Kidokinetics: Strong bodies. Stronger minds.



An athlete, a leader, a teacher, and a proud mother of three, Terri Braun understood the importance of physical education. Hence with a vision of extending the benefits of physical education to as many people as she could, Terri launched Kidokinetics. Established in South Africa in 1995, Kidokinetics is a premier sport, fitness, health, and recreation program provider. It is a unique physical education program that provides top-class programming for children aging from 6 months to 12 years introducing them to all sports in a fun, innovative, and enriching environment. Kidokinetics began franchising in 2007 that operates across five locations with two in Florida, one in NC, one in TX, and one in Utah. 

“My greatest joy is to build children’s confidence and develop their love of physical activity to run my own business,”... Terri Braun, CEO and Founder Kidokinetics.

The birth of a legacy

Kidokinetics has a very interesting story behind it. Having started teaching at the age of 12, Terri always had this belief that one day she would develop a program that would allow kids to experience all sorts of sports in a friendly and non-competitive environment while also allowing them to experience sports they loved joyfully. However, it was not a cakewalk for Terri. Starting her business with just a whole lot of passion but no partners or financial support was a major challenge. However, having taught and trained in Shotokan karate for more than twenty years, and worked as a sports teacher in early childhood, Terri was very clear on what she wanted to do and achieve through it. This clarity helped her raise the funds she needed and bring her vision into reality. Like every time Terri relied on hard work to make more money and finally, her dream took off.

Terri has had a very personal relationship with physical fitness. Having experienced the wonders physical education can do at a very young age, Terri’s passion for sports and physical fitness only continued to grow. Having competed in Karate competitions on national and international levels since a very young age, Terri noticed that schools were missing a very crucial element of physical education. Terri knew that every kid was unique with some being in the sport for competition while some being in the sport just for the joy of it. Irrespective of their motive for being in the sport, Terri wants every child to enjoy, stay active, and fit. Henceforth Kidokinetics offers a vast variety of programs for kids of all ages, interests, and athletic abilities. On its mission to make sports and fitness accessible, welcoming, and fun, Kidokinetics provides sports options like Archery (USA Archery), Baseball (USA Baseball), Basketball, Field Hockey (USA Field Hockey), Frisbee/Disc Golf (DGA), Football (NFL Fuel Up to Play 60), Golf (First Tee Drive), Running (Nike Marathon Kids), Rugby (Rookie Rugby), Track and Field (Run, Jump, Throw), Soccer Soft Stick Lacrosse (US Lacrosse), Volleyball (USA Volleyball), Cricket (USYCA). “Our purpose is to ensure that school-age children are exposed to a variety of ways to stay active and healthy, whether in school, after school, or at events like summer camps and field days,” affirms Terri.

“Our purpose is to ensure that school-age children are exposed to a variety of ways to stay active and healthy, whether in school, after school, or at events like summer camps and field days.”

The curriculum at Kidokinetics has been developed with the support of its national partners using the latest research in sports, fitness, nutrition, and child development. The programs at Kidokinetics are one of their kind and keep children moving, active, and in a joyful state. Due to the physical and cognitive benefits they offer, the programs are in demand as they help schools eliminate recess, cut their P.E. programs thereby giving kids more screen time, at school and home. At Kidokinetics physical fitness is made exciting & fun and kids love it thoroughly. “The magic of Kidokinetics is that we’ve made sure achieving goals is an exciting experience — one that is so much fun, kids aren’t even aware of the fact that they’re learning,” says Terri.

Kidokinetics franchise: A proven path to business success

As the childhood obesity epidemic is at a record time high, the importance of physical education and fitness programs is increasing too. Hence, to ensure that aspiring entrepreneurs get a chance to experience the success they desire while helping children live a healthy life, Kidokinetics offers them an opportunity to own their business in the form of the Kidokinetics franchise.

The total revenue of the Children’s Fitness Center Franchises in the US Market Size in 2020 was a whopping $283.2m and is expected to reach $31.53 billion by 2021. As life is slowly getting back to normal and people are taking fitness more seriously than before, the market is expected to grow further. There has never been a better time than today to buy a Kidokinetics franchise. Moreover, with a low-cost investment, this home-based kid’s sports franchise does not require you to rent and maintain a separate facility as the classes can be conducted in schools, parks, and community centers.

Kidokinetics is best suited for people who want to start their entrepreneurial journey in the education and wellness field. This includes parents who prefer to work from home instead of a standard office setting. By offering everyone an equal opportunity to achieve success, Kidokinetics motivates people and enables them to come out of their limited beliefs and chase their dreams and goals. Being a Kidokinetics franchise indeed has perks of its own, however, some key conditions need to be met. The ideal franchisee will have an undying passion for kids, sports, and building great organizations. They need to be self-driven with clear goals for self and Kidokinetics. As they are going to be the face of Kidokinetics, they must present & promote themselves and the brand well in public. They must always work for taking the brand to the next level. They are required to bring Kidokinetics programs to as many schools and other educational institutes in their areas as possible, keep raising their quality standards, suggest new ideas, and build fun and successful businesses. The franchisee is expected to follow the established methods and procedures which will position them to create a long-term positive impact on the participants and keep them coming back for more. 

Kidokinetics offers its franchises a solid and robust business structure that grooms them for operational excellence with assured growth and increased profits. The initial training program focuses on all aspects of the Kidokinetics franchise system and is a combination of classroom and on the job training. A team of experts’ mentors the franchisee in building marketing plans and planning promotional strategies. The franchisee receives access to Newsletter, Meetings & Conventions, Toll-Free line for assistance, Safety Procedures, Field Operations, and some more professionally produced marketing material designed and meant for making their business journey a pleasant one. Upon the successful completion of the initial training, they receive access to proprietary software to run the business smoothly. Along with a dedicated business support coach, real-time field experience, centralized marketing and support the franchise also receives additional assistance in the form of Co-op Advertising, Ad Templates, Social Media, SEO, Website Development, Email Marketing, Loyalty Program/App meant to ensure that the business receives a smooth take off. As a part of the Kidokinetics legacy, the franchisee gets the right to use its trademarked name and logo, which is a symbol of the excellent reputation Kidokinetics has achieved in the children’s fitness industry for the last 25 years.

Creating a vision for the future

When Terri started Kidokinetics, everyone was eager to know when they would get to experience Kidokinetics in their community. This led Terri into building a franchise system that would allow others to share her vision and bring knowledge of sports and fitness skills to children of all ages and abilities. With the intent to positively impact children’s lives, Kidokinetics plans to grow to approximately 100 locations over the next 5 years. With clear goals and a solid game plan, Kidokinetics is undoubtedly going to continue to dominate the kid’s fitness industry.


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