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A good POS system can provide tools to help increase customers and boost revenue. It can provide efficient checkout with control over sales and purchases, hasten sales transactions, track inventory, reduce inventory errors, capture customer loyalty, decrease manual labor, improve customer service, and offer flexible modes of payment and more. Overall deploying a technologically advanced POS system, can help businesses be more organized, attract more customers, make more money and therefore thrive. That’s why it is essential for businesses to have a reliable and secure POS system to achieve their business goals.

Although tired of seeing the conventional and expensive point of sales system aimed at very specific market/industry, Techbox Corporation – a software business formed in 2012 in Malaysia felt the need of a better POS system. So they started publishing a software suite called MobiPOS with the idea to leave an impact on the POS industry.  

MobiPOS is a full-featured iPad based point of sale software. Built specifically for retail, food & service industry, MobiPOS system is aesthetically designed and requires no training to perform the setup. From merchants in the flea market, kiosk to full-service restaurants, the software works for all of them. 

As envisioned MobiPOS provides restaurant’s owners with a cheaper and easier solution in managing their restaurant. Building a solution that fits for all, has allowed the company to sell to mass market, hence reducing the cost. And its focus on the industry has earned it a top recommendation as one of the best point of sale solution for restaurant use. Today what started as a passion project, MobiPOS proudly serves 5000+ users globally and is actively redefining the point of POS solutions.

Deploying a technologically advanced POS system, can help businesses be more organized, attract more customers, make more money and therefore thrive.

Delivering value

MobiPOS stands for ease-of-use. MobiPOS point of sales application is available in the Apple Appstore. Businesses/consumers can download the app from the Appstore and set it up on their own. In fact, MobiPOS encourages users to perform the entire setup on their own. If users necessitate they can also engage with MobiPOS reseller to perform the installation depending on availability at their location. Upon downloading the software from the Appstore, users just need to enter their menu and can start selling immediately. Key features include customer display, kitchen display system, table management, customer relationship management, split bills, inventory/recipe, clock in/out, and loyalty/rewards. Advanced features include a time-based menu, time-based pricing level, and printer override.

Furthermore, MobiPOS app runs totally offline and no internet connection is required. While many software provided claim that their point of sale can run offline, during offline mode they could not perform settings change in the iPad.  MobiPOS is equipped with two-way sync, performing setup from both cloud and in the iPad. Currently, MobiPOS supports 25 languages.  

Unique value proposition

Unlike a lot of funded companies, MobiPOS is self bootstrapped. Staying focused since the beginning, the company is not affected by any investor’s mission or goals. The company keeps marketing budgets to the minimum. MobiPOS believes that a good product would sell on its own. So the company focuses on what they do best instead, investing more of its resources in building solutions. Without spending a hefty amount of money on user acquisition, the company could channel the savings back to their users. 

Result: A high-quality full-fledged point of sale system with a price, lower than most POS software services in the restaurant business, and that’s a value proposition. MobiPOS product pricing starts at $10.00/month/user, a price that is unheard of in the market.  With that, not forcing their users to sign up for cloud services reduces the subscription fees tremendously.  While modular-based product allows users to pay as they grow, for example adding additional terminals or kitchen display at the later stage of their business. 

The future ahead

As an innovative organization that is constantly seeking new ways to improve; MobiPOS will keep pushing themselves to remain current, relevant and useful to their clients. MobiPOS will continue to increase the capability of their platform adding many more on top of what they already have. Meanwhile, they are always on the look-out for great talent to expand their team as for MobiPOS point of sale is a never-ending project.

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