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Established in 1997 by two teachers, Bob and Sue Hagan, Woodstock, GA based Club SciKidz offers versatile educational and technology enrichment programs designed for kids curious to explore the world of science. Best known for its renowned STEM programs, Club SciKidz makes learning more fun by skillfully intertwining a series of science-based activities and presenting them in a nurturing environment. Led by teachers by heart, who possess a Master’s degree in education and have a combined teaching experience of 30 years, Club SciKidz is America’s finest and the best summer science and technology camp. Club SciKidz has six locations: two in Georgia, two in Texas, one in Maryland, and one in Virginia. 

Our carefully researched science lessons help engage students in observation, measurement, identification of properties, and experimentation involving life, earth, and physical science concepts, says Bob Hagan, CEO, and Founder of Club SciKidz.

“At Club SciKidz we believe there is nothing more rewarding than the education of our children... our future.”

250,000 and still counting

Club SciKidz commenced its journey with Special Effects, its first-ever program which taught campers the science behind Hollywood’s special effects techniques. Upgraded with a Zombie theme and many exciting features, Special Effects is one of the most successful programs introduced by Club SciKidz. As time progressed, Club SciKidz kept advancing its courses technologically and kept adding more age groups and science themes to its programs. To accommodate children in grades 1-2, Club SciKidz specially designed a camp called Young Scientist in 2001. “In 2015, we added Tech Scientific to our name to reflect our new emphasis on technology camps. So now we are Club SciKidz/Tech Scientific,” shares Hagan. Today there are 60 themes with many more in the pipeline, each offering exciting hands-on projects and experiments for kids ages 4-15.

Club SciKidz is committed to demonstrating how science works in the real world. Children from Grades PK-5th can choose from four major themes, By The Sea, Cosmic Cookie Dough, Coding Kaleidoscope, and Robot Rumble. Each theme consists of four components, Science, Technology, Art, and Outdoors. Children from Grades 5-8 can choose from any of the 12 different camps offered by Club SciKidz. Themes include Veterinary Medicine, Young Surgeon, Minecraft, Robotics, Coding and Programming, Quad Copters, Chemistry, Stop Motion Animation. New courses are added yearly. At Club SciKidz, innovation never stops! “This year, 2020, we are creating four STEAM themes for grades PK-K. We will continue to offer our great variety of camps for grades 5-8 in our Tech Scientific category,” adds Hagan. Since 1997, more than 250,000 children have attended one or more of Club SciKidz’s science day camps or school programs. 

Bob and Sue Hagan, Founders, Club SciKidz.
Bob and Sue Hagan, Founders, Club SciKidz.

“Through franchising, you always have an owner involved in the day-to-day business. This produces a very high customer service mentality as well as a great way to hear what our customers are saying and looking for in future programs.”

A big part of Club SciKidz’s success is its focus on high-quality staff. Each program is rigorously researched by science educators with the help of teachers and children. As even kids are involved in research, the training programs result in lessons being learned thoroughly and students with elevated levels of understanding of science. “Our Camp Directors are highly trained, certified teachers, and are assisted by teaching professionals and currently enrolled college students that have been trained by Club SciKidz,” shares Hagan. The camp trainers understand the science behind every activity and the cognitive impact it has on the kids. They are skilled to make the programs more fun, deliver a long-lasting impact, and help kids achieve more clarity on their educational goals. 

“At Club SciKidz we believe there is nothing more rewarding than the education of our children… our future,” says Hagan.

Educating children worldwide

Owning a business is a dream of many but very few actually own it and fewer than that succeed in it. There can be various reasons people don’t choose to start a business. Though, the prime reason for failure in business is found to be a lack of support and guidance. Originally established as Summer Science Day Camps, Inc., Club SciKidz has come a long way. STEM is the field of the future and educating about it is becoming increasingly crucial. With the right education and the right mindset, the kids will not only enter the world of STEM confidently but will also grow up learning to observe, hypothesize, experiment, and solving problems. On a mission to unearth the hidden scientist in every child and help them become their best versions, Club SciKidz decided to offer its franchises to enable children to become future global leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, and athletes, in turn, building a better future. “Through franchising, you always have an owner involved in the day-to-day business. This produces a very high customer service mentality as well as a great way to hear what our customers are saying and looking for in future programs,” says Hagan explaining his rationale behind choosing franchising to scale his business.

He continued, “Helping kids learn about STEM and how it applies to making everything work is extremely beneficial. This business not only helps kids today, but it helps the future economy and its workforce by having enough people interested and skilled in the jobs of the future.

Club SciKidz franchise is undoubtedly the best opportunity in its domain. Club SciKidz, through its franchise, not only offers aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to enter the deep waters of business with absolute certainty but also empowers them to survive and make it big while nurturing future world change-makers. The company makes this possible through its top-notch initial training and post-training support. Designed to prepare the franchise to face every challenge, the training and support provide the franchise with a strong and robust mindset. 

During initial training, the franchisee gains access to business-critical information such as step-by-step instructions on how to manage their business with Club SciKidz professional guidance and customized business tools and learns how to use comprehensive proprietary operations manual. They obtain lesson plan access through secure web-based storage, online registration and management software, online accounting, and payroll systems for maximum ease and profitability. The franchisee is also guided on how to obtain and maintain school accounts, employee online and in-person training, and market their franchise.

Once the initial training is complete, the franchisee receives support via phone, email, and in-person support on all aspects of the business. Extensive support is available during business hours and at every step. To ensure operational excellence with zero errors, the Club SciKidz franchise receives access to many software and tools like payroll management, Quickbooks for bookkeeping, WordPress for a personal website, Dropbox for file sharing, and registration and management software.

But to become a Club SciKidz franchise certain criterion need to be met. The franchise must hold strong management skills, should be able to delegate tasks, and hold associates accountable to details and customer service. They should show commitment towards following the set guidelines and groom their team for exemplary customer service. Having a prior teaching experience can help but is not a mandate. Most importantly, the individual needs to share the same vision and must be equally passionate about science and teaching it most joyfully. 

Intending to provide high-quality true STEM courses, introducing and teaching them across every major city in the United States and possibly internationally, Club SciKidz plans to add between 10 and 15 new franchises per year. 

We believe that every child is a scientist and that we can make them better scientists,” says Hagan.


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