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The 10 Best POS Solution Providers, 2019

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It is about poise and integrity.

On the Cover

Gordon Russell


“Our business is only as strong as the talent in our organization. Having bootstrapped the organization, I am especially excited about the investments we have been able to make in our growing team, and the results we and our customers are seeing.”


Revolutionizing the F&B Industry


From large enterprises like Hong Kong and Macau Airports to small and medium-sized businesses and multinational restaurant chains and franchises; Eats365’s platform provides great value to all. The entry fee is low while the open API allows clients to plug in their own solutions into the platform. 

It is this kind of flexibility and the extensive features that makeEats365’s platform one the leading POS solutions globally. 

Chosen Payments

Jeff Brodsly

CEO & Founder

Chosen Payments service ethics involve integrity, meticulous care, attention to detail as well as transparency while processing transactions.

Reinvent your business with MobiPOS

A good POS system can provide tools to help increase customers and boost revenue. It can provide efficient checkout with control over sales and purchases, hasten sales transactions, track inventory, reduce inventory errors, capture customer loyalty, decrease manual labor, improve customer service, and offer flexible modes of payment and more. Overall deploying a technologically advanced POS system, can help businesses be more organized, attract more customers, make more money and therefore thrive. That’s why it is essential for businesses to have a reliable and secure POS system to achieve their business goals.

Although tired of seeing the conventional and expensive point of sales system aimed at very specific market/industry, Techbox Corporation – a software business formed in 2012 in Malaysia felt the need of a better POS system. So they started publishing a software suite called MobiPOS with the idea to leave an impact on the POS industry. 

RJ Horsley President SpotOn POS Leader


RJ Horsley


“The moment we stand still, the industry’s and our clients’ needs will pass us by. It’s our job to lead from the front—to go where the puck is going, not where it is already.”

Transform your restaurant with LimeTray’s complete management system

LimeTray makes it easier for restaurants to tap the customer base that now lives online. It helps restaurants by designing and implementing products that help bridge the disconnect between the restaurants and the consumers. LimeTray helps restaurants get online and provides them the tools to engage with customers, increase their reach and improve their operational efficiency.

LimeTray has clients across 20+ countries and currently serves 5000+ restaurants across the world. Leading brands include the likes of Burger King, Mad Over Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and other local and national restaurants. The company currently operates out of India, Middle East, UK, and the US.

Its discovery products help restaurants get discovered online and establish their brand. This includes online ordering, online app, table reservation, and website builder system. The operations products help restaurants manage customers better through point of sale, KDS & inventory management, order management, and cloud telephony system (IVR service).



“We took this seriously and spoke to more than 1000+ business owners, most of the business owners want a solution which can help them on a daily basis and reduce dependency, that is when we pivoted to POS solution app.”


“Epicuri makes technology easy for all restaurants to benefit and we together can raise the baseline across the sector.”

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