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SpotOn was founded by Matt and Zach Hyman and Doron Friedman, all of whom have a long history of success providing merchants exceptional value and service. In 2005, the Hymans founded Central Payment, now one of the nation’s largest merchant service providers, servicing close to 100,000 businesses across the U.S. Along with co-founder Friedman, the Hymans created SpotOn in 2010. In 2017, the Hyman brothers sold Central Payment to TSYS so they could focus wholly on SpotOn. That same year RJ Horsley joined SpotOn as President.

The SpotOn Transact, LLC (SpotOn) motto is simple- ‘Your Business is Our Business.’ The company’s primary focus is to give businesses of all sizes access to innovative tools so they can be successful in a highly competitive marketplace. SpotOn understands the challenges business owners and operators face on a daily basis, so the SpotOn platform is very specifically intended to create novel solutions that allow them to save time, save money, and get more value from each and every interaction they have with a customer or client.

Essentially, for the founders and Horsley, SpotOn is the culmination of a long-term vision to provide an end-to-end platform for merchants to run and grow their business.

“Small businesses are run by small business owners and small business owners are people. We have the opportunity every single day to help the people in these small businesses run and grow their operations. If we can do that, we’re helping the owner, their employees and their families. That is incredibly fulfilling and motivating,” shares Horsley.

The company serves restaurants, retail, salons, and spas, professional services—small and medium businesses of any type. SpotOn has locations in San Francisco, Chicago, and Detroit.

Distinctive Products

This cutting-edge payments and software company is redefining the merchant services industry. SpotOn brings together payment processing and a robust software solution, giving merchants richer data and tools that empower them to market more effectively to their customers. SpotOn empowers their clients by combining payment processing with easy-to-use customer engagement tools, all in one platform. Again, the SpotOn platform offers the most comprehensive tools for small- and medium-sized businesses, including payments, point-of-sale, custom websites, appointments, marketing, reviews, analytics, and loyalty, backed by industry-leading customer care.

Other differentiating factors of SpotOn are that they offer an integrated, full-service solution, meaning clients work within a single platform to do everything: payments, point-of-sale, marketing, review management, loyalty, appointments, and even a custom business website. SpotOn also provides on-site installation for all their products—not just a box in the mail—along with stellar 24/7 technical support that doesn’t suffer from the long wait times that plague so many of their competitors. All this comes with a month-to-month contract and zero hidden or junk fees.

SpotOn’s Philosophy

Creating a positive social impact while building successful and long-lasting businesses is something the founders and Horsley emphasize. So at SpotOn, they have built a company culture that every employee would be proud of, a place people want to come to every day while executing on a mission that wants to help make the world a better place. “We are a company made up of lifers, across the board, from our outside sales force to our software engineers, customer support reps, and leadership team. Everyone here understands that we’re helping make the American Dream possible for tens of thousands of business owners across the country,” says Horsley. That, combined with their commitment to diversity and promoting personal and professional growth from within the company, keeps people excited and motivated to continually come up with innovative ideas and provide the best service. “At the end of the day, we all have to work to make a living—that’s not something we can control. What we can control, however, is making sure we work with people we enjoy being around and getting behind a product that helps real people,” says Horsley. “The moment we stand still, the industry’s and our clients’ needs will pass us by. It’s our job to lead from the front—to go where the puck is going, not where it is already. That sounds cheesy, but it’s true. What motivates us is that we want to get the ‘right’ solutions in the hands of our clients.” 

So how do you maintain a consistent, personal culture with 650 employees across the U.S.? When asked this question, Horsley says, “That ‘project’ is daily. We’ve built, and continue to build, a family at SpotOn, and to maintain that family, we constantly communicate and invest in connecting our people. Over the last few years, we’ve found creative ways to keep that personal touch. We do that by leveraging video rather than phones, communicating through social media platforms, sending team-wide updates, incorporating contests, building internal systems and much more. Our team is the most important part of our company, and we will always leverage creativity to make that special.” The end result is a work environment where employees are proud of what they do, working as part of an extended, collaborative team to empower small business to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

RJ Horsley, President, SpotOn

Future Endeavour

SpotOn has set its sights on the future. The company is committed to continuing to build SMEs by offering new and innovative products, therefore, will continually grow and improve. “It’s that simple,” Horsley asseverates. “We want to build a lasting organization that helps hundreds of thousands of clients and changes the lives of thousands of employees.”

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