Eats365: Revolutionizing the F&B Industry



Wilson Lee, the founder of Eats365, had the vision to create a POS system that combined the latest technology into one simple-to-use system. He realized that restaurants all over the world were not only stuck with legacy systems but were also facing challenges in bringing multiple independent systems together in such a way that harnesses business values while coping with ever-changing market trends. Thus, with the motto of “Powering the Future of Dining”, his company decided to bring the food industry into the future. 

Eats365 was incorporated from its parent company 365 Technologies Holding Limited, (registered in Hong Kong) in April 2014. Eats365 is a fast, simple-to-use, fully-featured iPad-based POS software for restaurants. The cloud-based platform is built from the ground up to closely connect restaurants and their patrons. It provides restaurants with an easy-to-use, user-interactive point-of-sale system. By adopting the Eats365 user app; patrons can find, browse, reserve, order and pay for dine-in or takeaway orders. It also offers features like separate checks, split checks, table management, and tips management in one place. All this information is sent to the restaurant in real-time, thus ensuring efficiency.

Eats365 is a flexible and modular platform that is designed to accommodate restaurants of all shapes and sizes. From quick serve to fine-dining; fast food, fast-casual, family-style, grab ‘n’ go, cafés, food courts, food trucks, bistros, hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, bakeries, etc; Eats365 has features which can fulfill the needs of dining facilities of any scale or density. Eats365’s platform supports multi-currency and offers multi-language support. This feature is essential as their platform is used in 19 regions around the world.

“By understanding what it is that the F&B industry needs most, we are able to connect the dots and create intuitive and forward-thinking solutions that serve as the missing puzzle piece for F&B businesses of all shapes and sizes,” says Wilson Lee, Founder, and CEO of Eats365.

This explains why Eats365’s customer base is as diverse as its products. From large enterprises like Hong Kong and Macau Airports to small and medium-sized businesses and multinational restaurant chains and franchises; Eats365’s platform provides great value to all. The entry fee is low while the open API allows clients to plug in their own solutions into the platform. 

It is this kind of flexibility and the extensive features that makeEats365’s platform one the leading POS solutions globally. 

A Futuristic POS Ecosystem

Eats365’s team of in-house developers have developed some of the most advanced and user-friendly modules currently on the market. These modules form the backbone of an ecosystem that ensures Eats365 goes beyond just a POS. Customers can pick and choose the modules that best suit their business model. This ensures a custom experience that is tailored just for them. As of now, Eats365 comprises of the following modules: POS, mPOS, Photo Menu, Kitchen Display System, Queue Ticket Kiosk, User App, eSignage, Expedite Display, Customer-Facing Display, Self-Service Kiosk, and Enterprise feature sets. The modules are constantly updated and refined based on client feedback.

The Strengths of an Open System

There is a reason we refer to Eats365’s platform as an ecosystem. Eats365 provides an open API through which third-party developers can integrate their own modules with ease. It is easy to plug in a long list of additional features like integrated payments, e-wallet loyalty cards, third-party CRM, third-party online ordering, third-party online reservation, accounting and ERP, supply chain management, kitchen robotics, and paging systems based on one’s needs. Furthermore, their platform can integrate with global third-party companies, especially those with advantages in their specific markets, thus providing a competitive edge to Eats365’s customer base. 

It is this ecosystem of flexible modules and integrated independent solutions that makes Eats365 stand out from the competition. This kind of fluid exchange and integration of information grants a competitive edge to restaurants.

For Businesses of all Shapes and Sizes

Eats365’s solution is a flexible option for businesses of all sizes. While many iPad POS systems are limited to cater solely to smaller businesses, Eats365 is in the unique position of being able to help businesses big or small. 

Combine this ability with enterprise capabilities and you have a system that allows businesses to achieve global scalability. Some of these features include, multi-level and locale organization, enterprise-class security with granular permission control, time and channel-based tier pricing, multi-currency, multi-language support, consolidated reporting with currency conversion and more. This allows customers to run businesses spread across multiple countries from one place and have a seamless experience. 

The Importance of the Patron’s Experience

Given the importance of patron retention, Eats365’s ecosystem offers F&B business owners a suite of diverse options including, but not limited to, store credit, multi-tier loyalty programs, and gift cards. These programs help drive customer engagement, build brand loyalty and boost customer spending.

Eats365 has also developed BYOD modules that increase convenience for patrons. With Mobile Ordering, customers can use their own phones to scan QR codes and access menus, product pricing and general information about restaurants. BYOD features are also invaluable in increasing the efficiency of a restaurant as it provides instant communication between patrons and businesses. This is a unique feature that evolves with each customer and with the times.

Since Eats365’s system is iOS based, customers can install it and its modules directly from the App Store. Combined with video tutorials and intuitive an UI/UX design, Eats365’s solution is simple to set up and use. Robust offline capabilities ensure business as usual for customers, even during an internet outage.

Accolades Fantastique!

With a platform like this, it’s no wonder Eats365 has garnered an impressive tally of awards and industry recognition. Eats365 is a Certified Member of the Apple Mobility Partner Program (a global Apple partnership program for distinctive ISVs) and HK Science Park Incubation Program Graduate. The company was awarded HK ICT Best Business Solution Award 2015, HK Retail Innovation Award 2018, Smart City Award 2018 and most recently HK Most Outstanding Business Award 2019.

Obviously, we asked Lee: How does one bring this much innovation to the restaurant industry? Lee mentioned seven things: Think outside the box; lead, don’t just follow; self-discipline and teamwork; push the boundaries of what’s possible; think three steps ahead so you can plan accordingly; give and you shall receive; and listen to the market voices so you can course-correct quickly.

Now That’s the Future!

Today, Eats365 is one of the most widely-used and well-loved restaurant POS systems. Its products simplify business management, increase staff productivity, boost efficiency and improve patrons’ experiences through innovative new technologies. At the same time, Eat365’s solutions can be found at the cutting edge of the culinary experience.

Nothing exemplifies this better than the example of Hestia Kitchen, the robot-run Sichuan restaurant located in Hong Kong. Eats365 provided the best POS solution to help realize Hestia’s vision of using automation as part of their restaurant’s USP. Everything from the ordering process to the cooking methodology is being set up with the goal of not requiring manpower in the future. While achieving full automation will require a little more time, the available automation at Hestia Kitchen is certainly benefitting from the technological features that Eats365 has on offer. When a dish is ordered, Eats365’s system seamlessly communicates with Hestia Kitchen’s cooking robots which combine ingredients and cook the customer’s meal. “Now that’s the future!” says Lee enthusiastically.

Since there is less human error and no additional cost to pay to a large number of chefs, dishes are very reasonably priced and are prepared quickly and without hassle. This is important as Hestia Kitchen is a quick-serve restaurant that relies on rapid turnover. System errors are therefore not tolerable. Thanks to Eats365’s cloud system and the open-source nature of Eats365’s POS system, its platform is able to integrate with third-party company products – like the company behind Hestia Kitchen’s cooking robots. “There is a lot of potential for growth,” gleams Lee “the market is just catching on to the potential of new technologies; this is only the beginning.”

The Future of Dining

After a thorough run through we are convinced that Eat365 wants nothing but to revolutionize the restaurant experience. In many ways, Eat365 functions like an agile startup, where perfection is never perfect enough and continuous improvement is a mantra. Their philosophy of continuously adding new features and functionality will serve them well. 

In the future, Eats365 hopes to recruit more global partners, further-localize products to fit perfectly into different markets, enhance existing features and integrate with even more forward-thinking third-party solutions. These steps will empower more restaurants to be able to embrace a more futuristic way of dining.

As Lee rightly puts it Eats365 will go about delivering its promise of “Powering the future of dining, come what may …”

They are definitely on the right track!

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