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Founders often build businesses out of a personal pain point. Gordon Russell, President, and CEO of Springboard Retail; too built his company as a response to a personal need.

Gordon Russell’s Boston-based chain of specialty retail stores had a problem. He needed a POS system that would be comprehensive enough to manage his current business, while also driving future growth. Gordon tried plenty of available retail point of sale systems, but none of them provided the intuitive yet flexible structure his retail teams needed to succeed. 

So, Gordon and co-founder, Jay Stotz, put their heads together. They focused on developing a modern, cloud-based POS system designed to support a growing multi-channel, a multi-site retail enterprise with features that brought clarity and resilience for the future. Reporting was key. With a multitude of data points, they ensured that their point of sale was able to combine relevant data in any way the retailer envisions and that the software was responsive, agile and easy-to-use. In fact, the results of their efforts were so successful that the team had to share it with other retailers. Springboard Retail was born.

Springboard Retail is a purpose-built, robust, cloud POS and end-to-end retail management platform. The company was founded in 2013 and grew to become one of the most popular point of sale systems built for retail operations today. Springboard Retail’s POS and retail management platform is perfect for growing brands and specialty retailers. Specifically, the company services stores that sell clothing and apparel, footwear, gifts, accessories, sporting goods, pet stores, cultural institutions, and other specialty retailers. 

The company began its operations in Boston, MA but is pioneering a work from anywhere approach and now has employees across the globe.

“Our business is only as strong as the talent in our organization. Having bootstrapped the organization, I am especially excited about the investments we have been able to make in our growing team, and the results we and our customers are seeing,” says Gordon Russell, President, and CEO of Springboard Retail.

Forward-looking technology

Built by retailers, for retailers; Springboard Retail’s cloud POS and retail management platform empowers modern retailers to harness their data and grow profitably. Springboard Retail’s platform serves as the backbone of their customers’ retail operations and drives sales and margin with POS, mPOS, full inventory, order, promotions, tax, and customer management, unparalleled reporting, analytics, and dashboards. The software is easy-to-use, easy to deploy, and delivers actionable real-time data across all channels and functions in the enterprise. With inventory balancing across stores & online, unparalleled custom reporting, APIs, portability across platforms and devices, and quick-to-start; Springboard gives retailers unprecedented control over their business and profitability. Hence, together these products automate functions and streamline all laborious retail tasks so users can focus their time and energy on the things that matter more – running their business and taking care of their customers.

Agreeing with that sentiment, Seth Goff, Operations Director of HANDPICKED, one of Springboard Retail’s clients says, “We get an edge because Springboard Retail is committed to forward-looking technology, which lets us focus on our core business.”

Built specifically for retail, not restaurants

Springboard Retail is the only POS and retail management system on the market that was built by mid-market retailers to meet the unique needs of growing mid-market brands and retailers. As a result, Springboard Retail’s functionality is tailor-made to the management and reporting needs of this market segment in a way that cannot be matched by any of their competitors out of the box. Additionally, Springboard Retail differentiates from legacy on-premise software by offering more robust functionality that is available on any device at any time and a lower cost of ownership as retailers are able to move away from working with IT middlemen and paying for expensive up-front licenses and ongoing maintenance and upgrade charges. Again, the company differentiates from other cloud vendors by focusing entirely on its market segment in a way that they cannot. “Instead of splitting our focus between restaurants, quick service establishments, and retailers, we have built every aspect of our platform for the retail market,” says Russell. “We built it from the ground up to solve the real everyday problems that retailers encounter and to be a growth driver (instead of a cost center) for our business. We believed that other retailers would benefit from what we built and to date the response from customers and our customer retention have been a real highlight for our growing business.” 

Gordon Russell, President & CEO, Springboard Retail

Built for growth

Furthermore, a large array of integrations helps this POS stands out as one of the most flexible retail services: Springboard Retail’s platform was also designed to support multi-site and multi-channel commerce and an Open API configuration allows their customers to build the ideal technology stack for their omnichannel businesses. The technology partnerships and an Open API allow their platform to work with all of the leading commerce technologies on the market. These include BigCommerce, Mail Chimp, Annex Cloud, BAMS, QuickBooks and many more. The company also partners with leading retail consultants and affinity organizations, including Management One, The Boutique Hub and The Museum Store Association.

Springboard Retail powers $2 billion annually in retail sales across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Consequently, Springboard Retail was recently rated as the highest-rated POS and Retail Management System for customer satisfaction by G2 Crowd in their fall 2019 reports.

Roadmap for success

Springboard Retail’s team continues to focus on providing exceptional value to its customers. “We take our customers’ success personally because we’ve walked in their shoes and understand that even the smallest detail, is critical. Like the brands and retailers we serve, we truly believe in operating as a customer-centric business and delivering the highest quality retail platform to our customers continues to be our guiding principle and motivating factor every single day,” says Russell.

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