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The Best

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Chris Raimo, Founder, Happy Cat Hotel.

On the Cover

Chris Raimo

“We’re in a role that is responsible for the care of people’s animals. It’s an extraordinarily personal experience built on trust, so an emotional connection to the benefits of the service is key. As much as it can be a profitable business, it is also a passion play.”

Rachel Quinn

“I felt like we could be a shoulder for somebody to come in and unload all their issues on. That maybe they feel like people are sick of hearing about it or too embarrassed to tell someone, well then you can just come in and tell us.”

Rachel Quinn, CEO and Founder, Your CBD Store.

The Closet

“Every woman deserves the pleasure of looking and feeling her best in high-quality fashion.”

Michael Andreacchi

“I’m really proud of the collaborative culture we have developed among the corporate team and the franchisees. As a brand, our focus on being environmentally-conscious and customer-focused service is something each of us holds near and dear to our hearts.”

Michael Andreacchi, Founder & CEO, Junk King.


“Inspiring confidence and building community are the center of everything we do.”

Michael Miller

“Together with our franchisees, we’ve built the most recognized insurance franchise in the country.”

Michael Miller, Co-Founder, Brightway Insurance.


“The Woofie’s team believes that every pet deserves the best possible care and we strive to make sure our quality of services are unmatched in the industry,”

Sandy Ferrera

“Each franchisee has become a part of us and their success both professionally and personally is very important to us. This philosophy transcends throughout the system...Everyone in the system shares our belief that if we grow together; we will be better and more profitable.”

Sandy Ferrera, Founder, All County Property Management.


"It’s our mission to shape the minds and bodies of the future through non-competitive programs that help kids get active, build confidence and interact with their peers in a fun, supportive, and impeccably clean environment."

Sharon DiMinico

“Some of our best ideas come from our franchisees, and they are always enthusiastic about sharing with us and their fellow store owners.”

Sharon DiMinico, Founder & CEO, Learning Express.

Creating a generation of innovators

"At Club SciKidz we believe there is nothing more rewarding than the education of our children... our future.At Club SciKidz we believe there is nothing more rewarding than the education of our children... our future."

Edward Kaloust

“To date, we have helped more than 300,000 patients nationwide lose nearly over 7 million pounds and reduce their risk of developing obesity-related conditions.”

Edward Kaloust, Founder & CEO, Medi-Weightloss®.

Strong bodies. Stronger minds.

“The magic of Kidokinetics is that we’ve made sure achieving goals is an exciting experience — one that is so much fun, kids aren’t even aware of the fact that they’re learning.”

Natalie Standridge

“Bilingualism aligns perfectly with our program’s philosophy of intercultural community building. A second language is a window into other ways of viewing the world.”

Dream Big, Raise More.

“Athletes shouldn’t be held back from achieving their very best because the program expenses are more than they can afford. Without the stress of funding, students and parents can focus more on practices, honing their skills, and chase their dreams”

Jeff Hughes

“Our mission is to prepare children for tomorrow’s workplace while helping build entrepreneurs a bright financial future.”

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