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Currently, most of the micro, small & medium business owners across the world still use paper, pen, and memory to manage their receipts & inventory list and the business owners have to be present at the sales counter all the time. Undoubtedly streamlining business processes by adopting technological solutions will be of immense value to them. That’s why all businesses across all industry sectors can benefit from using Zobaze Technologies. Based in Hyderabad, this company helps businesses go completely digital.


Zobaze was founded in 2015 by the founder and CEO, Karthik Sutrave.

Before founding Zobaze, Karthik was a consultant to various IT Service companies and was also doing freelancing to develop end to end products before pursuing an entrepreneurship certification from The Graduate School of Business at Stanford. Karthik always likes to have hands-on the latest technologies and always try to analyze & discuss on implementing technology to solve or simplify the process. He has a strong experience in UX & understanding mindset for SMB’s users as he is regularly in touch with users online & offline. Karthik holds a BTech degree from JNTU Hyderabad in Computer science engineering and has co-founded Streetcause (NGO) and IEEE SB GNEC while pursuing his degree. 

He formulated the idea for Zobaze as a hyperlocal marketplace — to connect buyers and sellers in a community. But he soon realized a major problem. While the buyer’s response was incredibly positive during the onboard process, the company faced significant friction in acceptance from the vendors.

“We took this seriously and spoke to more than 1000+ business owners, most of the business owners want a solution which can help them on a daily basis and reduce dependency, that is when we pivoted to POS solution app,” shares Sutrave.

Empowering businesses with innovation

Armed with this knowledge, Zobaze POS was launched in late 2018. Within a year of launch, the app has reached 100+ countries, 35000+ businesses, and has 4.8 ratings on the play store. 

It is developed to be an affordable mobile-based universal POS that runs on any phone or tablet (android app) for any kind of retail store, any small shops, beauty salons & spa, car wash, small or individual business, any service business, home business and much more. 

It is a vernacular point of sale app; which assists micro, small and medium business owners to create invoices from their portable smartphone-based POS. Along with features like realtime inventory stock control on multiple staff devices, generate receipts, build a customer base, view reports based on all sales, revenues, and stocks and so on. It also allows owners to give access to staff to do the sales and track them from anywhere around the world. Moreover, the app has multiple features that help business owners in managing everything related to the business in the form of one dashboard expense management, sub-items pricing and more. These factors also happen to be the USP of this product where, the owners don’t require any computer to bill or manage the inventory. The app is also available in many languages for user convenience.

For users, it is just a matter of signing up before getting to use the services like adding up the sale, reviewing the order and finally, printing out the invoices for the orders. It also works offline, therefore eliminating the need for a consistent internet network. But, the best feature is once the user is connected to the internet; the data is synced with the cloud for backup and push the additions to multiple devices and staff accounts. The UX of the app is designed in such a way that, any type of small-scale business (retail, wholesale, service, food, QSR, etc.) can use the POS services. The app also supports bluetooth, printer connectivity, and barcode reading.

Karthik Sutrave, Founder & CEO, Zobaze

Customers’ appreciate user-friendly Zobaze POS app saying,

“It is helping me as a sales assistant and gives me expect analytics of my fast-moving product and slow-moving products I mainly use this for my cafe coffee shop, and it helps me a lot.” – Chakradhar Thota

“Great app and very user-friendly if you have an option to enter amount and it shows the quantity, it will be good as some items are sold on the rounded amount and calculating the quantity may require a calculator.”– Rickardo Isaacs

“The app is very simple and easy to use. I am using this now in my store and it’s a big help now I can track my inventory and sales easily. Their customer support was very helpful and responsive. They were able to address and provide fast solutions to my app related issue.” – Angel Villanueva

It is an excellent free option for small businesses that are looking for an app that helps them carry their cash flow.”  Andrés Gil Díaz

“I wish I could come all the way there from South Africa just to give you guys a hug… Been searching for an App like this for 4 days, installed 11 Apps (not a joke) till I found this one. Thank you so much. I’ll add more on my review once I’ve used it for a week… For now, I give u 5 stars.” – Grace Mimi Nobunga 

Of course, these achievements are not a coincidence, but a result of the company’s focus on creating solutions that would deliver real value for its clients. Sutrave believes that “everyone in the company should be well aware of the value and mission of the company.” This he says is important for every organization and holds true for Zobaze as well. Since the company’s products are chiefly built by keeping user convenience in mind, he ensures “everyone communicates to our users at least once a week to take in feedback and understand more about the way people use the app. The more we engage with our users, the better the app can become.”

Although he admits this also turned out to be the main challenge for Zobaze initially– adding multiple POS related features as requested by users inside a small screen yet making the app easy and simple to use at the same time.

In days to come…

Sutrave has grand plans for Zobaze and they are rapidly gathering pace.

Zobaze soon, plans on growing and expanding exponentially across the world, then concentrating on specific industries (like restaurants, pharmacy, etc.) to provide solutions for them as specified and solve as many problems for the masses.

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