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Akhilesh Bali has been an entrepreneur for most of his professional career. His resume includes building two ventures from grounds-up – MithaiMate, India’s first online sweets gifting portal and FoodPanda, an international food ordering service. This extensive experience in the food and beverage industry helped Akhilesh recognize some of the most pressing issues that the restaurant owner’s face today. He notes 6 out of 10 restaurants shut down in less than a year of starting. Not because of their food or prices but because they fail to reach out to enough customers, retain them and cover costs. 

So in 2013, he started LimeTray to tackle this problem. LimeTray is a B2B SaaS-food-tech company that offers a full-stack restaurant management system. 

LimeTray makes it easier for restaurants to tap the customer base that now lives online. It helps restaurants by designing and implementing products that help bridge the disconnect between the restaurants and the consumers. LimeTray helps restaurants get online and provides them the tools to engage with customers, increase their reach and improve their operational efficiency.

“With LimeTray, we help restaurants with end-to-end management. Solving critical issues like having a single management system that supports all important functions such as billing, integrations, loyalty, CRM and more, have eased the lives of restaurants,” says Akhilesh Bali, Founder, and CEO of LimeTray.

LimeTray has clients across 20+ countries and currently serves 5000+ restaurants across the world. Leading brands include the likes of Burger King, Mad Over Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and other local and national restaurants. The company currently operates out of India, Middle East, UK, and the US.

Helping Restaurants Run Better

LimeTray’s product suite consists of an end-to-end range of restaurant functions right from discovery, to operations and engagement.

Its discovery products help restaurants get discovered online and establish their brand. This includes online ordering, online app, table reservation, and website builder system. The operations products help restaurants manage customers better through point of sale, KDS & inventory management, order management, and cloud telephony system (IVR service). Lastly, their engagement products help restaurants interact and engage better with their customers. The products included under its engagement arm are customer relationship management systems (CRM Systems), loyalty program and feedback management system.

“We do not promote selling siloed software but promote selling a complete restaurant management system,” affirms Akhilesh. “Our core goal is to help restaurants with end to end solutions.”

Opinions that matter

LimeTray’s clutter-free and user-friendly design makes it stand out from its competitors. While their products’ intuitive interface and ease of use allow restaurant owners to stay laser-focused on delivering top-class services to customers. This can be easily validated by the feedback of their clients:

“I have tried 46 POS systems before settling down with LimeTray’s POS. They solve massive problems for the restaurant industry and are the best technology partner you can get.”– Kabir Jeet Singh, Founder, Burger Singh.

“LimeTray helped us bridge the demand for our products with the online ordering platform. We’ve been with LimeTray for almost 2 years, and they’ve met all our expectations.”– Harsh Gupta, Manager (Strategy & Alliance), Mad Over Donuts.

“We’re really impressed and happy with LimeTray. They’ve given us solutions for everything whether it’s our billing system, ordering app or even reports and analytics.”– Gagandeep Sial, Co-Founder, Rolls Mania.

“LimeTray provides us with all the technology solutions under one roof. The loyalty and feedback system is very successful and seamless. We don’t need to look anywhere else now.”– Kabir Advani, Managing Partner, Berco’s.

“LimeTray’s technology solutions have been immensely helpful for our delivery business. I actually recommend LimeTray to fellow restaurant owners for a seamless experience and great service.”– Rajat Kheer, Owner, Global Punjab.

“In terms of retaining some of our delivery orders, we depend on LimeTray for Online Ordering and delivery. Just to maximize our profitability, because of the high commission rates of these other delivery platforms.”-Nikhil Hedge, Founder & Owner, Smally’s.

“Thanks to LimeTray it became very easy for people to place orders with us. LimeTray’s solutions are perfect for any restaurant that wants to focus on their kitchen and automate other things.”– Munaf Kapadia, CEO, The Bohri Kitchen.

With a product like this, it’s no wonder LimeTray was awarded the User Design Award by Finances Online in 2018. Also, it is favorably rated on Software Review sites like Software Advice, Capterra, and Software Suggest.

Akhilesh Bali, Founder & CEO, LimeTray.

Responsibly futuristic

The future roadmap for LimeTray is to expand geographically. The company has already started tapping the US and UK markets and aims to build a stronger clientele there. From the product angle, LimeTray will keep upgrading their software solutions and ensure that their clients are able to solve their everyday management problems. “Our work is centered around solving restaurant problems and this will be the driver in the years to come as well,” says Akhilesh.

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