communicating. From writing letters to email, and from pagers to cell phones, humans have evolved towards making communication faster, succinct, convenient, and handy. Today we live in an era where we are surrounded by technology. Along with food, clothing, and shelter, technology has become a basic necessity. Though communication technology has advanced a lot, it still lacks an effectiveness that is critical to certain types of messages, specifically time-sensitive communication. Delayed responses and failed attempts at reaching impacted people or failing to notice a critical disaster notification, has proven to be fatal under the most severe and challenging conditions. Being in the air during the 9/11 terror attacks and in London during the 2005 bombings, Allan Sutherland understands the importance of effective communication during times of a life-threatening crisis. Realizing that current communication platforms are inadequate, he saw the need for a radical change and decided to use his knowledge and experience to build a technology that could save lives. 

Established in 2015 by CEO Allan Sutherland, In-telligent LLC is a software as a service (SaaS) technology company known for delivering a lifesaving personal safety and emergency communications platform. Headquartered in Chicago with offices in Miami, Los Angeles, and London, their mission is to connect and keep people safer and better informed during times of crisis.

"Lives are better because of what we do; our technology has saved lives," says Allan Sutherland, Founder, and CEO of In-telligent LLC.

Technology for everyone

After years of intensive research, In-telligent developed its breakthrough technology. Protected by an extensive patent portfolio, In-telligent’s powerful communication platform is engineered to alert the right people at the right time, even under severe and challenging conditions. Their technology allows organizations to send an audible alert even when the device is in silent or do not disturb mode. It also has the ability to interrupt audio sessions, geo-target messages, and automatically translate messages to the default language of the receiving device. Prior to In-telligent, it was nearly impossible to differentiate important and potentially life-saving messages from all the other messages received during the day. Now, people around the globe will notice time-sensitive information from national governments, city municipalities, sports teams, property managers, entertainment venues, and other organizations. In-telligent takes extreme pride in being the only company in the world with this groundbreaking technology. “Our technology does something that no one else can do,” says Allan. “Our platform is truly disrupting the status quo. If a tragedy occurs at an elementary school, for example, every parent wants to know immediately that something has happened and to ensure that their children are safe. Unfortunately, before In-telligent there were no good tools available – “important” telephone calls, text messages, and emails can’t be differentiated from “normal” telephone calls, text messages and emails. Our technology ensures that these important messages are noticed immediately. We do not exaggerate fear. Instead, we create solutions to promote peace of mind.”

Allan Sutherland, CEO, In-telligent LLC.
Allan Sutherland, CEO, In-telligent LLC.

"Before In-telligent there were no good tools available – “important” telephone calls, text messages, and emails can’t be differentiated from “normal” telephone calls, text messages and emails. Our technology ensures that these important messages are noticed immediately. We do not exaggerate fear. Instead, we create solutions to promote peace of mind.”

B2B solutions

In-telligent ensures a faster and prompt way for organizations to get messages delivered to the people who rely on them. Their customers range from the Government of Guatemala and the Government of Panama to small organizations like Mountain Ember, a local fire-protection group in Southern California. Irrespective of the size of the organization, In-telligent is committed to saving lives in a crisis. For their business customers who do not have an existing application, In-telligent offers them the ability to use the proprietary In-telligent mobile application. Alternatively, organizations can choose to have In-telligent develop a white label application, branded and customized to their business needs. For business customers who already have an existing application, In-telligent can integrate its technology into the customer’s platform, allowing them to make use of In-telligent’s full suite of capabilities. “Whatever a customer’s size, we have an affordable solution for their important communication needs,” affirms Allan.

Urgent personal communication

In-telligent doesn’t just build applications for organizations; they’re also constantly thinking about how their technology can help solve communication issues at the personal level.  Recognizing the need for urgent communication abilities between friends and family, In-telligent developed and launched the NeedUNow mobile application in the Spring of 2020. Created to complete the communication puzzle, NeedUNow gives individuals the ability to send or receive an audible notification from friends and family, even if the receiving phone is set to silent. Designed for one-to-one important messaging, NeedUNow is ideal for individuals to communicate with family members and friends.

As a subscription-based service, NeedUNow is deliberately reasonably priced so that families can access its features regardless of their disposable income. In-telligent believes that everyone deserves safety and peace of mind and has built NeedUNow to be effective everywhere. 

Similar to the need for friends and family to reach each other urgently, In-telligent realized that its best-in-class alerting technology could be used to alert people of possible COVID-19 exposure. Its new COVID alert mobile application, Exposure COVID, will link Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing capabilities and In-telligent’s alerting technologies to keep people safer around the world. “The key to containing this horrible virus is awareness around exposure,” explains Allan. “Apple and Google are already doing the heavy lifting. We take this information and ensure that our users are immediately alerted, minimizing unintended exposures.”

With their products designed to improve the quality of human life, everything that they do is linked to improving the human condition.

Building effective time-sensitive communication

Keeping people informed is not an easy task, and apart from developing and maintaining the technology, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. In-telligent has collaborated with esteemed institutions like The Weather Company (for worldwide lightning strikes), The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (for severe weather events in the US), The US Geological Survey (USGS) (for information on earthquakes around the world) and The Met Office (for severe weather events in the UK) to be able to reach people before tragedy does.

Awarded as one of the most Innovative Companies of 2019 by CEO Views Magazine, In-telligent’s team has the vision to connect everyone in the world to a communication platform dedicated to keeping them safer and better informed. Through geo-targeting alerts to just affected individuals, auto-translating messages, and overriding silent settings, important life-saving messages are noticed instantly, keeping people alive and safe. With over a million people using their technology in almost 100 countries, and thousands of messages being sent per day, In-telligent is truly making a difference on a global scale, making the world safer for people everywhere. “Building a societal-focused communication platform ensures that the ‘noise and clutter’ of the current socially-focused platforms are avoided,” Allan highlights. “Social Media wasn’t designed for these purposes, In-telligent was…”

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